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Mr. McGuire,

Yesterday, I heard you on TruNews speaking about the candidates. You went pretty heavy against Ted Cruz, siting that his wife worked for Goldman Sachs and also on the CFR. You inferred that many religious leaders are backing Cruz, and he is not a Christian but in fact a member of the CFR and has one of his advisors on the board of CFR. Yet, interestingly, I have followed Ted Cruz since his election and watched his voting. I have been quite pleased with how he has gone up against the establishment Republicans, pretty much as the lone man out. Now walks in Donald Trump. Your comments regarding him were much more forgiving, “whether you like him or not” because he’s brash, we need brash. Yet, that is what originally appealed me to Donald Trump. But the more I hear this brash fellow you seem to like, over Ted Cruz, I see that he doesn’t have a lick of truth to what he says, and he’ll say whatever gets him attention. Unfortunately, the way I have been seeing things, more and more Christian Evangelicals are jumping on his band wagon, like in 08 with Obama, and they are buying into his Trump Mania. So, tell me Sir, of the candidates left in the race, whom shall I choose? See my litmus test for the best candidate has been the one who the Media despises, And not fawn over. To me, I could be wrong, but, Donald Trump is like an accelerated Obama. Bringing out the crowds and as one talk show host said a week ago while praising Donald’s events, it’s like going to a rock concert, and an evangelical out reach all in one. Hmm, sounds a lot like Obama. But, I guess I have been deceived. If it is Trump, you believe, along with Folks like Jerry Falwell’s son, Sarah Palin, and (although I don’t know his name) some Big evangelical from TX who contributes on Fox news) and Fox News; please tell me what he is going to do for the Christians? His entire life, he’s approved policies that go against us. The way I see it, he has contributed to the downfall of America nearly his entire life, by donating and coddling to the left: i.e., Harry Reid, The Clintons, Nancy Pelosi etc. Yet, I have only seen Ted Cruz Do what he says he will do since entering into office. In fact Please read Leftist Robert Reich’s article as to why Ted Cruz is more dangerous than Trump. The article is meant to let the Left know why Ted needs to be stopped, but what his claims are against him, is everything I have been wanting in a president.


Dear Brother in Christ,

My wife and I pray for you daily. Psalm 68:19 “ Blessed be the Lord , who daily bears our burden, the God who is our salvation.” May He bear every burden.

In His love,
Larry and Vicky

Hi Paul,

I am a recent listener to TruNews, and have not been familiar with many of his guest. This was the first time I heard you. Thank you for your honesty and brokenness of the condition of the American church. You could hear God speaking through your heart.

Last year God gave me this “song” for our local National day of prayer. From what I heard you say tonight, these words might reflect your heart.




God’s Judgment is coming, His Judgment is here, God’s Judgment is coming
Our God we don’t Fear
Our God is Holy, Our God is Right, Our God is Angry,
He’s a God of Might

You’re a God of Justice and a God of Wrath
You hate all sin and You’ve turned your back
We cry out bless me Lord, give me this and that
We think we deserve it, but humility we lack...


We’ve shamed the gospel, made the focus on me
Forgot the True Jesus who He died on that tree
He came to forgive us, He was crucified
Our purpose in life, is Christ glorified


We bless what is evil and curse what is right
We’ve substituted darkness and call sin light
Let’s cry out mercy for what we have done,
Help us dear Father to submit to Your Son.



Mr. McGuire,

Per you Trunews discussion today. I am an American expat living in NZ. I tried to share the same information with my peers for years. It is heart breaking but they can not receive your message. They are linear thinkers and not information seekers. They have no understanding of their spiritually endowed privileged American life style compared with the life of a man in a gulag in Russia or China or N Korea. There is an Anglican priest here who is a former Rhodesian. His story exudes the same frustration as yours does.

Our answer, I believe lies in understanding spiritual warfare. Enact the host of heaven to fight your battle (Isaiah 13) Begin the battle on your knees. Start from a countenance of Victory as the battle has already been won. However, know that God wants us to engage and claim our birthright as his children.

Much love in Christ and the Wisdom of our Lord,

Hi Mr. McGuire,

I just recently found your teachings on YouTube. So I’ve listened to quite a few of your talks and told my Sister and Brother-In-Law, who is a Pastor. You mentioned your conversion while you were hitch hiking around Missouri as a young Atheist. I would like to hear about that but can’t find it in any of your presentations. Could you send me a link to that info? I was baptized at the age of 11 but as a young person in college left it behind and looked into many beliefs while living in Los Angeles during the 60’s. I may have more questions but will ask you at another time. Thank you for your time!


Paul ,

Thank you, for all your wonderful insight! I was first introduced to you through our deceased brother, Dr. Stanley Monteith, who was taken home from us by our Lord. I totally enjoyed Sr. Stan’s truth and wisdom.
Do you know who is who amongst the alleged conspiracy truth providers? How about Alex Jones, and Texxe Mars? I see you have a lot about Israel on your website, and wanted to know your opinion about the Jews who control Israel being imposters, and into the Talmud, Babylonian, pagan worship book. They also falsely created the Holocaust. Thank you for all that you do for our Lord, and I look forward to reading more of your books.

Chuck <><


With Justice Scalia’s passing, the upcoming election no longer matters. Obama will put another far left liberal on the supreme court and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will be gone forever.



To be honest I really don’t trust Trump (though I like a lot of what he says), and as for Sanders...he says some pretty outrageous things.

I honestly believe Trump may be a “finger in the wind” candidate--so TPTB know where the public stands, and so they can make their plans accordingly. The whole thing is like pro-wrestling, the way I see it... they talk trash at each other but at the end of the day the same guy signs their paychecks. Trump may well be one of “them” and he and the media are just putting on a show... it’s a possible scenario.

I am a fundamentalist Christian--I attend an independent, fundamental Baptist church--and I believe that since this nation as a whole has turned its back on God, we’re reaping what we’ve sown. The only way to effect any real change is for people to receive Christ as Saviour. Only then will this country be turned around.


Dear Paul,

Thank you so much from Brighton, England, for your ministry. It is invaluable to me! I’ve read many of your books and watched you video messages.

Love and blessings,


Having been a Mormon and Having Jesus in an instant pull the scales off my eyes, I have been awoken again by your research and love for the truth of God’s Word.



I just watched the first two videos on releasing your destiny in 2016. I’ve been wrestling with this
feeling I need to be doing more for the kingdom of God. I’ve prayed that He would reveal His will for me and show me what He wants me to do. He has shown me some things about myself, but when I saw your second video I know that I must give it all to Him. I prayed the prayer at the end and when you quoted Matt 16:24 and amazingly that was where I had just been reading from. There is so much more that I would like to tell you but I do not have the time nor the typing ablility to say all that right now but I do want to say thank you for all you do for His kingdom and I’m very happy that YESHUA let my path cross yours. I do plan on getting Babylon code.

God bless,


You sir are an amazing writer ! You have got a powerful take on how to interpret the times linked to it’s kingdom purposes...may Yehovah bless you abundantly....thank you!



I just listened to a message of Paul’s that used that term. I thought that I would add a conversation with the Holy Spirit and a picture. I was driving and having a dialogue with the Holy Spirit. First, I made the statement, when Jesus was on the cross it must have felt like eternity. The Holy Spirit came back, saying very clearly, “It didn’t “feel” like eternity, it WAS eternity. He went on to explain that when The Son of the Most High God was on the cross, He was on the cross in the eternal moment. His blood was literally shed in every eternal moment, so that when we receive the shed blood for remission of sin, it is as fresh in that moment that it is received as it was in the moment that it was shed BECAUSE it was shed in that moment and for every moment at the foundation of the earth. Therefore, the “earth time” that Yeshua was on the cross was six hours, but His blood was shed in every eternal moment. It is difficult to fully articulate, as many things are that get dropped into our spirit that are outside of our “mind” understanding. He isn’t still on the cross as the Catholic church has it, but the blood was shed in the eternal moment and it is ALIVE and FRESH in every moment that it is received.

As I was contemplating this, the Holy Spirit then said, “The good, the bad, and the ugly”. I repeated back to Him, “The good, the bad, and the ugly?” I am then given in my spirit a picture. I am standing in a spot and off to my right is a MOUNTAIN of garments. These garments are all cast onto this mountain as if they have been thrown, no neat piles here. They all have words written on them--”Good”, “Bad”, “Ugly”, “Righteous”, “Nice”, “Evil”, “Beautiful”, etc. And, they are all filthy. I then look up, in front of me and there is a doorway, a threshold, that is like double french doors, but I don’t see doors, what I see is a cascading fountain--like a waterfall that is flowing over the doorway and running down over the door where one must walk through it to pass through the door. But it wasn’t water--it was THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB. The Holy Spirit then said, “It doesn’t matter if you are the good, the bad, or the ugly, all is filthy rags that must be cast off to be covered by the Blood.”

By His grace and mercy, I have been a “believer” for a long time, but that picture was such a picture when I am tempted to stand in anything, on anything except for the shed blood of The Son of The Most High God.

Blessings to all,


Jesus said no stone would be left upon another that would not be thrown down. Some have said that the Temple Mount is really the site of a former Roman fort and that the Temple was actually in a different location. Since the wailing wall is still intact wouldn’t this make sense?


Hi Paul,

Enjoy reading your opinions on prophecy. The Blood Moons were really fun to follow,but I knew when that date came the Blood Moon Party would be over and time to move on to the next revelation .It was really cool to watch them in person! I like the prophecies that we can experience other than reading about them and wondering. Pick another Event to discuss that has a “Grand Finale” that we can watch in person. I love “date setting” revelations that actually occur. That is the ultimate witness to the Bible Prophecies. As we say “Bring the Bible Alive”.



Many of the these shootings are gov orchestrated such as the sandy hook shooting and the boston bombing both provable to be fake, at the sandy hoax a parent plays two parts one as a FBI sniper and then a father and this is just the tip of the iceberg the boston bombing shows jeff bauman getting his legs blown off and anyone with that happening is not going to act like he was just slapped around, just compare to an athlete who has just snapped a leg let alone blown off, complete fakery.


Hi Paul,
Grace & Peace to you in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. My wife and I regularly watch your program on God TV when we have an opportunity. We’re grateful to God, for these prophetic insights, which you bring to our attention. Truly we’re living in exciting, prophetic times & seasons. In David’s days, there were men of the tribe of Simeon, who were able to read the times and seasons they were living in. ‘Tis time for the Bride o Christ to awaken from our slumber. For these times are swiftly drawing to the close of the age. In general the church does not seem to be aware of that which is happening before our very eyes. Keep up this work! The Lord shall surely honour you.

Together in His End Time Harvest,
Ian & Joan


I just wanted to thank you for all your work that you are doing to bring the truth to millions of us out here I have been so saddened to see that many churches are not telling its people about Revelations nor doing any study’s on the end time. May the L-rd bless you in your journey.

Thank you again,


I am presently reading The Babylon Code. I love it!! I want to thank you and Troy for this book. It is amazing. I appreciate all that you do to inform the people. Thank You.


Mr. McGuire,

Just wanted to say thank you so very much for being a real leader of the Christian church. Please pray for the salvation of my family and that my Pastor will receive your information with an open heart and mind. God Bless you and yours Paul.


Mr. McGuire,

I just want to say thank you for your service to the Church. I enthusiastically look forward to hearing you when your a guest on TruNews or Hagmann and Hagmann report. Hopefully after the end of the year, I’ll be able to purchase your new book. Anyhow, may He continue to bless you and keep you and your family safe.

Love ya Brother,

Dear Paul,

Thank you for the inspirational message on Hagmann & Hagmann on 12-9-15. I have given myself back to the Lord and Jesus not too long ago. I feel so drawn back to the faith, but I feel so very lost. Your closing comments really gave me hope that I am correct and to reach out for the hand of Jesus. I have been searching for some light, message, or direction for I feel so very lost and adrift. Your message was exactly what I needed to hear!

I would like to ask for an additional favor, and request for you to add me to your prayers that I may keep finding the messages and signs I need. That the Lord can fill my heart and hear my prayers. I am faced with many decisions and things I need to address, but have been holding back unsure of what the path I am supposed to take. As you said in your show, I know there is a plan for me and I can feel it, but I don’t want to do the wrong thing and derail myself again. Thank you in advance for any help you can give. Please know you have given my troubled soul a bit of direction and hope. I know I am traveling in the right direction. Thank you for all that you do.

God Bless,

Dear Paul

Grace and Peace to you! Tuesday Dec. 7th I received a dream from the Lord as follows: I saw a sea of human beings with brown skins. I gazed on this from left to right, and suddenly it began to rain - hypodermic needles. The understanding I received was incurable diseases are invading America.

Love in the Lord,


I pray for THE LORD’s supernatural protection for you & your family. May HIS mighty warrior angels, with flaming swords of fire constantly surround you, ready to do battle for you!!! I am so thankful to OUR LORD & SAVIOR for you & all of HIS WATCHMEN ON THE WALL--Steve Quayle, Pastor Lankford , Dave Hodges, Nathan Leal, Russ Dizdar, etc. GOD BLESS YOU & your family . Thank you for all you do for THE BODY OF CHRIST & all you have sacrificed. IN JESUS’ HOLY NAME.



I plan on voting in the next election. I would be interested in knowing which candidates are members of a secret society so I can avoid voting for them. Can you help me with this. Thanks in advance for you reply.


Dear Paul,

I heard one of the messages you gave at the Prophesy Conference. I long, deeply, to hear that kind of message from any church I have attended the past few years. Quite honestly, I don’t attend regularly, I feel that churches are ‘playing church’ and I just can’t seem to force myself to go back. I know I am not obeying God’s Word by not attending a fellowship of believers. If I heard a message like yours locally, I would be at church every Sunday. I wanted to thank you, but it seems to have turned in to a prayer request for me to find a church. Anyway, THANK YOU, for your faithfulness to the Lord. I will be listening to your messages from now on.


Dear Paul McGuire,

 I have been watching your show on God Tv about end times and the last recent speaker who was as a scientist talking about the trumpets and Revelation and the interpretation of it from a scientist I was so amazed I was not looking for this but found that King David in Ps. referring to the events as well overwhelming to see he says about is Ps. chapter 2 about Gods wrath for the earth chapter 9 ps that on his throne cities will be uprooted Ps. 10 is a depiction of a terrorist there behaviour Ps. 11 he may give a brief insight to the end of people through Sulphur and about the volcano erupting for one third of the earth. What is really interesting is in Ps. 18 first is about salvation then that the earth shall be shaken and that Christ shall come on the wings of angels but on the clouds of judgement behind him. In Ps. 18 you see the hail and the sun coming to the earth in the way in which the scientist suggests the message is get salvation from the coming judgement to the earth Jesus is the way out of the earth get your ticket and live right so others can follow Although he also says about others cause of the broad path he talks about cause later we see in Revelation that their is still a message of salvation even after the rapture. God is still bringing mercy in the midst of trouble and pain and sorrow even when he is pouring out his wrath on the earth. You also see in Revelation 8 before the casting down of fire the prayers of the saints are poured out before the throne first. There is always a balance of justice with God that at any point salvation is available all the way to the very, very end. There is always a scales of balance of good and Evil unity no unity light and darkness to Gods justice and love.



I was deeply touched by your interview and discussion with John B in Episode 417 of CTM that I listened to this morning. By the end of the show, I too was...without words. I prayed along with you at the end of the show and - I felt a power that I cannot explain. I’ve been ‘awake’ to the manipulations of the MSM since the mid 1980s. That’s another story. Since 9/11 I have simply continue to see events clearer. John B and CTM has brought me back into the fold of Jesus and our Lord and Creator after leaving the Catholic Church at 16 years old. At 63 years of age, I hold no church affiliation, and feel no need to for reasons similar to those you expressed during your interview. The brotherhood of Christ transcends the confines of ‘church’. I’ll be ordering your books. I need to continue to educate myself, and I believe your perspective is the correct perspective. If you have a moment to recommend a good ‘first’ book that you have authored, I’d appreciate the gesture. If not, I understand the constraints on your time.

Thank you sir, and God Bless!


I heard you today on CTM for the first time and after listening went to my room to pray for my family, my country. Thank you for waking up the part of me that has been numbed by the years of constant chaos and despair that I see daily as I have been glued to my I pad since 2009, knowing and seeing the evil growing. I often feel alone, as no one I know really wants to hears about any of what I am learning. I have tried to belong to local churches, take political action and protest, but have seen no impact. You reminded me, God’s supernatural power is what is required, I will pray that He will lead me to people here who will pray for His will, and until then I will join my prayers with all of you. I am looking forward to reading your books that I am ordering today, and will share them with others that God will lead me to do. I have known in my heart that revival is the only way to combat what is being planned, and hearing you say that you saw a golden light across America has helped me to have hope. Thank you again.



I have listened to you on Hagmann & Hagmann. I have been greatly blessed by your prayer and uplifted by the Hope of your calling, to share the knowledge you have.

God Bless,

Hi! Brother Paul,

This is a sister in Jesus Christ from Phoenix..I want to express my thanks to Father God for you and that I know it isn’t an easy life working/living for God. I really enjoyed your sharing what you gave us 11/13/2015 here in Phoenix, Az..I am working on acquiring all the CD of the entire conference. It was my 1st time to coming one of the Awakening conference. All of it was so awesome and what we got it is the truth. At times I have dreams and I read a lot and to me most of what we’ve got it all falls into places..I will work towards getting most of your books. I have read one of your books and I am trying to remember which one it was..If I see the title it will all come back to me...Just letting you know how I was affected by your ministering. I am going to share what I get with a lot of other groups of people, most of them don’t read books to see what’s going on. A lot of them listen to the trash on TV. You have a nice week and pray for my entire family and I. We’re all over USA, living here and there.


Hi Paul,

My husband Joe and I have been listening to you for the past couple of months. We have been greatly challenged by your teaching and others like you. We have begun praying together and trying to gather more to pray for the church and our Nation. We live on the east coast so getting to your prayer meetings is not an option. Have you ever considered live streaming them so more people could gather in other places and come in agreement? Just a thought. Thanks so much for all you are doing!


Dear Mr. McGuire,

I have always looked at the 12 tribes of Israel, listed in Genesis and Revelations and wondered a few things about them.

1) the Tribe of Dan is not listed in Revelations. Why?

2) The tribe of Judah are the Jewish Tribe, and the Levites are the Priestly tribe, and some of those have gone back to Israel. Where are the rest of the tribes?

3) James 1 reads: [ The General Epistle of James ] 4 He entreateth of patience,?6 of faith,?10 and of lowliness of mind in rich men.?13 That temptations come not of God for our evil,?17 because he is the author of all goodness.?21 In what manner the word of life must be received. James a servant of God, and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve Tribes, which are scattered abroad, salutation. (1599 King James version) or the King James Version: 1 James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.

4) I believe that when the Lord scattered the 10 tribes of Israel, when they went to war against their brethren in the old test., the forgot who there were. But the call of the Lord, our God, brought them here, to the New Israel, which is what everyone called THIS Nation prior to World War 1 or 2!

WE ARE ISRAEL as well. There are 12 tribes, 10 are “lost” as far as knowing which tribe they came from. There are 12 tribes, which help make up the “descendants that will be as numerous as the stars, the sands of the sea, etc. Many people count the all important Tribes of Judah and the Levites, which protected the words of the Lord with their blood, but there are others... I would love to hear what you think about this.

God bless you dearly,

Dear Paul,

If every person with any Nephilim DNA was killed in the great Flood (when only Noah and his family with unadulturated DNA were spared) can there be anyone alive today that still has Nephilim DNA, please? I refer to this passage from your recent piece entitled BABYLON: ALIEN DNA AND THE NEW MASTER RACE: “The reason intelligence agencies around the world are now creating a global DNA database and have developed new technology like portable DNA hand scanners that allow the police to capture your DNA in 24 hours is because the elite are on the hunt for people whose family lines have this Nephilim DNA in it”. Thank you Brother! God bless and protect you Paul.

In Christ,

Mr. McGuire,

I just wanted to say Thank you . I am a huge admirer of your work I completely agree with all your points. I have been doing my own research for several years now I have dedicated myself to finding the truth. I too came from a background of “New Age” I suppose every good lie has some truth to it. But As I learned about these things I never could practice it I was just trying to find the truth. I have been lead in by studies by the Lord. I could not agree with you more that things just didn’t quite make sense until I looked at them through biblical eyes. I pray for you always for the safety and health of you and you family. For I know how the closer you get the more the enemy kicks and screams. I basically just wanted to Thank you, you have been a wealth of information to me, if there is anything that I could ever do for you please don’t hesitate to ask.

May God Bless You Always,


I hear you on Hagmann & Hagmann sometimes. Wish you would be on there more.I will pray for you. Please pray for me. Pray and ask God to help me be a good witness and to help me have a pure heart. I just got your book, “The Babylon Code” on my iphone through I listen to Hagmann and Hagmann also through my iphone through the podcast app. I am a mailman and I listen to you guys all day. :) Put me on your mailing list. God bless you always Paul :)

Your brother in the Lord,
Garry :)

Hi Paul,

I have really been relating to your work. I also was one of your radio listeners- ( you know me :) Anyway did you see Drudge report yesterday? Obama is subjecting us to climate courts now! UN ones that govern and can arrest and penalize us for breaking an environmental law- run by Rothchilde and David Rockafeller who sit on board of that strong cities net. I couldn’t believe the Strong City Network you mentioned on one of your videos. Wow its all just breathtaking!

Bless you,

Dear Paul,

Contrary to recent belief about the Shemita and Elul 29, Blood Moons etc. I believe there is more evidence for the final 7 weeks prophesied by Daniel beginning in the fall of 2016. If this is a Jubilee, then the Shmita cycle starts over again after year 50, from 1. This would takes us to 70 years since 1948 and 50 years from 1967. If the 70th week is a Shemita cycle like Mark Biltz supposes then 1-7 would be 5777-5784. Note:777. The majority of the year 5777 is in the year 2017. God does seem to have a fondness for 7’s I’ve observed.



I heard your message about getting involved and not just watching. I don’t know what to do but I want to get involved somehow. Thanks for what you’re doing!


Hi Mr McGuire,

I love the way you articulate and teach issues concerning the prophecy of the end times, i discovered your teachings on you tube recently. I believe a lot of thing that you teach in your videos especially on the recent happening on the economic global collapse and the convergence of world leaders at the UN to prepare for the new world order. i come from Africa and a lot of Christian leaders don’t really teach about the end times and a lot of people are ignorant of what is going on right now, they cant connect what is happening in world news with the prophecy. i believe that what is happening now in our nation right now especially on our local currency is as a result of the ripple effects of what is happening on the global economy. Our local currency is being chocked by the major currency especially the dollar. Our nation is in serious debt. A question I have for you sir is, How are these prophetic signs that you teach about connecting with Africa?




I don’t know Paul... as time marches on and most are exposed as being untrustworthy, or foolish,  it looks like you will be one of the last men standing. May God bless you, and everything you do, and your wife and family, too. May God bless you. There is hardly anyone out there worth listening to, but you, (and multiple times, too). Thank you. You are truly awesome and inspiring and edifying.



Hey Paul I first heard you on a series with Mike Hoggard. I follow you on facebook now also. I love your preaching. I’m 64, born again since 1979. I came from a background of rock music and dabbled in the Hindu stuff also. Please pray for me . I need new direction I just got stale. The enemy has hit me , but I know the Lord will help. Thank you again and I will look forward to getting your newsletter and reading some of your books, that Bible code book sounds great. Take care, God bless.



It has been said that our current Leader in the White House (or lack of) is Bisexual. Whether he is or not he makes it very clear he supports the movement. But it’s been said he is a Sunni Muslim as well, (we know his handler Jarrit is Muslim and she has made her goal for the U.S. very clear). My question is: aren’t the two a conflict of interest? Muslims do not support that movement, they kill Muslim that are. I’ve just received a copy of your book the Babylon Code, maybe you answer this in your book? Thank-you for your time, know that my prayers are with you.



Thanks so much for your ministry! I am a retired ED nurse (worn out) married 43 years to same fella, mother of our 8 kiddos and 4 grand kids. We ask for your simple prayer that we remain lights to our hillside for Christ, I truly feel worn and torn...Kids need our determination and encouragement to keep hope in Christ. Thanks, just wanted to let you know who is listening... you have small town hicks listening!!!! God bless you and divinely protect! Amen brother.



I recently learned of your work/ ministry on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report that a girlfriend in GA turned me on to.
I am so glad I am not crazy! LOL! I had been reading Zachariah Sitchins work over the last year and was starting to question everything I knew about the Bible and history. Something was just eating at me. Starting battling depression and other demons. I was “obsessed” with the Ancient Aliens. On my knees begging Jesus for answers it was revealed to me that these “ancient aliens” were none other than the fallen angels. I am called crazy and a conspiracy theorist by many, including my husband. He is starting to see though that I am not. lol don’t worry, he’s a very loving man and supports me in search for truth now. I just wanted to say thank you and I thank the Lord for leading me to you and the Hagmann & Hagmann report! I downloaded “ The Babylon Code” last night. Am having to struggle at work today not to be buried in it. My son is a Marine at home in GA. He is starting to see what I have saying. Please pray for him. I don’t want him left behind in the end times but am afraid he doesn’t truly know Jesus.


Hi Paul,

Thank You for Your Testimony & Truth! I recently read an article from you posted on “Prophecy Update”. I have been interested in Bible Prophecy my whole life but have only studied it the last five years. When I listened to your video that was linked from the Prophecy Update article, much about Babylon Code, all your truths resonated in my spirit like nothing else as you spoke about today and tomorrow through a prophetic lens. You have inspired me to seek further how myself and sphere of influence can actively stand and be part of the “solution”, NOT the problem by having a passive attitude or ignorant mind!

Thank you for speaking the Biblical truths so bluntly and without sugar-coating! We live in a time where right is wrong and wrong is right. If one doesn’t seek the Lord with all his/her soul, body, mind, spirit and strength, even God’s elite can be deceived. May our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ continue to anoint you and your ministry with a supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirt as you and all your family and ministry team move forward!

P.S. Looking forward to reading Babylon Code!! God Bless!

Your Sister in Christ,

Hi Paul,

I listen to you on Haggmann and Haggman, read your articles on your website,and listen to your videos.Truly fascinating revelations!! God is doing great things..

I’m a certified Christian Peer Counselor (Volunteer) in Gateway Pregnancy Center in Irvington,New Jersey. It allows me to share the gospel to ladies one on one every Thursday 6pm-9pm. Men volunteers speak to the young men.
(We do show the abortion film (it’s voluntary), we have connected with another organization that’ll be willing to place the baby in a home, instead of aborting) We do outreaches within the community. (Many of the clients who come to either the Irvington or Elizabeth location don’t realize we’re a Christian Pregnancy Center. They find us by googling our name. All clients are loved and not judged! You need more christians willing to step up to the plate in this hour and give of their time, talents, love and resources. You are right,I heard you talk about the abortion industry on Haggmann and Haggmann. Keep up the Good work!!!!! Keep us in your prayers !!! Praying for you !!

Thank you,


Just listened to the Oct. 2015 interview that Paul had on Hagmann & Hagmann (which I usually listen to sporadically) and I have never heard of Paul before this. It was a jaw-dropper. I will have to listen to it again as there was so much information that I didn’t know. Wow. Just that, sitting here blown away by all the information. Personally, I never thought anything would happen in my lifetime, I expected to be dead and gone but listening to Paul, I’m thinking, Holy soft shoe shuffle! This could only be years away! Okay, I have to admit to a bit of a panic there, but was so grateful the interview came back around to the One in Whom we trust and is our Sure Foundation. Thanks for that reminder after all mind-boggling information. Definitely shifted my world paradigm.

Again, thanks and God bless!


Honestly it’s hard to know where to start. I caught you on a Hagmann and Hagmann report where Steve Quayle sparked my spirit, but since I heard you speak, I’ve barely stopped listening. Purchased Mass Awakening immediately, about half way through. Pacing myself, this knowledge is intense and needs to be absorbed with balance. I was born in fifty-three and hitched hiked from the east coast to the west I believe it was 1970. Visited the Haight which was already deteriorating into a heroin haze at that point. Pit stopped in Berkley, Mount Tamapias then carried on up the coast as far as Vancouver Island and hitched back east. It was about 4 months on the road, all of 17 yrs old. Had read Huxley and Kesey and Kerouac before leaving CT. A couple of years later I also did a four month stint in a little former mining town, Ward, CO - 10,000 ft above Boulder and the drugs, sorcery and politics were in full force. Even got handed a communist manifesto after a wicked dose of LSD. Case in point, I get what you are saying about the social engineering, experientially. By the grace of God, I survived but few people I know understand how the wheels of the counter culture were turning back then and are hard pressed to see the matrix now. I’ve turned to Jesus various times in my life but it was only as recently as 2005 that the Holy Spirit commanded that I make Jesus my foundation. I pursued Him in His Word and with various authors alone, not seeking fellowship until around 2010. Joined a little bible chapel here in CT and was being washed in the water of His Word until I got blindsided by hypocrisy. Jesus tells us the gate is narrow and the path difficult. I seek God’s face. The end time is here and it is so imperative to hear the watchmen. The battle is real. though your message is intense, you preach Jesus. For the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. thank you for emphasizing the Reality of God’s Kingdom. It’s no small feat telling people to wake up and come out of Babylon. Thank you. I continue to listen. Also, Jonathon Edwards and Charles Finney- both born in CT, right here in my neck of the wilderness. Interesting. I hope you can bring your prayer meetings to this area sometime. New England needs it bad. I find it ironic that the men of the 1st and 2nd great awakening were born here. Maybe that’s why the enemy has hit this area so hard with a “liberal” mindset. Just speculation. My prayer request would be that the Lord would impart a quantum leap of my decreasing so that He may increase. God bless you brother.



I received this message this morning, during reading the Word of God and prayer. “Get Ready” and the Spirit of God gave me these passages. He told me to share the passages and the messages with others. (Isaiah 6) & (Zephaniah 1)


Dear Paul,

Just a note to let you know how happy I am to find you again. When I was working I listened to your radio program on my way home from work every day on an LA radio station. When I retired I lost contact with your program Now at 80 yrs. old I have found you again on the internet. I have always loved your program.

God Bless You!


I’ve been watching a huge star in the Eastern sky in the early morning here in Southern MN. I heard a brief comment you made on Hagmann & Hagmann regarding the convergence of planets as was seen at Jesus’s first coming. Is this what I’m seeing? I’ve been trying to find out what this star is for about 10 days. It seems God is waking me up around 5:00 regardless of lack of sleep!



There are so many scholars that believe in Pre Trb Rapture and just as many that think the church will go through Daniel’s 70th week and the 3 1/2 year tribulation. Who is correct? I used to be a Pre Trib believer but the last 10 years I find myself leaning towards the church not avoiding the Tribulation and see Jesus come. Can you offer some insight that would calm my spirit on this issue? Thank you,

Your Brother in Christ,

Mr. McGuire,

I was wondering if I could obtain your thoughts on the “Eucharistic Evangelism” that we are witnessing within the Roman Catholic church, a hidden agenda spreading into the Protestant denominations. The zealous attempt by the Jesuits to spearhead the Christian world into experimenting mystical encounters will ultimately forge a fusion amongst the religions of this world. Two common elements involved are: the eucharist, the idolatrous ritual perpetuated by Rome, and the formulated philosophical doctrine of the Trinity. These powerful forms of bondage will assimilate the syncretism of world religions into a compromised, all-accepting, hope in unity. We are living in a time when the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached, taught, and catapulted out in the nations of this world.

One God, one faith, one baptism!
ACTS 2:38 is the hope for this desolate world.

Baptism in Jesus name= Burial
Infilling of the Holy Ghost= Resurrection
(evidence of speaking in tongues)

May God bless you. Thanks,


We can not change the appointed time for all the word to be fulfilled. We live in this time. He can and will protect and care for His own. He can reach and touch anyone He desires. We can’t restrain the restrainer,we can’t hold back the four winds of heaven. We can’t seal one of His elect but He can. All power and authority is given only unto Him who sets on the throne. Every one surrounding Him has given to Him the right to carry out The Lords eternal plan. We in flesh clothes can barely see beyond our own nose let alone through out all the heavens and all eternity. No one can buy no one can learn,no one can proclaim the seal of God but it the only thing that’s going to be worth anything,as we travel the road ahead .


Mr. McGuire,

I attended David Herzog’s conference in Phoenix on 9/3 - 9/6/15. Your presentation of facts about what is coming and all the knowledge you have about the things going on behind the scenes was incredible, revelatory and life changing! I have not heard what you shared anywhere else! I bought “Mass Awakening” and ordered “The Babylon Code”. I want to eventually own all your books. I will tell my friends and those I work with at Katie Souza Ministries here in Maricopa, AZ!

Thank you for being blunt, bold and refreshingly honest and most of all sharing your love for Jesus and your urgent message for all of us to be in the right place with our Lord and to be leading others to Christ quickly for the time may be short and we are to “occupy until He comes!” Your humor and speaking truth was amazing. My friend and I keep talking about what you shared and taught us! Also, thank you for sharing you have been married for 40 years to the love of your life! May the Lord continue to bring you both lots of laughter and love as you and all your needs met for you are a true man of God and have sown into the lives of us in Phoenix life changing truths and the urgency of the hour! God bless you, your family, your staff, and Jeff, your assistant, another wonderful man of God!

3 John 1:2


I wanted you to know that you and the Hagmanns have helped change my life. You’re sermons and their show have taken my relationship with Jesus Christ to a whole new level. I had prayed to our Lord to reveal himself to me through His Word and it is happening. I’m struggling as we all do, but your sermon on the Hagmann Report about re-sanctifying yourself with Jesus has been mind blowing. Romans 10:11! Please come to Upstate NY!


Dear Paul,

I’m a reader of your books but I can’t find a statement about reincarnation. Recently I stumbled twice over this topic, then studied several sources but they are all so controversial that I decided to ask you for your opinion. I’m a devoted Christian woman and I don’t want to let any junk get into my brain. Here is no community I can ask. Well, here is one but if I told them about your thinking which I adopted as truth they would declare me insane. So please give me a short explanation. May God bless you and your teachings.

Kind regards,
Your sister in Christ,


I just want to thank you for your ministry. My husband and I have been listening to your talks and reading your books for a long time. Yes, God is moving in the remnant church and stirring us to repent for ourselves and our nation. I am so excited to see how God is working in and through us in these last days! Please let us know when or if you are planning to come to Australia. We love to have you here. We will help you find a venue, accommodation and bring some people together.

God bless,

Hello Paul,

I just listened to a show you did with the Hagmanns in April of this year and I felt so moved to thank you for allowing God to use you to help wake people up but with a great sense of hope. Today, I did something I haven’t done in a long time during my prayer time- I laid myself prostrate before the Lord and I cried my eyes out with gratitude and humility for allowing me to read and learn the simple fact that you are saved by grace through Jesus and not by works but by faith. Tonight as I listened to you, especially when you spoke of asking God to show you your destiny as well as the remnant of true believers that were listening, I felt in my soul that I am part of that remnant for such a time as this .I just need to find out what my “position” is so that I can do the work He wants me to do. Thank you for giving me hope, and for being that witness I needed to know that I am a true believer with a purpose. Blessings and safety to you and yours. I am excited to order mass awakening next month and pray that the remnant will inspire God to have mercy on this nation, at least for a time, if for no other reason than for our children to have somewhat normal lives and so that more can hear the message of Jesus. Bless you.


Hello Mr. McGuire,

Just found you and your latest book. I am interested in knowing how much prayer was brought to the Lord in writing your book, “The Babylon Code.” I am very interested in reading what you have found.

I agree with you very much on most everything you are saying. Even the “Born Again, believing christian churches across USA. Very insolated people now. No outreach at all anymore. Pastors used to go to peoples homes and find out if they are saved, if there is anything they need. Never see this anymore. Now, you get a computer generated letter, basically saying, “Here is our phone number if you need us. Bye.” They stay inside their comfort zones and expect people to go them, instead of them getting out and going out to the people. That is what is going on in the South. I am from the Northeast. Yup, pretending everything is fine, and there shouldn’t be any problems (satan’s attacks) in your life. The worship of money is very evident. Charging for everything! Bible studies?!? Repentance by the church is first and foremost. How many will not admit that they need to repent.

I believe that “Mystery Babylon” could be the United States. One verse of scripture is Jeremiah 51:12, 13. And of course Revelation 18. However, in Revelation 17:15-18. Explains the waters are many different peoples, nations, etc. This makes me think of USA and Britain. No?

Thank you for your ministry,

Hi, Paul,

It’s good to see the other side of Paul McGuire because--- prior to today--- I’d only seen the very serious and scholarly side. Thank you, brother-in-Christ, for these wonderful comments about God’s general revelation in nature. I’ve posted some of them on my facebook page for unbelievers to see.

Blessings on you,


Dear Paul,

From the first time I heard you on H & H (only been a listener about 2 yrs), you have been my favorite overall person to listen to. That is saying a lot considering the caliber of people the guys host. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart because your prayer tonight was wonderful. I will be listening to it again and saying that prayer daily with my family. It seems that GOD has put several people who need help out of wicca, D.I.D., cults, in my life. What an indispensable prayer you gave us!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I want to focus on the POWER of GOD thru his son Jesus and stay in GOD’s Word, developing a dependence on him in prayer for every situation. The wisdom you are sharing is really helping me.

With a sincere and penitent heart,

Hello Paul,

I am 46 and the Lord has blessed me greatly. I have a Master’s degree from LSU and considered the university a mission field when I attended in the 90’s. I led fellow students and several professors to Jesus. I loved being a light on a dark campus, and I thrived in defeating satan in his territory. I was bold and brave and I had great discernment. I have had a great life...married for 24 years, 2 wonderful, healthy sons who love Jesus and live for Him. We are blessed financially and in every way. I taught high school for many years and led many of my students to the Lord. To make a long story short, I can’t understand why I am having such horrible anxiety and fears at this time in my life? I have had such a great life and God has blessed me...lived on the straight and narrow all my life..yet the attacks from satan are so overwhelming that I can not function. I have literally tried EVERYTHING to overcome the anxiety and it just gets worse (doctors, meds, counselors, prayer, deliverance, more prayer, fasting, more prayer, MRI, etc.). I love reading your works, but I was wondering if you have ever researched or written about satan attacking Christians’ minds in these last days? Have you noticed all the brain disorders today more than ever from infancy to elderly (SIDS, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s...not to mention anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, etc.)? And have you noticed the rate of suicide is out of control? I will never intentionally commit suicide because I am a Christian, I do not want to take the chance of going to hell, and I am too stubborn to let satan win!!!!! But I can say, that since I have battled this anxiety myself, I have such compassion for those who do try to commit suicide, for those who take drugs or alcohol to cope, for those who just lose all sense of hope. I can see it! I completely understand, in some strange sense, why people like Robin Williams, Mindy McCready, Tony Scott, Lucy Gordon, etc. committed suicide. In fact, I am convinced, that if I did not have Jesus steadfast in my life, I would be among them!! No doubt. I guess my question to you would be, do you believe that mind control is some how playing a part in producing all these brain disorders? If so, is it through movies, books, media, music, something else? Why aren’t Christians immune to it? I would love to know your opinion.

God bless,

Hi Paul,

I just read Mass Awakening and am reading Standing Down Goliath and have learned much from both. My question is on a personal level. As a Christian I got involved in Landmark Education a decade ago to deal with some personal problems in my life. You may know that Landmark is an outgrowth of Werner Erhard’s EST which you referenced in one of your books. The Lord has done much in my life since then but I still don’t fully understand the impact that being involved in Landmark still has on me. Do you have any resources that would address this issue? I know I’ve been forgiven for this but wonder how much it still impacts my walk with the Lord.


Thank you Paul!

Met you at the Orlando Prophesy conference in 2014. Listen to you on Hagmann and Hagmann. I appreciate all the research you do for the books you write! Have several and am getting ready to read Mass Awakening. Looking forward to the 3 DVD’s. Please continue to be strong and bold for the Lord.




You could certainly see your skills within the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart.




Dear Mr. McGuire,

Thank you for your article in NWV, REVERSE ENGINEERING THE AMERICAN DREAM: CONFRONTING THE BIG LIE THAT THE AMERICAN DREAM IS OVER. Its the most encouraging thing I’ve read in the past few months (outside of my Bible, that is). I believe something colossal is going to happen this fall and my husband and I are making ‘moderate’ plans to ride the storm. Your article really put things into a historical perspective for me. I knew, generally, what has been happening over the past decades, but your writing will give me words to speak to others in a succinct manner. Without the history, we cannot grasp what is coming. Two things I’ve been finding true for me that staves off fear, are 1) reading the Word and 2) remembering that calamity brings the best out of people. It is now my hope that whatever happens this fall will break down the barriers of racism, religions, and politics. In their place I hope there will come a revitalized community of belief by ordinary Americans that if we pull together we can do great things. Americans are great people. We’ve lost that realization for all the reasons you stated in the article. But when the stuff hits the fan, it will cause us to wake up and be great, again. I thought 911 was that wake up call, but that quickly faded, didn’t it? So sad. I shutter to think what will have to happen to shock Americans out of their complacency and dull-mindedness. (Is that a word?) But its interesting to be alive in times such as these. May our best shine forth when the worst hits. I just wanted to say thank you. There are those of us “out there” who read and take to heart the articles we find in NWV. Although I don’t agree with every article I read on NWV, I do always read and like yours. Keep them coming, please.


Hi Paul,

I am so excited, I have no words to express my excitement. I came to see you last night at your "America's Future" Prophecy and Intercessory Prayer Meeting at the Beverly Garland.  You prayed for me. I walked to the front row and was the last person to be prayed for in the font row. I am a young girl and was wearing a blue shirt with long brown hair. You did not know this but my wrist was smashed/broken and I did not wear my brace because I was late getting there and forgot it. I was in so much pain when I got there and when I left I got into my car and realized that the Lord had healed my broken bone and it was new. I was screaming for joy and Jesus this morning. O My God. All I can do is say thank you for your love for the Lord and amazing walk to reach the multitude. I will be praying for you, your ministry and family for covering. I am part of the Gathering Place Church and on the ministry team. I have had a multitude of healing miracles in my life and every time He heals me I am in awe of His Love.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Not only that, but everything you said was right with my spirit and so much that I have been so afraid to say. You are right on target. I would really like to speak with you if possible. I am so excited I swept my patio today because my wrist Is healed and I can now do it with no pain. Thank you Jesus! I am also going to the gym and I am so excited. Jesus is soooooooooo good!!!!

Thank you,



Thank you Paul for your insight!


I listen to you on Hagmann on You Tube. I don’t know if you have ever been to Australia, but many mainstream churches are very sad, and have taken on the teaching of the “Purpose driven Church” theology from Rick Warren. Australia is a vast land with many communities in the outback, where there are no spirit filled pastors, some places have no pastor at all. I am a secondary School Teacher. The Lord has put it Upon my heart to travel the outback and use my position as a teacher to infiltrate every school and give the message of Jesus. Staying for 3 to six months in every place. I have a good reputation as a teacher, so this will be to my advantage with getting work in remote schools, as the teaching executive community is very close nit and every one knows everyone. I plan to have a website so people can also be encouraged, as We have 1000’s upon 1000’s of Christians along the coast line living comfy lives,and very few laborers out West. Many parts of Australia is in a natural drought, however they are also in a spiritual drought. I have just recently bought a caravan to travel. At present I'm very comfy, have a great job, an amazing boss (principal), have a tremendous amount of favour where I am right now, a great teachers house which the department pays for my accommodation. However, My Hearts Desire is to travel to every remote Australian outback town and work as a relief teacher and tell every child about Jesus. I see you have live TV now, maybe mid next year you can see where I am, and do a live skype from outback Australia. Also when I have the website up and running I’ll send you a link, I don’t know when this will be, as right now I’m like a plane in the airport, engines revving and ready to take off, but the Lord hasn’t given me the Red light to go yet. Time is short, I feel it in every fiber of my being. Please pray for me.




I will try to make this brief. I am a Follower of Christ. I have followed Quayle, Jones and the Hagmann’s etc. for a number of years. That said, I do not recall bumping into your work. Today I listened to you on Hagmann and I thought you may want to know, if nothing else just to validate what you are doing for your encouragement. I was touched by your words and prayer regarding making Christ the Lord of your Life versus simple Salvation. I spoke the prayer with you and am experiencing a dramatic change in my relationship with Christ! The relationship was already there but something significant has changed! The Holy Spirit is speaking to me more and more clearly in a matter of moments! I don’t know what to say Sir, I desired a change, a progression... and you helped facilitate that! Thank you and God Bless You Sir. God is good and though He has worked in my life for many years I am now ready for some unpredictable NEXT level! Glory!

Thank you and God bless you Paul!


Hi Paul,

God bless you. I came across one of your videos on YouTube, and then proceeded to watch your other videos, and it was refreshing to find real people of God voicing the truth in an ocean of false preachers that only seek to appease the masses instead of confronting them with the truth of the gospel. 

You said a few things the Lord has revealed to me through out the years in my Christian walk. At the very beginning after I became a born again Christian, The Lord showed me a dream about a one world church, it was imitating the real church of Jesus Christ, but it wasn’t the real church. It was a mega church to which everyone was required to attend, and those who refused to attend it were persecuted. People would turn in their own family members to the authorities if they caught them not attending that church. In the dream I knew the spirit in that church, although it had an appearance of light, was not The same Spirit living inside of me. The Spirit inside of me, The Holy Spirit, did not give me testimony of the spirit at that one world church, therefor I knew to stay away from it. So what you are saying about the seeker friendly churches is spot on and consistent with what The Lord has revealed to me and to so many other brothers and sisters in Christ; the seeker friendly churches are the apostate church, the one world religion church, the church of the anti-Christ. So don’t pay attention to the critics, they are blind and only care about temporary things and have forgotten about what’s really important, making it to heaven.

The Lord also showed me that those churches are in spiritual fornication. My sister congregates at one of those churches, I was fasting with her for a situation she wanted resolved. I didn’t want to offend her, so I fasted her way, instead of mine. We did the “Daniel fasting” (which pretty much consists of eating nuts, berries and legumes) instead of doing a real fasting the way I was taught at my church. In those days The Lord showed me a dream warning me that type of so called fasting, the “Daniel fasting” is nothing more than spiritual fornication. Everything you are teaching is the truth! The path to salvation is narrow and only a few find it! Keep up the good work, God bless, protect and sanctify you and your loved ones! In Jesus mighty and powerful name! Amen and Amen!

Sincerely yours,

Sister Dimaren




The book “Mass Awakening” is the most inspired book that I have ever read. When I listened to you on the JB Wells Show, the Holy Spirit convicted me and tears flowed.  In your chapter  “ The Divine Reboot”  about the 1960 era and how everything changed. Just want to remind you that Malachi Martin said they had a ritual called “ enthronement of the fallen Archangel Lucifer”  effected within the Roman Catholic Citadel on June 29,1963. The objective was to enthrone Lucifer as the true Prince over Rome and the World. Please call on all the Christians to overturn the wicked Prince “Ezekiel 21.25. Legally he has no claim to this position because Jesus died and has the keys to heaven & hell by his sacrifice.


Dear Mr. McGuire,

I listen you whenever you are with the Haggman & Haggman radio program. And the things I’d learn from you about the falling angels mating with the woman of the earth and how they are studying our DNA.

Well just now I saw a movie called Dark Skies (you should see it) that shows how creatures are taking and experimenting on a particular family.

God have mercy on us!

God bless you always,


Hi Paul,


My name is Christine, and I attended your prayer conference at the Woodland Hills Hilton last Thursday.


I live in Reno, NV, and was compelled by the Holy Spirit to attend your prayer night. I found myself not only registering a week earlier, but also booking a hotel room right afterwards, under the spiritual urging of the Lord. I drove the eight hours from Reno to Woodland Hills last Thursday morning, full of anticipation that “the prayers of a righteous man can avail much”.


It was a powerful evening indeed, and I sensed both the Presence and Power of the living God in the room amongst us, as we cried out to Him on behalf of our great nation, it’s people and the sins of America.


Thank you so much for stepping out courageously to plan and facilitate this very important event. Thank you for making the time for it in your already busy schedule. I know the Lord heard and is answering our prayers from the heart, in His way and in His timing.


I just received my copy of Mass Awakening, and look forward to delving in! I also continue to enjoy listening to the Hagmanns and you cover amazing material when you speak on their radio show.


God bless you and yours, and protect you from any and all harm, in the mighty Name of Jesus of Nazareth. May you find some time to rest in Him, covered and protected under the shadow of His wings.



Dear Mr. McGuire,


A heartfelt thank you. A thank you for the Truth that you speak in Jesus Christ! My husband, my 11 year old daughter and I listen, study and are Praying for your safety and protection in Jesus Name. I read all of your articles and I am Praying that one day soon We can afford to buy your books. We are a one income family here in San Diego county and are just keeping a float. God has kept us from all that has been thrown at us and He will keep us still. We are just all so Blessed by your articles and listen whenever you are on the Hagmann and Hagmann show. May God keep you and your family. 


In His Name, 






Just want to let you know how grateful I am for you educating us, “sheeple” on what is occurring today and how it relates to Biblical Prophecies, etc. I can tell you that I am undoubtedly more confident in how to lead my life to further the spirit of the True Source and our savior, Jesus of Nazarath.


Keep up your great work and God Bless,



Hi Paul, 


I visited a Spanish speaking / Hispanic Baptist church recently here in Sioux City, IA. I spoke to the pastor about all the impending events you have let us know about - Jade Helm, financial collapse, martial law, etc. The pastor was COMPLETELY unaware of any of all of these events. 


I asked him if he knew how the Supreme Court case on homosexual marriages could effect his 501c3 - and the decision he would have to make if homosexuals wanted to be married in his church... He was clueless on how this law could impact our freedom of religion. I was shocked to realize how he had never considered the concept of “ making a stand” for Christ - or the cost. (yeesh) Therefore, no news, his flock is not prepared either. (Ezk. 34: 1-33) Just reporting in, FYI out here in the Iowa Heartland. 


Thank you for your work. I’m a Hagmann listener and don’t miss any of your programs. I pray for your protection, your health and continued boldness always. Note for your research RE: job loss due to our faith in Christ. I am on a fixed income and lost my career as a designer in the apparel industry 10 years ago. I worked for Target / May Company/ Lord & Taylor and was profiled in 2002 when my managers found out that I believed 100% in the Bible. I wasn’t preaching on the job - but just being a believer was grounds for profiling me. I was earning $55K at that time. Praise His Name!!



Hello Brother,


My family and I couldn’t be there for the event on May 7th as we are in Springfield MO. We are sitting here tonight praying along with you and for the event. I am hoping that my friend that I won to the Lord last year while panning for Gold there in the foot hills of the mountains not far from you. Pretty exciting. I hope that he shows up there this evening. I don’t know what to do to get my pastor friends to listen and read. I try to tell them but they have other issues in the church they are dealing with. Good pastors but caught up in the day to day. I am praying for them. 


Keep up the good work brother. I will try to do the same. I would love to take some sound bites and pay for time on the local radio station to play them. 


Gotta share this little story with you. I went to prayer this afternoon at a near by Chapel on a hill. I am very sick and can hardly talk. So I like to sing some praise songs before entering into prayer as “Our Father inhabits the praises of his people”. So I tried but really couldn’t do it. The Holy Spirit reminds me that He “goes before the throne on our behalf with groaning s that cannot be uttered”. So I asked him to please go and sing my praises to Jesus for me. It’s as though He did that immediately as I began to cry right away. It was an amazing experience. It was like being a little child in the Arms of our Father.






Just want you to know my husband and I would be there at your next meeting if we could. As we stay in Florida and care for my Mom in her last days, God is doing something amazing. We’ve just moved into a condo in Mom’s development and 4 people asked to come to my Bible Study. Now I had vaguely hinted at planning to start a Bible Study but God has pushed the GO button and we start May 5th!! I’ve been scrambling for what to say. I’m the youngest at 65, the oldest is 94. But God is faithful. Most of these people are not born again so God is giving me an excellent outline from Missler and others on what the Bible is. It will be so great to not deal with any traditions of men but Sola sriptura. What a gift from God to do this...I could never do this in my own strength. Keep up the good work. God is throwing doors wide open as the End draws near.



Hi Paul,

Following you here in Houma, Louisiana . Can not come to gatherings, but holding you and all gathering up in prayer. The Lord is our Light and Our salvation, He is the strength of our lives of whom shall we be afraid. The LORD bring up the mighty men The LORD bless and keep you and make His Face to shine upon you and The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you Shalom. Thank you for your life given in HIM, 


Your sister in Christ Jesus,




“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” 

- Psalms 119:105 


I heard you on Hagmann & Hagmann and just wanted to say: God bless you and may God keep you safe. I find myself often returning to Psalm 119 in prayer. It’s a great comfort at times knowing that if I should stray from the path (of my destiny), that Jesus is the way and that he makes the path straight again. 


Sometimes I don’t understand why God showed mercy on my soul, because I was a most vile sinner before I was saved. But then my heart jumps with joy and I feel so incredibly grateful. His compassion for us is so great and his love for us so endless. I wish everyone could see that, right now. I wish the eyes of every man and every woman and every child would be opened this very minute. Because it is such an amazing experience to be set free from a lifetime of demonic bondage. The moment I cried out for God he instantaneously started to transform my life, and he has been doing that ever since. My mind is no longer broken, I’m no longer addicted to drugs and alcohol, my relationship with my family is better. I see the error of my ways now, what is good and what is bad because the Holy Spirit helps me discern between the two. I’m not perfect, but I know where the Path is and where it leads. 


I have been possessed, have had demons manifesting in my home. I know the reality of the hosts of hell, and there is nothing on this earth that can make you feel such terror. Nothing. They have no concept of love, they are completely devoid of it. A complete blackness. My heart aches when I think about all the people suffering in hell right now. It’s heartbreaking. And when salvation is so easily attained, why don’t people seek God? He loves every single one of us so much, we just have to humble ourselves and ask for his forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ. The word is the key to everything. The power of prayer will move mountains, literally. If people knew that they wouldn’t curse each other and bring evil influences upon themselves and others. And because they don’t understand the supernatural power of the word they don’t understand that they are being used by people who practise magic, and the occult will stay hidden from their view forever. I believe a blessing is a thousand times stronger than a curse, but people curse each other a thousand times more, without knowing what they are doing. If you are reading this, and have a loved one who is lost in darkness, join in prayer that their eyes may be opened. Ask for God to place a seed of faith in their hearts, and that it may grow to be a mighty tree. One that can stand against the forces of evil that will soon descend upon us. God bless every single one of you, and God bless you Paul, for being a beacon of light in these dark times. 


Love from Sweden, 

Love in Jesus Christ, 





A group of Christians in the Pacific Northwest area are praying for ignition. We believe that God will begin the 3rd awakening very shortly starting here. God did manifest His presence in a very special way on Resurrection evening prayer meeting, so we are taking courage, and we are sensing impending events soon to occur.





Hi Paul,


My wife and I listen to you on occasion. I don`t agree with everything you say (but then as Christians nobody does these days). However, I admire and respect your tenacity and hard work for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I do pray for you on occasion and hope that God continues to bless your ministry. I also admire that you are humble enough to be corrected (I have read all your mail responses). This a quality that a true man of God must possess.


Despite all the different forms of evangelicalism and “seeker friendly” churches these days I find it to be disturbing that they avoid eschatology during a time where it is most needed. Keep up the good work! God Bless You!


In Christ,




Dear Paul,


I need to let someone know about a dream I recently had. I dreamed I was in space above the earth and someone (heavenly) was beside me, and we were looking down at the earth. It was being enveloped completely by a large, dark cloud. Fear gripped me and I knew the end was happening down there. I asked the being with me to please let me go back and save my family and friends. I was allowed to go down and found my family. The cloud came up to where I was, and it was choking me and I could only see in the small clear, circular area around me. I was then taken back up to space. I knew it was too late to save anyone. I woke up. I am a Christian.


Thank you and God bless you,



Greetings Paul,


The Holy Spirit just led me to this passage of scripture- Isaiah 3 and I must admit it shook me to my core. I tend to be dismissive at times (doom and gloom prophecies), however after reading Isaiah 3 I know that the Lord is sending a “warning” not sure if that is the correct word, however that is all I can think of at the moment. I would like your insight on this particular passage of scripture. 


Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you and keep you. 





Dear Paul,


How can we prepare as we are senior citizens and on lots of medicines. To get to our grown children, we have to drive several hours south. Also, I am 67 years old and still work full time in a factory setting. We livee from check to check and cannot afford to purchase prepackaged food. I have priced Wise Foods and it is sooo expensive. Will God punish us for not being prepared? All the years we devoted to service to the Lord (we do not regret), we have been out of church a long time. Largely due to not being able to find a church that preches like you do. 


I love your website and listen as often as I can and then share at work. Please tell me what we need to do at this point. 



Love In Christ, 



Hi Mr. McGuire, 


I just wanted to thank you for some things that you said on the Hagmann and Hagmann report this past Wednesday night, April 14th. 


But first some background info... My husband and I first stumbled upon you on a GodTV broadcast about 10 years ago(?) and God used you to show us the times we are living in. I’ve bought many of your books, and look forward to reading your current one that you shared about on the show! 


About halfway through the Hagmann Report, you started to talk about how Christians don’t even understand what it means to worship God. And then you said that if we would just understand who He is, then we would understand who we are suppose to be at this time and hour. You briefly said this country would change, forces of evil would be bound and what is happening would be stopped. 


THANK YOU for saying this. Many of the popular Christian end times reporters have packed their bags (or should I say bunkers) and are ready to be resurrected in the rapture at any minute now. They have given up and are taking a defensive posture. As Christians, supernatural Children of God, we have the authority and right to take back what has been stolen by Satan. 


My heart’s desire, more then anything, is to see millions of people come to know Jesus. I truly believe, because of promises given to me from God, and confirmed over and over again to me, that there will be a revival in the future. It’s not over yet. God has a heart to see the lost saved. It’s going to happen. Please keep encouraging your readers/followers to not give up. If we give up, then evil will overtake us. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you again, 

Sincerely, Amy 


P.S. Also, yes, reading the Word renews your mind and removes the fog, or technology we are being oppressed by. I have seen such a big difference in my life as I’ve started reading the Word carefully every day.



I must say that, being raised as a European catholic, I learned so much from American evangelists as you, Joel Robertson, Steve Quayle and others. The themes your people handle are completely absent in the catholic discours. Thank you very much for all the information you gave.



Dear Brother Paul, 

Saturday, Apr.4th at about 7:30 pm I started reading the news on the internet when I came across an article that just took my breathe away! It stated that Pres. Obama no longer considered Israel as an ally but even further that he has divulged nuclear plans of Israel to Iran!! I was sick to my stomach and then began crying. Now about 3 or 4 mos. ago I was watching Bro. Sadhu Sundar and Bro. Neville Johnson, both true Prophets of God and Bro. Sadhu stated that God had advised him that President Obama would betray Prime Minister Netanyahu, so really I don’t know why I was so shocked, but I am and I am really worried because I know that judgment will be upon us sooner then we think. May God Be with us and keep us in HIs hiding place when this begins on the soil of the United States that was once a blessing from the Lord.





Just received my book the other day and I just wanted to THANK YOU for writing such a straight forward, easy to comprehend book that REALLY opens your eyes to the TRUE reality of our world. I’m really honoured to have your books in my Christian library. Thank you so much for sharing what GOD reveals to u through ALL your life changing books.

God bless, 



Hi Paul,

I just listened to your talk in Florida! It was awesome and True! On fire I should say! This is exactly how I feel! I am a very passionate Woman who is in Love with My Lord and literal Savior! He has done Wonderful Things for Me! My life has been a witness for my Lord! I believe in the Bible as my Father started reading it to me when I was very young! My relationship with the Lord started very young! I thoroughly enjoy all of your talks and feel very much the same and know all of these things you speak of are TRUE! I feel so much in my Heart The Lord calling me to Speak the Things He has Put in my Spirit! I also love Steve Quayle, Gary Stearman, Hagmann and Hagmann,La Marzuli, and so many more. I know I am a Woman but the Lord himself Loved Mary of Magdalen because she understood his words. I just feel like We All should get together and talk and speak about what the Lord has impressed (literally) on each one of us. Because the times we are in are so very short! Alarmingly short! SINCE THE EARLY 1990’S HE HAD INTERVENED IN A VERY BIG WAY! And there is a lot I could share with everyone as I truly feel called to do this! Is there a way this could happen. Or should i just start with my own you tube channel. My battle has been great with some very big scary players. And they have had a physical hold on me because of what they are guilty of! It is quite remarkable what I have lived through. But only through the grace of God! Sorry it is very late and i am falling asleep! Will get back to you. Hopefully you may have some ideas! Thank you for your story!







I just listened to you on the Hagmann’s show and wanted to let you know how anointed I believe you are. You are able to clarify the multiple dimensional aspects of The Lord’s creation so well. You give me hope in this spiritual warfare that we are all engaged in knowingly or not. I appreciate that you are using your talents for Jesus Christ and His followers. 


Thank you, Sandy



Mr. McGuire,


Appreciate your work, and passion.  Thank you so much! 


God bless you, in Jesus name! 




Thanks and God richly bless for speaking the truth of the Word. Exciting to be living in these last of the last days! 


Love in Christ,




Thank you Paul, 


I have been listening to you about one year since I started watching Sid Roth and have become a believer. I woke with a dream this morning that I had gone to a party, Near a lake, a bit hilly with vibrant flowers and foliage. I didn’t know anyone, and you were there talking and prophesying over the guests, you were also finger picking a really beautiful song on a guitar. Not sure what it means, not my “normal” dream. Just wanted to pass it on.....





I also grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and from a young age, I just felt this life as we know it is not what it appears to be. After being involved in the “New Age Movement” for years, I finally received Jesus as my Lord and Savior in the early 80’s. I am also a spirit-filled Christian. 

Some time between 5 & 10 years ago, I became very discouraged that God didn’t raise up a Christian author with the spiritual knowledge that is in the secular world about life as we know it being an illusion, and that we live in a hologram. I began to seek out Christian books & messages about that--and could not find any--until I started listening to Hagmann & Hagmann. I was totally led to listen to them by the Holy Spirit in 2013. I heard about you on H&H, and you are an answer to a prayer to have this truth revealed. I totally believe you are led by God for such a time as this. I can understand that you probably have critics, but let this email encourage you that there are many of us sincere Christians that bear witness with the messages in your books; especially in Mass Awakening! I am praying for you and your ministry and...I hope I can be honest...I’m praying that your popularity doesn’t go to your head like it has to some Christian leaders. May you continue to be a humble servant of God. Also, I’m praying for your protection. 

God bless you & your family, 


Hi Paul 

Trust you are well. I have just listened to your interview on the Hagmann show (20th March 2015). Sir, you are a Super-Weapon of the Lord! I believe God is using men like you to reinforce the faith in those that seek truth and understanding during the most exciting time in World history. I just wanted to express my gratitude and say thank you for your time and efforts, they are appreciated more than you will ever know. May God richly bless you! 

“The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge.” - Proverbs 18:15 

Best regards from South Africa, 


Dear Paul,

I am a resident of Harlem in the City of New York and a member of Abyssinian Baptist Church, the former home church of Rev/Congressman Adam Clayton Powell. Since discovering you two weeks ago, I have told all of my friends and referred them to your website. Like you, I believe that we are near the end of the end times and would like to get the word out to my family, friends, neighbors, and brothers/sisters in Christ. When I attempt to sound the alarm, like the Watchman on the Wall, everyone responds in disbelief. As you may know, Harlem has the largest concentration of Black/Brown folks of any city in the USA. Unfortunately, the vast majority of churches are not delivering the message because the preachers are ill equipped, unlearned, false prophets, don’t want to affect the status quo, personally benefit from the status quo, and/or don’t truly believe in Jesus Christ, judgment, and resurrection. Thus, I am interested in knowing what it would take for you to speak in Harlem? This is an independent inquiry and has nothing to do with Abyssinian Baptist. I have consulted a couple friends about inviting you here. I am confident that their is a huge audience of people awaiting your message. 


Dear Mr. McGuire,

I’ve just recently been listening to your YouTube videos and even purchased and read “ A Prophecy for the Future of America “. I am finding it fascinating. for the past several years I have been studying the Hebraic roots of my faith. I want your opinion about Christmas and Easter and the Baal influence it has on the church. This is not something that Ive heard you address. Baal worship is of the occult. I believe in order to see revival and a 3rd great awakening then the church must repent from this influence.


Dear Mr McGuire, 

Thank you very much for delivering The Lord’s message from your heart of hearts on The Hagmann Show. 

I have been involved with an online “ministry” for the last year. The Lord provided many Blessings to me in that setting for which I am thankful to Him. However, recently there have been events that that have resulted in my being basically shut out there for not conforming to what I believe to be a recent work of the enemy in their midst, and for warning them of what I know in Spirit. 

The word of God delivered through your message has opened my eyes, and I have realized that God has removed me from what I could not “come out of” on my own. I am not persecuted , but I am set free. Praise God, I am free. Thank you for your Service To God from a sixty seven year old man who has been praying for answers. 

May God Fill You With His Peace, 


Mr. McGuire,

You are a blessing to all of us!

Thank you!


Mr. McGuire,


Just saying Hello from Northern Ontario Canada. Thank You for all you do ! May God richly bless you and your family and protect you. Carol.




Dear Paul,


We so enjoyed your message at the Orlando conference. We have previously only heard you through radio shows posted on the i-net. The message at the conference was excellent and believe it brought glory to God. 


Thank you!

Michael and Roxanne 




I was at the prophecy conference in Brooksville and I want to say bless you sir! You have such power of the Spirit as well as knowledge and intellect. I respect your ministry and pray for you!!! Thank you for what you imparted to us and poured into us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!






I belong to Grace World Outreach in Brooksville, Fl and attended the Bible Prophecy Conference. I love Bible prophecy and wanted to thank you for all of the years you have been faithful in studying God’s word and blessing us with all of your work. I loved how bold you were and it showed me and inspired me to do the same. I made the decision on the last night to be a part of God’s remnant and to take my place in the body of Christ. I am ready to stand and be bold in my convictions. I know how busy you are, and if I may ask for your prayer that I would grow in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. The Lord Bless you and keep you. 


Sincerely, Frances



Thank you so much for being a speaker at the 2015 International Prophecy Conference Brooksville, FL. Your opening and closing messages were very informative, and very enlightening. Thank you again, and hope you return next year, provided the Lord hasn’t returned yet. 




Mr. McGuire,


First of all, I appreciate all you are doing and I am contributing to your ministry because I trust you and believe the money is being used wisely. I also believe that your explanation of spiritual warfare is probably excellent for reaching the younger more technically savvy people like my children and grandchildren! However, I’m 65 years old, not as smart in this area as you obviously are and frankly I am confused as to what you’re saying. I was mentored, learned then taught others by Campus Crusade for Christ. I’m familiar with authority of the believer and utilizing that have seen God move on my behalf including rescuing me miraculously when I was sexually assaulted. I learned more of God’s supernatural power when my marriage and unsaved husband was Satanically attacked and a charismatic church I ran to for help taught me and fought with me to free them both. So I want to learn more! If you could help me with the terminology issue I’d be very grateful. Hopefully, I represent a very small minority of your readers! Thank you and God bless!






I am looking forward to reading your new book. I have just become aware of these by design “mass events” and though I cannot articulate to others (Christians) I see with clarity,connecting all the dots, these events all connect to Satan: Islam, Illuminati, Paganism & New Agers, the Academia/Science community, Globalism, Socialism... on and on, and all Occult power! I am angry and frustrated due to the huge deception & betrayal of my Nation under God and with many self-inflicted demonic strongholds in my mind/life, I am thirsty for the power of the Holy Spirit, protection, and discernment! I am of not a member of the physical Church(thankfully), so I am isolated, knowing Christians,that scoff at my “awakening”. Thankfully the Holy Spirit healed my panic attacks and fear, but I remain full of sorrow.






What if the Antichrist would fully expose the New World Order? I have thought a lot about how the Antichrist will achieve his enormous popularity. And here is my answer: He will fully expose the NWO as nobody has done it ever before! That will make him the absolute hero of the day. Because the really almost funny thing about all this occult Illuminati and all their buddies serving Satan in their Lodges, the “Bohemian Grove”, with the “Scull & Bones” rituals an so on is this: They are thinking they will get the absolute power as a reward for their cruel crimes. No, they will be sacrificed first! Because this Antichrist will accept no other powers beside himself.






Thank you for all that you are doing.






Hello! Keep up the good work!






Love your messages even though I do not believe in a pre-trib rapture I find your attitude toward God and the endtimes inspiring. 






I am reading your prophecy book about American prophecy and am enjoying it very much.




 Hi Paul, 


As a person living in England who has recently had my Christian faith re-vitalised I am sending you my thanks! I am now fully aware of the inadequacy and dangers of new age beliefs and secularism in general. This has all come about by viewing yours and Sid Roth’s videos. 


Thank you and God bless,



Hi Paul, 


I gave my brother a copy of your book A Prophecy of the Future of America for Christmas. He is reading it and finds it interesting and powerful. He has joined a men’s fellowship Bible study and that is the biggest conversation we’ve ever had about faith. Your book instigated that and I’m just writing to say thank you! 


God bless, Paul, 

See you in Fargo!




Bless you Paul,


I am enjoying your interview with Hagmanns. Excellent info. When is your Mass Event book coming out? I would love to have a copy of it. Keep standing for Truth.





Hello Mr. McGuire,. 


I heard you on The Hagmann and Hagmann report on Thurs night, Feb. 26th show. I enjoyed listening to you and will be purchasing your books when I GET MY TAX RETURN. I will remember you and the Hagmanns in my prayers. God bless you and your ministry. 

Do you do speaking engagements and if so, would you be in West Michigan anytime in 2015??? I have a fear for my son, his wife and 3 children. Kevin and Kari became Jehovah Witnesses with the influence of her parents. Their two youngest children are being raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses too. My big fear is that they will spend eternity separated from God. They won’t listen to me as they think I am in error. Please pray that God would lead them to Salvation in Jesus Christ, before it is too late. 


Blessings and Thanks, 

Linda Jo




I would love to share the clip where you talk about the lukewarm church that the Hagmanns have used during the breaks. How could I get this sound clip? I love it and it is so powerful. Maybe I could use it to wake some people up! 






Thank you for all your hard work and long hours. I believe this well help me confirm more of what I should really be doing with the time that I have left. 


Be safe and take good care,





AlooooHa from HAWAII! Have you ever visited Oahu, Hawaii? Would you ever consider doing a meeting or conference? 


Mahalo and God Bless you in Jesus name. 


Cedric :-) 

Proverbs 27:17 

“Iron Sharpens Iron”


Hello Brother Paul, 


How I wish I could be at the Prophesy event in Orlando and meet you and the Hagmanns. 


Thank you so much for all your hard work. I know the study is hard and the articulation of that to the pen is even more of a drain. The Lord give you strength. 


In my studies, I have come to a point that info is beginning to cluster into groups of common thought and intent. I would like some clarification that I am on the right track. 

First - a side question - What do you think was the event that could of happened to Enoch when he was 65 that changed his life for ever? 


It seems to me that there is a power struggle in the heavens concerning the things on earth. As though Almighty God set in order certain laws or rules, certain agreements with the angels, certain promises, that even when some of them fell, those promises remain in place, subject to mans relationship to God. 

It seems that its almost like if more Christians are praying and accessing the power of God than those who are accessing the power of Satan, then the Christians will prevail and God’s will can then be accomplished “on earth as it is in heaven”. It would seem that our fasting and prayer time is our ability to do battle in real time against all the forces of evil. 

I recall one of the battles the Israelite s were in where the wicked king was loosing but then sacrificed his son on the altar of Moloch and won the battle. Had the Israelite s entered into that spiritual battle as well, could that have over powered the blood shed to Moloch? 


This brings up another thought. The power of the blood. Can this go both ways - for good or evil? Jesus took it to the final extent for the good and to protect us from evil, but can the shedding of blood for evil or to Satan bring the dark side strength? Now, comes the question as to how much can on person stay off? Some things that God tells his people to flee. Is this because the spiritual oppressive forces are too great? 

Lots of domino questions. God says that he inhabits the praises of his people, so in the time of battle, I try to first enter into a time of praise and worship. I get help from our brothers and sisters that have put beautiful words to music to praise out Lord. So when God inhabits the praises of his people, how then are we not invincible? How then can we remain sick? how then is there not total healing and protection from those that are evil? I believe brother Paul, that if the Lord tarries, that you and I will have to physically deal with the giants just as Noah did before he went on-board the ark. Lots of questions brother. I am praying for answers and almost more importantly, the ability to properly communicate this information to others in such a way that they will receive it. Do you have a power point available for teachers to use as a guide in teaching others? I refer a lot of pastors to your works but for some reason I am not being effective. 

I will review your other answers to the other questions. 


I led a couple guys to the Lord last year on a river there in LA as we were panning for gold. Beautiful event. I referred them to go to your church. I am not sure how well they are doing spiritually. I keep in touch with John from time to time. Let me know if anyone like that comes to your church. 


I pray for you brother Paul. Thank you for being willing to be used of God. I am praying for God to use me on earth as it is in heaven. And to help me to store up treasures in heaven, to do those things necessary to earn the crowns and qualify myself to reign as a King and Priest or whatever else his will for me in the kingdom to come is. 

Is this out of line? Or in line with how I should be praying? 


Your dear brother, 



Hello Paul, 


I was listening to a show with you and Ted talking about very interesting topics, among them the Super Bowl. You said you thought it was fixed. Well, I am from Seattle, and have been watching the Seahawks since their inception in 1976. I have taken a particular interest since Pete Carroll started here a few years ago. I watched the Big Game on Feb.1st, and thought from the fourth quarter on to the way they finished was unusual. If you ask people in Seattle, they’ll echo my sentiments. We find the turn of events to be shocking, and to be very uncharacteristic of the way this team plays. Two serious injuries during the game, one just a few days before, and two the week before. It just seemed like they had the other team on the ropes and then let them come back. Then the flukey last play which is being widely and loudly questioned. Most of us could see something was odd about this one to say the least.

The other thing I wanted to mention was the Molech symbol from Boheimian Grove that you mentioned as an occult creation. Well, before the Super Bowl I was texting someone about the game and I juxtaposed letters coming up with the words Superb Owl instead of Super Bowl. We just thought it was an LOL moment. In listening to you speak about that plus the Illuminati symbolism, which I have heard spoken about past Super Bowls reminded me of my texting faux paus. Or was it. Now it’s got me wondering. Could it be an insider joke? Hmmmmmmm.





Hi Paul, 

I can confirm much of our watching TV is brain washed propaganda. What I mean is there subliminal messages. That are said underneath films and MTV and signs ect. I know what you mean and you have spoken about. Much like you I like to stay close to the Lord King of Kings prince of peace Jesus , Father and the Holy Ghost. 


I had a thought should we be doing this differently. The Governments know where we are by our cell phones,they know when we use the internet. They can tap our calls, they know  want we eat at the shopping markets from our habits and tracking our bonus cards. To get money off. My point is they know Knowledge is power. Is that what they are going to use against us. What comments we said on facebook or emails we sent using technology. Sounds really scary. I am not afraid the only thing that is really questioning things is Lord how do we work this out. Its like we are being programmed without knowing it. When do we get out of the loop. Do I take the blue pill Paul or the red one. You know what I am talking about is it alice and wonderland quote or staying in not knowing. Quote from a film the Matrix. I would like to know as much truth as I can. To know how to react what choices to make under God.

I really want the Lord to be in the plan faster and  asap. If I can speed up the process Lord show me how. I am a Christian and yes I get the jokes you made that others may not of got being a prophet. I really want to know to empower people just like you. Reading the truth my Spirit inside of me just felt so uncomfortable like it wanted to hell with righteous anger. I am not mad am you telling me the truth but for satan lying to us all along. In our churches in our films in food in our dreams. I wish I could do the world a favour and put his ass in the lake of fire early. Well a plan is a plan and Gods Plan is better and far superior than ours. He knows every move like a chess board.  God bless you paul and all that you do and thank God that he set you free. I'm glad that you can see. I can not ignore the more I unplug from this world the more my body and spirit rejoice to world of heaven. Its like a yearning grows and grows for visiting heaven. I am praying about my brain not being softened. I am finding more and more I am able to store information. Think about this fluoride is about controlling us so that we will not be able to understand information. That’s what its partly about the control of humanity. Only Jesus Christ and the Father and Holy Spirit are in control of the universe and us.  


Thank you Paul... Love you Brother!


David - Norfolk, England

Mr. McGuire,

Just wanted to thank you for your hard work and diligent efforts to spread the word and works of our savior and heavenly father. Your visions of what is about to come is dead on in my view and I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts. May God speed and may all the mercy's and blessings of our Heavenly father be with you in your mission. My prayers are with you. Now that I now you are spreading this message I will be listening for your messages and sharing your vision with all those who will listen. The Bible has never been wrong and the signs are all around about the coming of our savior. I just wish more would open thier eye's to understanding the truth and the reality of the times we live in. May the grace, wisdom, power and mercies of the Almighty be with you always.




Our church leadership has always leaned to Calvinism and we do not. We live in a remote, agricultural area with little to choose from but felt being a part of the local body and physically serving in it is a command we should obey. However, the leadership has become so twisted in their beliefs in ‘God’s sovereignty’ that they are now beginning to say God makes people and the devil sin for His glory-from the Garden of Eden to now. I believe a men’s study by RC Sproul is behind this. As for me, I have had my belly full of Calvinism enough for many lifetimes. 


In Christ, 




I listened to your interview with the Hagmann Show and you said some things that I have felt and have tried to tell my wife and anyone who will listen to no good. What can I do to convince or awaken my wife? She says she for the most part agrees with me but doesn’t show it or open to investing in gold, silver, etc. Your interview nailed it. If people don’t know the truth about what’s actually going on and is a Christian they can’t make an informed decision ‘they lack the knowledge’. So they remain asleep. 






 Mr. McGuire,


The Angels in HEAVEN may not MARRY, but nowhere does it say that Angels cannot reproduce, especially when they leave their 1st estate. There is a tremendous difference between marriage and sex!





I enjoyed your program w/ Hagmann and Hagmann on the 15th of Jan. You always lift me up. I especially appreciate it when you call down a blessing from God for the audience!! Thank you. I am a 20 year retired Navy and NC woman.




I received recently a bundle purchase of your books. “A Prophesy of the Future of America.” Wonderful confirmation of the events of what I know to be true! I am now reading ‘Standing Down Goliath”.





Dear Brother McGuire, 


This past weekend I have been “binge”-listening to you on Hagmann & Hagmann. It is so great to meet someone via listening, who processes technological and scientific information the same way as I do. Rare to encounter. 


Just read your analysis on “Scientifically Predicting The Future.



The one component you omitted in your description of how to analyze available information, (although you do mention inclusion of the “spiritual”), was the ability for the Body of Christ to access the “Mind of Christ” via the Holy Spirit. Whether one wants to characterize this as “the prophetic gift” or not. Christians should be encouraged to access this, since we will surely need this in the coming days/years. 




Although doubting the veracity of so-called “Whistleblower” Dr. David Anderson re: governmental experiments and attempts to change history via “time control”, since scientists have learned how to “hide events” in time, albeit for mere nanoseconds, do you think time control technology is being developed? 


You have mentioned “scalar” physics,which I believe is applicable. 


But then also Dr. Ronald Mallet has not changed his website in years. I wonder if his research has been “hijacked” by the administration? I realize that Mallet’s work is based on Laser affectation of time-space continuum, but other research suggests that may lead to a viable technology. Spike Lee was supposed to have made a movie several years ago re: Dr. Mallet’s work but it never materialized, therefore can I assume that his work has gone “black ops”? 


You have my prayers. 





Thank you Paul for articulation reminding encouraging the covenant promises of Lord our Father in 2015 message.  My dear teenage son, who declares now to be agnostic theist - please pray that Lord clear away any confusion doubt about WHO Jesus is and that Jesus please heal any parts of him or release him from any bondage passed from natural family we are an adopted family. 


God Bless your ministry - so few are aware. You have such a gift for synthesizing complex problems and pointing to the Lord that even a brainwashed progressive could potentially grasp -   they are everywhere.






I am keeping a journal of unusual things taking place across the world and the u.s. It is unbelievable what is happening. I have been telling people to get ready. But so far it has fallen on deaf ears. When that last blood moon appears, stand by. I want to stand out on the side of the road w a sign that says “get ready, god is not happy”. We have done all this to ourselves.







I really loved your latest message/sermon/teaching. What a blessing!







Thank you for all your hard work. And teaching in truth I really learn a lot from your teachings and prophecies. May you always be protected and shield by the power of our God almighty and his anointment of the Holy Spirit.






Hey Mr. McGuire,


I hope all is well with you and your family. Don’t feel bad about taking a vaction. Everyone needs balance and rest. Then after your vacation you’ll come back stronger. Pray for me and my next step as I turn 34 this Jan 7th.





Dear Paul, 


Just a short note to encourage you. I have enjoyed listening to you on Hagmanns Show and other programs. Both my wife Terry and I are striving to walk with the Lord daily. God bless you and your family.


In Christ, 



Dear Mr. McGuire, 


Thank you for being the Watchman with the other chosen Watchers as ordained by the Lord. The wisdom, knowledge and spiritual understanding and revelation knowledge has opened doors for supernatural growth in the Spirit. The Lord is using you to help so many to remove the veil from their eyes and removed the ear plugs from their ears. Your are a blessing to the Body of Christ. I pray that the Lord sends legions of Angels to protect you and the other Watchmen and your families as we go deeper into the tribulation of these end times. I ask the Lord to pour His precious Blood over you and surround you with His hedge of protection all the days of your life. God Bless you in abundance for all the work you are doing for the Kingdom of God,In Jesus Name and may His Glory Shine Upon you forever and always. 


Love and Blessings,





Heard you on the radio and read your articles recently. Hope to encourage you as you have me. These are dangerous times and growing more so. It is as you say. Thanks for reminding the hearers to seek the Lord and His power through prayer and repentance. Praying for you and the meeting tonight. 



Hi Paul, 


I first saw you on It’s Supernatural on TBN. Related to your story and then looked at your website and you tube presentations. I think your analysis of the last 50 years of America and the hidden history prior is astonishing. I have learned a great amount of information from you and continue to be attuned to other sources as well. My current church is very warm but not political or speaking of the events you foresee happening if there is not a revival. Should I continue to worship there? I’m not clear as to where to be in action with my life, does this make sense. I am 57 years old and have been through the cultural upheaval you speak of.






I heard you on Hagmann on 12/4. I know from experience about being made into a Manchurian Candidate. As a teenager I was institutionalized in an experimental hospital in Inglewood Ca. Through hypnosis, drugs, and torture my personality was split. It took 34 years for me to come to terms with this and then receive healing. As awful as that was, Jesus is more awesome. He has healed me from that deep soul injury.






Greetings from Montgomery, Alabama! I cannot attend but I began praying last night when this event was brought to my attention and will continue to intercede for you and the many others involved in preparations, etc. I look forward to viewing it at a later date. May the Lord be Glorified and may his people receive the word He is bringing forth at this time.


Thank you!





It amazes me how Jesus’ people are so uninformed as to the opposition ...... Time to wake up ! There are so many FALSE prophets now its quite amazing! As Gods mighty right arm shows me the way and in the spirit of Jesus! 





Mr. McGuire,


I just recently signed in to receive your reports. Your reports on prophecy and current news and the exposure of the unseen powers behind the present world crisis has given me a better understanding of what is happening behind the scenes. I am seventy 74 years of age and am actively involved in the outreach ministry in parts of Natal and Johannesburg, South Africa. The God good Lord tremendously bless you for your dedication to the Lord and your sterling work to warn the nations of the coming super storm. I pray for your strength and Divine protection as you fearlessly expound the truth.



So grateful for you Paul,


You changed my life when I was beyond desperate, with your one phone and powerful prayer you prayed for me and mine. Yes I am still under great attack, but I do still live to fight another day. I listen to every radio show, and get your blessed emails explaining things that are over my head. I know I am called to be me, and not you. And that’s part of why I am so grateful for your beautiful precious heart that is totally sold out to the King of kings that we both serve. Forever He gets all the glory--  Prayers always for you and yours. I am called like Paul in the bible and carry a Joseph anointing but I don’t know when that kicks in. I hope it’s soon, cause I’d be honored to give a ton to your ministry. I am called to fund the living savior foundation, to bless ministries and others who god tells me to give to. I love to give. I pray it’s soon. You are one of a kind, my dear brother, who I’ve not yet had the privilege of meeting. But even the anointing and quiet strength in your voice, that is you, has carried me thru more bleak hopeless times than I could tell you. The greatest favor of the Most High rest always on your and yours, Paul... 


Love you in Jesus,



Dear Paul,


I listened in to your 3 hour talk with Hagmann & Hagmann. LOVED IT! I now look more like someone who has two heads when I talk about things like this! But, so be it! I love your work Paul! Loved your speech at Pikes Peak!


God Bless you my Brother!





Just wanted to sign your guestbook and tell you how much I enjoy your articles and appearances on Doug and Joe’s show. Thanks for all you do, and may the Lord continue to Bless and watch over you. 






What is up with these Pastors who don’t teach prophecy, the rapture, the tribulation, the persecution Christians are and will face in the days to come? Are they just uneducated? Are they afraid to cause fear in their congregations? The people must be told the truth.






I will highly recommend this book to anyone that has ‘eyes,and can see’, and ‘ears,and can hear’. To those that are members of our population that choose to remain ‘dull’ I can explain to them that: if they ‘Gird their loins’ and Read This Book, Their lives will be changed. And, if they repent their sins to Jesus and ask to be forgiven. Their lives will be changed forever, and their eyes and ears will be opened. Thank You, Brother Paul, for this wonderful book. 


With our eyes wide open, 

Ed & Linda


Hi Mr. McGuire, 


After years of living in a backsliding state, God used you and your ministry to help lead me back to the Lord. I praise Him for His mercy and grace. I pray that He protects you, your family and His ministry that He allows you stewardship over. I believe you are very different than most prophecy teachers. I am so excited that I was led by the Holy Spirit to your website and subsequently Hagmann & Hagmann’s, Steve Quayle, and others.


I go to a wonderful bible teaching church called Victory Outreach. This ministry was founded br Pastor Sonny Arginzoni who went to the founder of Teen Challenge and the Time Street Church, Pastor David Wilkerson’s men’s recovery home. Pastor Sonny was a heroin addict who along with Gang member Nicky Cruz were Pastor David’s firsts graduates. I myself was a drug addict who was delivered back in 1997 while attending V.O.L.V. Men’s home. It’s an honor to be a member of our church and look forward Sunday to rededicate my life back to Jesus publicly as well as share your ministry with its members. 


Thank you Brother Paul for your life changing ministry. In just a few short weeks of listening to you, I find myself researching the Bible like I’ve never had before. May God Bless you!


Sincerely your Brother In Christ, 



Hello Paul, 


I only wanted to say thank you for your messages that you put on Youtube and a special thank for the way you speak. As I’m German it is often hard for me to understand American preachers but you speak very clearly, determined, with no complicated words, not too fast. It is very important to keep in mind that your messages are given not only to American people but to the whole world and you are doing a really good job with it! Besides this you are my best discovery in the last time. I’m so excited because you call a spade a spade and all what I learned and thought before you put in one big bowl... and now I can eat without thinking I’m crazy. A big hug and blessing for you, Brother! 


Regards, Viktoria


Dear Pastor Paul, 


I thank God so very much for you Brother Paul. The Holy Spirit had placed upon my heart for so long that, as you yourself have stated, the church’s greatest hindrance is prejudice within the Body of Christ. If the ‘Body’ is divided, then the Lord’s power meant for us is also divided. This is why the church in America had been impotent for so long! But thanks to your influence and courage, Brother Paul, I feel that your undiluted message to us has been heard sufficiently. 


I feel because in great part, due to your obedience to spread Jesus Christ’s message, that revival will very soon break forth in our nation. Though I could not confirm this received prophetic word with other brethren yet, I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit spoke to me yesterday and stated that ‘REVIVAL IN THE US’ and the ‘WORLDWIDE REVIVAL’ will occur shortly! God bless you Pastor Paul and your family and ministry. 


Sincerely, David




I really like listening to you. I believe we are like-minded souls, cut from the same cloth so to speak. But I did not know you believed in the “Pre-Trib Rapture Theory”... I used to, but after doing my own research I’ve found that it is impossible, and it’s going to keep many Christians asleep at the wheel. Just a thought... I will keep supporting you as a fellow brother in Christ and keep listening to you, but I believe when the shinola hits the fan I will still be here, hunkering down with My Man and trying not to be so dismayed at the likes of my fellow man. We are in for one terrific ride. Take care Paul.





Blessing to you! Great job!



Hi Paul, 

Thank you for all of the wonderful knowledge that you share about Jesus Christ and events relating to the Holy Bible. People say it is frightening, but the fear should drive them to the understanding of our Lord if His grace will permit. I will continue to listen to your teachings and preaching on the Hagmann & Hagmann report. May the Lord continue to bless you and the brethren within your sphere of influence. God Bless and Take Care. 


Brother Paul,


I admire your enthusiasm and love for God’s Word and its references to the end of days... 


 Be not deceived, followers of Christ will see and know the son of perdition (Antichrist) before Christ comes to gather His people. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-4). Although wonderful as it sounds to be raptured before the revealing of this man of lawlessness, God’s people must and will suffer his persecution. But, praise the Lord we will not be here for the worst part of God’s wrath, the Great Tribulation! 


May God continue to bless and keep you. 

In His Service, 



Paul McGuire, 


Thank you, you are a blessing to me and the rest of the world! I am a believer that is always listening to you! Thank you for keeping me informed and opening my eyes! My heart and prayers support you! 






Thank you Paul for opening my eyes. Thank you for standing in the gap and for equipping us in recognising the times and the links to prophecy. God bless you and your family and ministry. 






God bless you Paul, keep on keeping on!






God has been calling me to rise up in my spirit and become the child of the kind son he created me to be and live like. Specifically what Jesus said we can do. The church is afraid to face the issues of today, because they look at the problems from a worldly view point instead of a kingdom authority. Its past time to lay down our talk and put on the armor and Holy Spirit power of God. Thank you for voicing the call for the church to become the Bride of Christ. God bless you faithfulness to His purposes.





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