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God Will Supernaturally Meet Your Financial Needs,

If You Cry Out To Him Out Of A Pure Heart!

God Will Meet Your Needs If You Take Care Of His Needs

The Time Has Come To Win Souls And Take Back The Nations!

By Paul McGuire
August 10, 2014




God has promised to supernaturally meet your financial needs, job needs, monetary and material needs, if you cry out to God with a pure heart and if He can trust you! In addition, God has promised to meet all of your needs (not necessarily all of your wants, but you if walk in the Secret Place of the Most High God is not cheap!)

At Paul McGuire Ministries and Paradise Mountain Church we try to pray for all the prayer requests that come in to our office and I personally pray over every envelope, book and package that gets sent out as often as I can!

My heart aches over the trials of God’s people especially in the financial area, since the U.S. economy and the global economy are not doing well. I want to share this powerful Biblical principle with you that I apply in my own life.

First, many of God’s people are not being placed and experiencing God’s supernatural provision because their hearts are not right! Many of God’s people think they can buy God’s blessings by giving to Him! You cannot buy God’s blessings anymore than you can buy salvation! It is true God does honor your financial giving, prayers, tithes and donations when they are given out of a pure heart and a heart of worship to Him. But, if your heart is wrong with God and you are giving just to get, you are not going to see the blessing of God on your life!

The most important thing is that you truly begin to make God’s priorities your priorities and you give your money, donations and tithes accordingly. This principle is the most important principle! Many people think that just because they write big checks to a church or ministry that God is going to bless them as if they were writing a check to an insurance company. You are violating the Law of God which is based on the Love of God!

First of all you give and donate based on where and how much God is telling you to give and where to give! If you give to a ministry which is not being faithful to what God really wants done, you are placing yourself under a curse! Giving is a lifestyle! If you want to be supernaturally and radically blessed than you must give God EVERYTHING! This is not just about money, you give God your life and you truly place Him first!

Secondly, when you have purposed in your heart to give God everything and you give as He directs you. “Obedience is better than sacrifice!”

Many people compartmentalize their lives and they give God a percentage and then expect the blessing of God? If you are truly serving God and putting Him first, not out of religious duties, but out of the heart, God will meet all of your needs! If you think you can receive the supernatural blessing of God by bargaining with God over a specific percentage of what you intend to give then you are in spiritual deception.

Here is the spiritual principle that God wants you to grasp! Everything you have is His. You simply give your life to Him...all of it! You trust that God is good that He is going to bless you! As such you have no fear at all! Every talent, ability, asset and gift you have is from Him. So you simply decide to serve God and trust that as He uses you, you will be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams! In a sense, you are surrendering your life to God! You are dying to yourself, but you trust that God is going to bring about an incredible resurrection in your life!

You are about to enter the most incredible and fulfilling adventure any man or woman could ever have. When you give your life to God, He gives back to you by a million percent anything you gave to Him. Suddenly, you find that He is using you beyond your wildest dreams and that He is taking care of all your needs supernaturally! You no longer live in fear. You are now living in faith and because you have put God first, He is meeting all of your “need,” that means all of your needs beyond anything you could have dared to dream.

God is not asking you to be a fool. But, God may ask you to give up your time, energy, gifts, talents, money, resources and assets to what He is specifically directing you to do. God is not asking you to be foolish and just give your time and money away, just to lose it all through presumption! Presumption is not faith. Be forewarned and you are to be on your guard against spiritual con-men and con-women, along with false teachers who are masters at stealing your money! If you do not take the time to develop spiritually and hear the voice of God, then do not blame God if you make very dangerous mistakes.

Here is the key! 

Jesus Christ said, “Abide in Me as I abide in you and whatever you ask Me I will do for you!”

If you cry out to God out of a pure heart then He will hear your prayer and answer your prayers! But, you must take the time and the discipline to Abide in Jesus, which means to abide in His Word! You must study His Word and not just some Bible teacher or minister who tickles your fancy! You do not follow men and women that is idolatry, you follow God!

When you develop and grow your relationship with God, then you learn to become familiar with the Voice of God, which is His Word. Also, you learn to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit. There is no short cut to this! The better you know God, the better you will be at recognizing His Voice.

When you are walking close to the Lord, then you will soon easily recognize true spiritual leaders, Bible teachers and pastors who are walking close to the Lord! It will soon become very, very obvious to you which spiritual leaders, Bible teachers and pastors have truly been called by the Lord! When they share with you something God has called them to do, your human spirit will bear witness to what they are sharing because the same Holy Spirit in you which is resonating with the same Holy Spirit in them, is confirming to you through the Spirit of the Lord and the Word of God that what they are sharing is coming from the Lord and not their own vanity, imagination or even spiritual deception!

The Light of God will shine brightly and there will be no confusion! Right now you and I are experiencing supernatural fellowship in the Lord! The Holy Spirit in you and the Holy Spirit in me is experiencing a very deep communion and oneness that the Bible calls fellowship or Koinonia. 

When two or more of us are gathered to together in His name (Jesus) there He is (Jesus) in the midst of us! This is a supernatural relationship where you and I are gathered together and there He is (Jesus) in the midst of us! Whatever we ask in Jesus name, He will do for us!

Why? Because you and I are abiding in Jesus and Jesus is abiding in us!

Wow! Awesome! But, even though feelings are good, the FINAL AUTHORITY in all matters is the Word of God! Is what we are doing, communicating and doing in agreement with the Word of God, as we RIGHTLY DIVIDE (UNDERSTAND) THE WORD OF GOD!

Now as your brother in Christ, I want to share something with you. But, first you must evaluate my character and qualifications for leadership in light of the Word of God. First, as the Bible teaches of a Christian leader, I am the faithful husband of one wife for over 37 years. I am not bragging, but a qualification of genuine Christian leadership is that a true Christian leader is the husband of one wife over a long period time. 

Number Two- I have an outstanding reputation in the community for excellence and integrity. Number Three - am without reproach and I have been teaching the Word faithfully for over 35 years and have the personal endorsement of many of the most respected Christian leaders in the nation. Enough said.

I believe America and the world is in great danger right now! The powers of darkness would like to destroy many things. However, I believe that God has called me to spiritually equip millions of men and women and to raise up a spiritual and non-political movement to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, win souls, make disciples and raise up a Biblical prayer movement of men and women to “Stand in the Gap!”

I believe that if reach a critical mass of people, or a Biblical Remnant that God will ignite a Biblical end time’s revival and Biblical Great Awakening to change the direction of our nation and your nation, without altering His prophetic plan revealed in His Word.

Time is running out and we must use every resource available in terms of television, radio, the Internet, social media, film, books, DVD, conferences, local church meetings and other means to mobilize a Biblical movement to “Stand in the Gap.”


As your brother in Christ, I am asking you to join me with your prayers and financial contributions. Now, is the time to draw a line in the sand and take back what the devil has stolen!

I urge you to Stand in the Gap with me!

Your Brother In Christ Jesus,

Paul McGuire



*People ask why Paul McGuire does such intense book covers and topics?  The answer is simple, Paul McGuire comments, “Obviously, I am not Jesus, but when Jesus was around He spoke in the language of the people.  We live in a media age with music videos, films, books and TV shows that are very powerful and cutting edge.  If you want to capture the imagination of the people, than you have to reach them where they are at! Religion is a huge turn-off to people!  I am a fisher of men, as such I have to write books, make DVD’s and films that are going to reach people where they are!  I need your prayer and support to do this!  If I chose to use the traditional religious approach, I would end up reaching nobody, which tragically is what many religious organizations end up reaching. God called me to reach the lost.  He did not call me to lose the lost!”


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