When you learn to ‘own the truth’ that “Nothing is impossible with God,” you will develop an authentic and powerful faith in God, which is what He has called us all to have, especially for such a time as this.


FRIDAY | MAY 13, 2016

FRIDAY | MAY 13, 2016



The terrorist attacks at the Brussels Airport in Belgium should serve as an urgent prophetic warning to Christians in America to begin emergency intercessory prayer 24/7 against new terrorist attacks in America that will exceed what happened in San Bernardino, California. For those sensitive to the call of the Holy Spirit, there is an urgent and extremely serious call upon God’s people to receive and obey a command from Heaven to begin, emergency prayer, fasting, repentance and intercession for supernatural protection against planned terrorist attacks in the United States.

In addition, there is a call to pray for all authorities and law enforcement, that God would give them wisdom and insight into preventing another tragedy.

We are calling all intercessors to begin immediate prayer for God’s protection in every city, town and state they are located in. Also, please pray for this ministry as we move forward to proclaim this and other prophetic messages through television, social media, Internet, local church meetings and new doors that have been opened by the Lord.

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America experienced a First Great Awakening in the 1730’s and 1740’s, which rocked the original thirteen colonies with the power and authority of God. The Biblical truth of this First Great Awakening created the governmental structure, Constitution and Bill of Rights that birthed the United States of America.

America is presently on the path to experience an economic crisis more significant than the Great Depression of 1929-1939. Is it possible that God has His own indestructible economic plan, in the manner of Joseph and Daniel, for His people? Who will be the people of God that have prepared themselves for a miraculous wealth transfer? What do you need to do now, to be one of them?

What is the ambitious planned surprise in this upcoming Presidential election and how can America be put on the right course despite the hidden agendas of a secretive elite? Does God have an even greater concealed plan for America in the last days that can only be unlocked by the power of revival?

The years 2016-2017 are the United States most critical years in America’s history. America will either move quickly into a totalitarian-style state or experience a Third Great Awakening. Are we waiting on God or is God waiting on us to release a powerful Third Great Awakening upon America, which will unleash His angelic armies and the chariots of fire against the devilish fallen angels?

The prophet Daniel confronted territorial spirits such as the Prince of Persia and the Prince of Greece who ruled over the Middle East. Can a “remnant” of God’s people confront the territorial spirits ruling over America, Europe, the Middle East, and the whole earth? How will praying for the peace of Jerusalem release the angels, Michael and Gabriel, to alter the possibility of World War III, the future of America and the war on terrorism?

God is calling you now to learn how to think with the mind of Christ and release the power and wisdom of God to overcome your problems and the problems facing our nations. Jesus Christ said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” The current mindset of “fatalism” and “defeat” that exists in the Body of Christ is the result of Luciferian programming and is preventing God’s people from fulfilling their God given destiny. When you learn to ‘own the truth’ that “Nothing is impossible with God,” you will develop an authentic and powerful faith in God, which is what He has called us all to have, especially for such a time as this.


We May Never Know Exactly How Justice Scalia Died!


By Paul McGuire | March 1, 2016



While staying at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Presidio County, Texas, Justice Scalia died in his room. One might think he actually died of natural causes except the official narrative keeps changing like something from Alice in Wonderland. First a pillow is found completely over his head; then the pillow is found just on the top portion of his head. When the reports of Scalia’s death first came out there was no mention of...



Apocalypse and the End Times
with Host Paul McGuire



2016 Is The Most Important Year In Our Nation!
We Really Need To Show Up Spiritually, Repent,
Pray and Cry Out to God!


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This virtual world and its artificial debates use an android media
that forfeits its role to employ true journalists with integrity
acting on behalf of the American public.



By Paul McGuire | February 15, 2016



Although the politicians running for political office are human, their relationships with the public, for the most part, are no more real than that of a sex robot. With few exceptions, the relationship the politician cultivates with the public is just as artificial as that of a “SEXBOT.” Every word is scripted; the message they give out is pre-programmed; and all of their interactions with the public are engineered by highly paid political consultants to present a completely manufactured reality that will motivate specific demographic groups to...



Trade Treaties Are The Single Most Important Issue In This Election!


By Paul McGuire | February 1, 2016



The entrance of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders into the political debate has shaken up the status quo of both political parties and the stranglehold they have over the elections and the media. Although it has always been true, more Americans today than ever before are beginning to see how the political establishment of both parties represent the interests of...


#1 Prophecy Book
In the World!





We are very thankful that "The Babylon Code" is now
the # 1 Best Selling Prophecy Book in the World!

"My co-author and I are thankful to God for this because it opens many doors that otherwise may not be open for us to present the truth of the Gospel through Bible prophecy. It also gives us and the people who buy it an opportunity to win souls for Jesus Christ, which is the primary reason Troy and I wrote the book. Please pray that God will continue to use us to produce a film along with The Babylon Code book to reach the lost and influence this nation at this most critical time!” – Paul McGuire

We're getting some amazing reviews of The Babylon Code (4.80 ratings on Goodreads and Audible) and we wanted to bring these comments on Facebook to your attention:

"Have you ever read a book, and even before you were finished, wanted to share some fantastic insight, information, or secret knowledge from the book with your friends, relatives and co-workers? This is one of those books. Goose-bump inducing, head-turning information, wacking of forehead inducing. Calmly and scientifically, using the Bible, breaking the code, to explain what has been puzzling us for eons. If you read one book the rest of your life, this is the one."

– Carlos M Fernandez Jr. , a reader of The Babylon Code, in his review of the book on Breitbart's Army group on Facebook.

Thanks for everyone's great work on this project! – Paul and Troy

"Reading your book (THE BABYLON CODE) has helped me a lot in my journey (from atheism to faith in God). The more I read the Gospels, the more I think the modern dispensationalists are the only ones to understand what Jesus was really saying - namely, that the end times are near, and the only important thing to do in life is to prepare for it. Of course, preparing for it means feeding the hungry, giving to the poor, loving thy neighbor, etc. But that only makes sense in the light of the imminent coming of the kingdom of heaven."
“How did I get interested in this topic? That's a long story. I've been interested in the apocalypse for a long time. I even started a kind of survivalist community in Scotland once, and wrote a book about it. But what sparked my interest most recently was my study of Christianity in the USA. I realized I actually knew very little about this, and started reading up on the origins of fundamentalism, evangelicalism, Pentecostalism, etc. While reading about fundamentalism, I came across dispensationalism, which I had heard of before, but didn't really understand. I also started reading Christian novels like This Present Darkness. Anyway, I can't remember how I came across The Babylon Code, but it was probably while I was googling around these other topics. I remember being a bit skeptical at first, partly because I am British and find some American writing unpalatable, but I was pleasantly surprised to find your book very easy on the ear (I say ‘ear’ because I bought the audiobook). It was very clearly written and easy to follow, and engrossing.”

– Dylan Evans, a former atheist and humanist, author and academic who received his PhD in Philosophy from the London School of Economics. His Twitter handle is, “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.”   



We Are Involved In A Very Real Spiritual War
In Which Demonic Forces Seek To Bring Us Into Captivity!



It is important that we become educated and informed about the true nature of these terrorist forces, not from a mass media which distorts of conceals the truth because it has a hidden agenda, but through trusted and Godly sources of information found in the alternative media and spokesmen and women, who are extremely knowledgeable and walk under the control of the Holy Spirit. In a nation and in our individual lives when we allow the entrance of...



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