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America is in the process of being destroyed… the world’s most successful
sovereign nation along with its unique ideals is being removed!


By Paul McGuire | August 17, 2015

America is in the process of being destroyed… the world’s most successful sovereign nation along with its unique ideals is being removed in order to replace it with a global government. A soaring trillion dollar plus deficit, dismantling of our military, the attacks on local police, outsourcing of manufacturing and jobs, race riots, low educational scores of our children, the shrinking middle class, the destruction of the family, and the destruction of Christianity are all part of a long term strategic plan to destroy America as we know it and replace it with a Third World socialist state that will fit neatly into a one world government.

The primary strategy in destroying America is a psychological attack designed to destroy the very nature of what was once proudly called the American Dream. This psychological destruction of an idea called the American Dream in the hearts and minds of men and women has been carried out over the last 100 years through scientific brainwashing, propaganda and indoctrination through the educational system, media, music, both political parties, science, law, and through the Christian church.


The first part of this process, which is nothing less than psychological warfare, was to imbed in the minds of children, men, and women a false collective shame and guilt about America. This was accomplished by taking the very real and tragic mistakes that America and the American people have done and blow them out of context. For example, there is no question that the American government, people, and those who called themselves Christians were complicit in genocide against the American Indians. In the name of converting them to Christianity we broke treaties, stole their land, raped their women, and slaughtered many of them. Their blood still cries from the land over this crime against Humanity and God.  



Secondly, the American people and, once again, American Christians participated in the brutal buying of African slaves, both men and women, stacked their bodies on top of one another in slave ships, and brought them to America where they were treated worse than animals. Slave and plantation owners would go to church on Sunday singing Amazing Grace and then brutally exploit African American slaves to work in their fields, and sell them like animals. Once again, these African slaves had their families ripped apart and their women raped by their slave masters. It is also true that a strong Christian President, Abraham Lincoln, fought a Civil War to free these slaves, a war in which massive numbers of White soldiers gave their lives to free the slaves.

The African American slave story does not end there. Although the slaves were legally given freedom, they and their descendants were still treated like second-class citizens and were brutally discriminated against. At one time, not too long ago, they were not allowed to enter businesses with signs that said White people only.” They were not allowed to drink from the same water fountains as White people and they had to ride in the back of the bus. Martin Luther King Jr., a Bible-believing Christian minister, rose up to champion the civil rights movement, with the help of many White people. Some of these White people were self-described Communist activists. But, since most White Christians did not show up as they should have to stand for the civil rights of African Americans, the African American community got help from those who were willing to help them, and that in no way indicts the Civil Rights Movement.

As progress in the Civil Rights Movement progressed a subtle change happened that began the process of enslaving African American people once again. Starting with Lyndon Baines Johnson and Presidents from both political parties a welfare state was created along with ghettos to contain black people and force them into economic slavery.

Using government programs and clever laws that deliberately split apart the African American family, which in a stealth-like manner drove the father figure and the African American male from the black family unit. Mysteriously drugs like heroin, cocaine, crack, and methamphetamine flowed into the ghettos, destroying entire generations of African American young people like a plague. Young boys and girls began to sell their bodies to feed their drug habit, and joined gangs. In short, a worse form of slavery emerged that put chains on generation after generation of black Americans. However, this time their slave masters were very clever; they used politicians, political parties, and paid-for black activists to keep them on a new plantation called the ghetto. Although the race riots erupting across America are highly organized and funded from sources outside of the ghetto, the fuel of rage flows from the awareness in the Black community that they have been put on a plantation again. Naturally, they have great difficulty believing in any American Dream.

Right after the Civil Rights Movement, America saw an all-out assault on the American Dream with its beliefs in traditional morals, the family, Christianity, capitalism, and patriotism. The 1960’s counter culture exploded onto the scene along with the sexual revolution and various liberation movements like “Women’s Liberation,” “Gay Liberation,” etc. What the Orwellian media did not disclose was that the entire 1960’s counter culture revolution of “Sex, Drugs, and Rock’n’Roll” was a highly organized scientific revolution created by the British mind control institute, the Tavistock Institute. British and American rock’n’roll groups were covertly raised up to send powerful messages of sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, Eastern mysticism, New Age ideas, and globalism to millions of young people in America and other nations of the world.

Using rock’n’roll music, lyrics, images, and lifestyles the giant rock’n’roll bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and many others sold a new anti-Christian lifestyle to the youth generation. The music, lyrics, and lives of the rock stars communicated a powerful message of free sex, psychedelic drugs, Eastern mystical ideas which rejected Biblical ideas, the destruction of patriotism, the destruction of capitalism, and the creation of a one world government, one world economic system, and one world religion. In short, the counter culture of the 1960’s was a psy-op mind war designed to reprogram consciousness. Aldous Huxley talked constantly about a “scientific revolution” using scientific mind control and powerful psychedelic drugs like LSD, mescaline, and other mind altering substances that were designed to “blow the rational mind,” de-pattern human consciousness, and reprogram minds with classic brainwashing techniques such as repetitive and hypnotic phrases that would imbed themselves in the subconscious and reprogram deeply held beliefs and behavior.


When John Lennon sang the words, “Imagine there’s no heaven, “ where he talked about “No religion,” and no private property and no nationalism, just a time when the world will be as one, he was promoting the rise of the New World Order. From all accounts John Lennon and the other Beatles were simply pawns, as they did not appear to understand that they were being used. But scientific mind control and programs like MKULTRA always have handlers and Yoko Ono could have been Lennon’s handler as they holed up in their mansion-like apartment in the Dakota Buildings in Manhattan where they smoked dope, shot heroin, and studied Edgar Cayce. The Harvard professor and LSD guru Dr. Timothy Leary was a “handler” and worked for the CIA as he actively promoted the use of LSD as a consciousness-expanding drug. Merry Prankster and author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Ken Kesey, who was turned on to LSD at Stanford University by the U.S. government, also apparently functioned as an agent for the government as he distributed millions of free doses of LSD at what Kesey called, “Electric Kool –Aid Acid Tests” and giant rock’n’roll concerts with the Grateful Dead.

It is interesting to note that the psychedelic drug which fueled the counter culture was LSD, the same drug that the U.S. Army and the Russian Army used in what they called MKULTRA Programs, where they could scientifically control someone and reprogram their personality in creating Manchurian Candidates. LSD and other psychedelic drugs can change consciousness and belief systems through a process called “de-patterning” where the existing patterning or programming in a person is erased through LSD, and once the slate is wiped clean, you can reprogram the individual or masses with a new belief system.

What emerged from the LSD, rock’n’roll groups, and the counter culture was the mass erasing of Judeo-Christian beliefs, traditional morality, patriotism, and the belief in the goodness of America and the American Dream, a capitalist work ethic, and the age old concept of delaying pleasure to produce a long term gain.

New belief systems were programmed into millions and millions of young people through a synergistic mix of musical messages recorded with hypnotic beats, film, television, education, and culture, including new sexual behaviors such as “If it feels good do it,” globalism, socialism, and a new one world religion. Young people were taught “group think,” programmed to think as a collective and not as individuals, to embrace the Hive Mind, and to embrace the tenets of the new dogma of a kind of New Age/Socialism/World Religion and enter states of consciousness that produce compliance or “going with the flow” as Ken Kesey said. The entire spectrum of scientific mind control programming is designed to produce compliant, non-questioning, and passive individuals who are neurologically rewired not to connect the dots, see the big picture, use analytical skills, or resist what they believe to be false, but simply to enter “group think.”

For example, the legalization of marijuana, which is heavily promoted by George Soros’ front groups, is the perfect way to implement scientific mind control. Marijuana produces a non-questioning state of passivity; it causes dissociation, compliance, reduces critical thinking skills, and erodes the ability of human beings to take any kind of aggressive stand intellectually, spiritually, and practically. Thus, grass is the perfect mass mind control drug! Certain Eastern mystical practices like some forms of meditation (but not all, as some are productive) such as yoga and chanting produce a passive and compliant state of consciousness which is perfect for mass mind control.

As we take the full spectrum of scientific mass mind control and the erasing of certain belief systems associated with individualism, true Christianity, and the American Dream, we see that there has been what could be called a “Full Spectrum Dominance in Human Consciousness.” Beliefs in traditional marriage, patriotism, Judeo-Christian morality, virtue, the work ethic, individualism, and the belief in the American Dream have been largely removed through de-patterning where the mind is, in effect, partially erased. Once the mind has been erased, and this is part of MKULTRA, a completely new set of beliefs and ideas are programmed into the human personality.


This Scientific Mind Control, discussed by countless high-level scientists beginning in the 1940’s and promoted by men like H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, Julian Huxley, B.F. Skinner, Norbert Weiner, and others has created a global paradigm mind shift in human consciousness. The end product here in America is that millions of Americans believe that there is no longer an “American Dream,” or if they do, they do not believe it is viable. America, once perceived as good, is now perceived as an oligarchical and evil empire that must be destroyed for the betterment of Humanity. It is not that there is not some truth in that, because in many respects, due to the transformation in the consciousness of many of its people, America really has become what amounts to an evil empire.

We have used our powerful military to dominate regions all over the world, especially the Middle East, in order to control oil upon which our currency rests…the petro-dollar. We have entered into numerous wars and major military conflicts where huge numbers of American soldiers and the people we have invaded were killed, often for highly questionable reasons. Obviously, we did not invade Iraq due to weapons of mass destruction. We effectively lost the Viet Nam war on purpose and apparently had a hidden agenda in that conflict. America has troops stationed all over the world and our military is involved in the Russia/Ukraine/NATO conflict. The U.S. military is supporting Japan and other nations against potential aggression from China and we could trot across the globe, especially in the Eurasian region, and see American troops stationed in strategic zones across the planet.

But it is often unclear what our true motive in being in such places is. Is it to defend freedom?


Is it to defend or occupy oil resources, or the massive poppy crops in Afghanistan that produce heroin? It appears that many of our military entanglements are about the control of key assets like oil to preserve the American Empire. As we look at the majority of politicians running for President from both political parties it is clear that these men and women are not really working for the American people. The candidates for both parties represent what is termed the “Shadow Government” and they are just puppets. Most politicians in both parties are totally controlled by powerful special interest groups and that is exclusively whom they are representing.

These special interest groups are also the groups behind the push for globalization and secret trade treaties which will destroy our Constitution and force our nation under the rule of a global government. For over two centuries powerful globalists and international banking families who comprise the power elite have been creating a new global order with a one world government, one world economic system, and one world religion. In my book The Babylon Code I and my co-author, Troy Anderson, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist, document this.

The elite, or what Aldous Huxley refers to as the Scientific Dictatorship, wish to destroy the American Dream and program the masses to see a global order as the answer to Mankind’s problems. However, the Scientific Elite or Technocratic Elite do not give full disclosure of their plans for strategic reasons. They have used mass mind control to convince billions of people that a new global order, which emphasizes social justice, will be the salvation of Mankind. That is why this current Pope is running all around the world promoting this Utopian belief in a new kind of social justice.

But the secret agenda behind this Utopian new global order is not and has never been social justice! That is the sucker’s bait that the Communist revolutionaries used when they talked about the “Workers’ Paradise.” Social justice or the “Workers’ Paradise” is the Big Lie used to mobilize the dumbed down masses who know nothing of history. Just look at the evidence for the “Workers’ Paradise” among all the nations that had a Communist Revolution. Just look at Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, North Viet Nam, etc. Not one of these nations delivered on what they promised the people! In every single case without exception communism brings mass poverty, the loss of human and religious freedoms, slave labor, and a very rich one percent who rule and live above the masses as they would in any capitalist nation!

In short, despite all the problems in nations like America, the masses of people being seduced by this lie end up far worse off than they did before these “social justice” revolutions happened! The other fact, which is also concealed from the masses, is that the elite groups financing these so-called social justice and revolutionary movements are the very same super-Capitalists and international bankers that people thought they were revolting against.

America has currently entered the psy-ops matrix, with people first being indoctrinated into believing America is evil and oppressive and then believing the lie that the American Dream is dead. In terms of propaganda and scientific mind control it is essential to kill any hope in the goodness of America and viability of the American Dream before a revolution can be socially engineered to replace it with a brutal, dictatorial, and totalitarian regime whose entire purpose is to create a total lock down over America and control the masses to turn them into worker-slaves in a techno-feudal State ruled by an all-powerful one percent.

This is very difficult for both liberals and conservatives to grasp, just as difficult as it was for the Jews to realize that Adolph Hitler was sending them to concentration camps to die. As we go into in great length in our book The Babylon Code, since the Tower of Babel there exists a governmental-economic-religious system that is Luciferian in nature. It is designed to create a ruling class of god-kings who believe that they possess a genetic superiority or lineage which then gives them a kind of divine right to rule over and control the masses who become their slaves.

This is a primary facet of what is known as “Mystery Babylon.” In ancient Egypt it was known as the Pharaoh-god-king system, where the Pharaohs were perceived as gods and the masses served them as slaves.

 This Babylonian and Pharaoh-god-king system has been passed on from civilization to civilization, such as Greece, Rome, the Mayans, the Incas, and then into Europe where the elites established the “divine right of kings.” In each case the masses were turned into slaves to toil under the oppressive rule of the one percent.

When America was created in 1776 it incorporated for the first time in human civilization a system of government designed to protect “We the people” and our inalienable rights, such as Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. These rights were God-given and not given by Man or any government; thus they were never supposed to be taken away. The Constitution and its first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights, gave America the most unique form of government in the history of Mankind! This form of government was created by clear Biblical ideas brought from the Pilgrims and Puritans, but in an odd way Illuminist and Deist ideas also helped to create America.

The result of all this was the American Dream, and America produced the most viable and prosperous middle class in human history where the average man could take a dream and turn it into reality. America produced more freedoms, more technology, more jobs, more opportunity, and more prosperity for more people than any other nation on Earth!

It is true Americans committed atrocities, moral crimes and sins against their fellow Man, as in the case of the Indians and African Americans. However, until America began allowing abortion on a massive scale, every other nation and empire on Earth since the dawn if civilization committed equal or far worse crimes! This does not excuse the blights in America’s history, but America’s sins must be taken in context. In addition, America in many respects has made attempts to rectify such crimes and also has a clear record of demonstrating more acts of virtue and goodness than any other nation on Earth. America from the beginning has given massive sums of money to feed the poor, clothe the naked, and take care of widows and children here and around the world.

America, more than any other nation in history, has sent humanitarian aid such as food and medical supplies to impoverished and distressed nations. This is the full account of America, not just a focus on the evils America has done. Those who seek to destroy our Republic have made a calculated and evil attempt to present a highly distorted image of America. There is a reason why people from all over the world come in record numbers each year attempting to enter America and find a better way of life. There is no other nation on Earth people are so eager to enter.

The first step in “Reverse Engineering the American Dream” is to confront with reason and facts the lies that are being deliberately spread about America internally through our educational system, political system, media, churches, and social institutions. This requires a peaceful, but spiritually and intellectually aggressive confrontation with the Big Lie that the “American Dream” is dead and we must intelligently document the facts. As long as the lie that the “American Dream” is dead is allowed to be perpetuated, there can be no “Reverse Engineering the American Dream.”

Everywhere the lie is spoken, whether on a college campus, High School, television network, radio station, book, political speech, or church, this lie cannot be allowed to exist one more second! In a spirit of love and genuine humility this lie must be confronted powerfully and gracefully with the truth! This Big Lie must be literally driven from our nation and it must be treated as if it was a scientifically engineered plague or emotional contagion, which it is. This Big Lie cannot be fought with any form of censorship! Censorship will only empower it. It must be fought with facts, reason and logic.


The fellow traveler to the lie that the American Dream is dead is the lie that America is over and will be destroyed. Despite people’s various reasons for believing this, whether theological, economic, or historical, none of us except the Personal Living God of the Universe knows what the future of America will be and as long as there is an opportunity those who claim to believe in Jesus Christ must “Occupy until He comes.” The Pilgrims and Puritans entered into a Covenant with God when they first came to America and God has honored it. It is based on God’s Covenant with the Children of Israel, which states that if God’s people worship God as God and do not worship idols and if they diligently obey His commandments, the Lord promises to bless the land. Conversely, if God’s people begin to worship idols and disobey His commandments a curse will be poured out upon the land.

Despite the secularist and humanist interpretation of America’s history and birth, there is a supernatural element and destiny weaved into the DNA of America.

Admittedly, America is in the greatest danger it has ever been in and there are powerful subversive forces that seek to destroy it. But just because America is threatened by what could be perceived as imminent death does not mean America is dead. At this moment in history and as you read this, it is my humble prayer that you will be struck with these words as if they were written in lightning and that when that happens your inner man or woman will rouse from its slumber and you will know first-hand the enormous energies of an Awakening. This Awakening is not something mystical or ethereal; it indicates a power so great and so profound that it can shake a nation with a spiritual force until the clammy hands of death are broken from its throat. When that moment comes and it has certainly come now you will discover with millions of others that you are no longer choking and gasping for air, struggling to survive.

The death grip has been broken from your body and your lungs expand to suck in the life giving oxygen from the air. When at that moment you are revitalized and your spirit is refreshed and comes to its senses, you will know what you have to do. There will be no question as to what your direction shall be. For you will be like a man who almost suffocated to death and watched his entire life before him in slow motion. But now that you are jolted upright and your eyes are filled with a blazing light, you will discover that an unspeakable clarity has come upon your mind and that you have a laser life focus.

Yes, America too is grasping for breath, but you have been given the power to rescue it and now you know what to do…so do it quickly while you can.


America has never been a perfect nation, but it has been completely unique among the nations of the world in offering freedom, prosperity, opportunity, and hope to billions of people around the world. Once upon a time the American Dream burned brightly in the hearts and minds of men and ordinary people truly believed that if only they could come to America that they would be given the opportunity to work hard and build a life for themselves and their families that would be worth living. America, and rightly so, was seen as the land of opportunity.

The fact that despite its failures America produced the most prosperous middle class in the history of the world was not an accident. Along with that opportunity America granted the people that flocked to it from around the world things like Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion, and the legal right to be left alone, protected from oppressive forms of government. It is not an exaggeration to say that America and the American way of life was completely unique among the nations. There has never been a nation like America and there probably will never be another nation like it.


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