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Militant Islamic migration is a battering ram being used
by the globalists to destroy independent sovereign nations!

By Paul McGuire | December 21, 2015 

There is an all-out war being waged against America by enemies without, but more importantly by enemies within. The frontline of this war consists of the militant Islamic people and groups who already live among us and have become U.S. citizens and the large percentage of militant Muslims among growing migrant populations like the Syrian refugees.

Make no mistake about it, the existence of large numbers of militant Islamic people who have already been allowed into our country and the large numbers currently migrating into our nation from places like Syria is not the result of the unforeseen consequences of conflicts in the Middle East. This migration and assimilation of militant Islam in the United States is part of a larger and intentional global plan.

Researchers say that only 13% of Syrian refugees will publicly admit to supporting ISIS. They key words are “publicly admit.”
The other problem with this statistic is that it does not reflect the percentage of Syrian refugees who support other terrorist groups like Al Qaeda. But if it was only 13% of Syrian refugees who support ISIS, that would still mean that of the first 10,000 Syrian refugees who enter the U.S. 1,300 will support ISIS!

A 2007 poll revealed that 77% of all Syrians supported financing Islamic terrorists including Hamas and other terrorist groups. The primary reason the Syrians support Islamic terrorism is because they hate America. Given this data and other research with similar results, why do the U.S. and the heads of the EU nations demand that their people welcome Syrian migrants and migrants from other militant Islamic nations?

Paul Ryan

On every level the welcoming of Syrian refugees and other Muslims who hate America cannot be in our nation’s best interest. But this is not about the best interest of America or American citizens. This is really about the best interest of powerful globalists who control both political parties and the mass media, with few exceptions. This is why, with an allegiance that would make George Orwell’s “Big Brother” proud, the mass media pounds home the message that it is evil to consider a temporary moratorium against Muslims attempting to immigrate from Islamic terrorist sponsoring nations and that it is evil for America not to welcome in vast numbers of Syrian refugees.

The celebrity talking heads of all the major news networks attack Donald Trump for merely raising the question, as does almost every Republican candidate. Paul Ryan, a globalist point man, along with the media and both the Republican and Democratic candidates, scream that a “religious test” applied to potential migrants from Muslim nations is wrong. The media pundits lecture us and tell us that it is a violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to give a religious test to people attempting to migrate into the U.S. What twisted “Alice in Wonderland” logic is that? The Constitution and the Bill of Rights only applies to U.S. citizens; it was never intended to apply to non-citizens or those attempting to become citizens. In addition, when one of the world’s largest religions, Islam, consists of hundreds of millions of people who believe that the Koran, when correctly interpreted, calls for “the death of the infidel” and “jihad” a “religious test” is absolutely necessary and expedient.

Since the Paris terror attacks on November 13, 2015 the State Department has admitted 237 refugees into the United States. Out of the 237 refugees, 236 were of the Sunni Muslim faith and just one Syrian Christian was allowed in. It is difficult to believe that if Syrian refugees were being accepted into the U.S. on a purely fair basis without some kind of religious test that only one Syrian Christian has been allowed in among 237 refugees! According to CIA reports, Syrian Christians represent 10 percent of the population of Syria. Yet, only 0.4%, or one Christian was allowed in. One would responsibly have to ask the question, are Christians being profiled in order to keep them from coming into America?

In Germany, Syrian Muslims are terrorizing Syrian Christians. Clearly, these Syrian refugees are not peaceful seekers of legitimate sanctuary. The question is, why is all this happening?

As we document in our book, The Babylon Code, there exists an elite in our world who are currently rebuilding the one world government, one world economic system and one world religion of ancient Babylon… they have simply changed the name “Babylon” to “globalism.”

Powerful globalists in our world, such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Soros, etc. are manipulating the global financial system and geopolitics in order to create a new international order. Super-billionaire George Soros essentially said, in a report from Breitbart London, that he seeks to get rid of all European borders. Soros made this remark in response to an accusation made by the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, who said that Soros was deliberately encouraging the migrant crisis now engulfing Europe. “This invasion is driven, on the one hand, by people smugglers, and on the other by those (human rights) activists who support everything that weakens the nation-state,” Orban said. “This Western mindset and this activist network are perhaps best represented by George Soros.” Soros responded through Bloomberg Business by saying that his various foundations “help to uphold European values.” Soros said of Orban, “His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle… our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

Soros’ words reveal the crux of the matter…the elite globalists of our world are seeking to destroy national borders as well as the independent nation state. They want what happened in ancient Babylon, which we outline in The Babylon Code, a one world government, economic system and religion. Nimrod, who founded ancient Babylon, wanted this one world government, one world economic system and one world religion because it allowed him and a secretive elite to consolidate their power under a single authoritarian structure. This concept in its totality is known as “Mystery Babylon” and it is built on a hierarchal structure, which is Luciferian in nature. This is why on the back of the U.S. dollar we see the hierarchal Illuminati pyramid with the all-seeing eye of Lucifer and we read the words in Latin under the base of the pyramid, Novus Ordo Seclorum, or “New Order of the Ages,” which means New World Order.

George Soros Mansion

It is in the best interest of the elite globalists banking families who control much of the world’s wealth to create a high-tech feudal state, where they live like kings and queens in castles and the masses toil as their serfs. It is interesting that these globalists literally live in and own multiple castles. In the movie Eyes Wide Shut, directed by Stanley Kubrick, one of the main scenes, depicting an occult orgy, was filmed in one of Rothschild’s castles. Among George Soros many residences is a mansion/castle outside of New York City.

The elite in Europe like Prince Bernard created the Bilderberg Group and were behind the creation of the European Union, which was created through trade treaties. The same plan is at work in the United States, and that is to create a North American Union through the merger of Canada, Mexico, and the United States, along with South American nations. The Council on Foreign Relations document published in 2005, entitled “Building a North American Community,” talks in detail about open borders and promoting migration from Mexico and South America into the United States through trade treaties.

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz, is a former member of the Council on Foreign Relations and was very active in the CFR task force promoting the merger of Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

The TPA or Trade Promotion Authority will fast-track trade deals like the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership.) The Administration’s Trade in Services Act (TISA) was supported by both the Democrats and Republicans, and the mass media were careful to ignore the fact that it totally alters current U.S. immigration laws. On page seven of this agreement it says “The period of processing applications [visa applications] may not exceed 30 days.” Obviously, it would be impossible to properly vet people who are potential terrorists in only thirty days. The reality is that migration from nations like Syria and other militant Islamic nations is being allowed by the elite globalists because militant Islamic migrants are an effective tool in destroying the last traces of the sovereign and independent nation state.

In addition, since Muslims organize to establish Sharia Law once they enter a nation, Sharia Law becomes a highly strategic mechanism for destroying Judeo-Christian culture and the values generic to independent nations like the United States. Militant Islamic migration is a battering ram being used by the globalists to destroy independent sovereign nations. This is necessary in order to establish their goal of a one world government ruled by the United Nations or some other international body.

What can we expect in the near future in America? There will be an on-going series of small and much larger scale terrorist attacks from militant Islamic cells operating in the U.S. The elite benefit from this because their operating plan is based on “Order Out of Chaos” or “manufactured crisis.” The manufactured crisis or chaos creates a climate of fear generated by a controlled media, which is designed to make the American people cry to their government for protection. Although gun sales are currently sky rocketing, at a certain point a crisis will occur which will provide the excuse for the establishment of some kind of martial law. When martial law is enacted the guns will be taken away and society will be under total lockdown.

Mikhail-Romm, Lenin, October 1937

Freedom is neither desirable nor convenient for the globalist elite. On a planetary level they want a total lock down because they fear an uprising where they could potentially lose their wealth and power. Aldous Huxley defined the truly effective Scientific Dictatorship as one where men and women actually learn to love their slavery through mind control, but the elite will most likely not choose the truly effective means that Huxley proposed. Out of fear, they will resort to the brutal totalitarian measures used by Hitler, Mao, and Lenin.

What is interesting is that the very global system that the elite are constructing has been prophesied in the Bible. Even the use of microchip, Nano-chip, and biochip technology for buying, selling, and identification purposes was predicted over 2,000 years ago by the Apostle John, when he warned of the “mark of the beast.” Despite that, the elite are now building the Revived Roman Empire predicted by the Prophet Daniel, yet despite so many other prophecies being fulfilled in our lifetime the elite and a large percentage of the mind-controlled masses cannot see the handwriting on the wall. Due to their incredible intellectual bias against the Bible actually being true, they are blinded by their pride from seeing its fulfillment before their very eyes.

Yes, the elite have allowed the Barbarians inside the gate for their purposes. But there is something far greater than the temporary plans of the elite. Despite the fact that the elites are living longer and healthier lives than the average person who does not have access to this superior health care and secret but advanced health treatments, the reality is that most of the elite are dying and they will not be able to preserve their biological lives long enough to upload their consciousness into a new body or clone. With all their wealth and power, they cannot in the end cheat death, and they know it. But neither can you or I. Therefore each of us is left with the only important question there is. What part or what role will you and I play in the challenging days ahead?

Bible prophecy gives us a remarkable insight into this question. In Revelation Chapter 13, it talks about every person who is alive on Planet Earth being given a choice whether or not to receive this microchip implant called the mark of the beast, without which no one will be able to buy or sell, or participate in this coming global economic system. In order to receive the “mark of the beast” you will have to renounce your faith in Jesus Christ and pledge to worship the Antichrist as God. However, if that is your choice, you are going to have a problem; you will be able to buy and sell, but at a certain point you will have to face God.

In the Book of Revelation it tells us that every single person who receives the “mark of the beast” will be sentenced for all eternity to a place of eternal torment, a cosmic prison called Hell.

The other choice you can make is you can choose to refuse the “mark of the beast” and follow God. That means you will have to choose to do the right thing. It may mean that you are beheaded for rejecting the “mark of the beast,” but you will spend all eternity in Heaven with God, or God may spare you or lead you to a place of deliverance and refuge. These questions are not theological, mystical, or philosophical, but intensely practical and personal, as they will apply to your life in the years to come. Ultimately, it will mean that the time is coming when you will have to choose what side you’re are on, God’s, or some kind of satanic world system.

The evidence of whether or not you have chosen God or some kind of world system will not be based merely on your words; the evidence of what you have chosen to believe, which will affect your destiny in eternity, will be based on your actions!

Throughout the last 200 years alone, there have been millions of men and women who have lived under evil systems and yet they have claimed to be Christians. Do you really think that Nazi officers and soldiers who put people in concentration camps and killed them will be in Heaven?

Do you really think the men and women who joined Chairman Mao and slaughtered the innocent are in Heaven? Do you really think all those who have said they were Christians and participated in murder, torture, stealing, killing, human sex trafficking, and other acts of evil are going to Heaven when they die? Yes, I know many talk about the fact that it is possible to repent and ask God for forgiveness. But true repentance is not the kind of thing you see being taught in most American churches today. There is always evidence of true repentance; there is always a corresponding outward change in behavior, and in every case of true repentance, a person has to willfully choose whose side he or she is on!


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