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A Crisis That Could Literally Unleash
A Nuclear Inferno Upon Our Cities!


Paul McGuire | October 11, 2016 | 

America is now facing the greatest crisis in its history, a crisis that could literally unleash a nuclear inferno upon our cities.
This current election is the most critical election since the founding of our nation and it represents two different paths for America’s future based on two fundamentally different worldviews at a time when there are apocalyptic changes in the world such as Russia’s preparation to win World War III in what looks like an imminent conflict involving Russia, Syria, China, the U.S. and NATO.

While America through its corporate-controlled media focuses on peripheral issues regarding the election, Russia has evacuated 40 million Russians to underground bunkers to survive a nuclear war with America.

In addition, the potential of a global financial meltdown increases every day as Europe and its banks face collapse due to serious problems with the Deutsche Bank and the Italian and Greek banks.
The American major media, which is controlled by just six corporations, is doing its best to conceal these dangers from the American public and continues to broadcast its three ring circus of sexual scandals to help rig the election.

The media and the elite in both political parties cannot speak about World War III and the real economic crisis because they are totally controlled by the globalist elite. There is never any in-depth or serious coverage or discussion of who is creating these economic problems or wars because they all are directly connected to the globalists.
Basically if you want to keep your job at a cable news network or as one the heads of the Republican Party or Democratic Party, you agree to go along with the globalist program and do not bite the hand that feeds you. Right now the crisis going on in the Republican Party is not really about vulgar sexual remarks… the real divide is between those who are controlled by the globalist elite and those who are not.

Tragically, the American people are in great danger that is being concealed from them as China may go into a major economic crisis which can spread globally.
The reality is Russia is leading the move to kill the dollar, which is a “Petrodollar” currency, meaning that until recently all the major nations of the world have agreed to purchase oil in U.S. dollars. Now Iran and Syria no longer purchase or sell oil with American dollars.

Russia’s Putin has executed a strategy to get nations not to use the dollar for oil, and Iran and Syria are selling their oil for gold, and Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa have joined as the BRICS nations. This leaves the Federal Reserve and related European central banks without backing for the dollar. America is hanging on the edge of a financial cliff with over $22 trillion dollars in debt and $240 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities.

Added to that, American banks have a $1.5 trillion dollar derivatives debt.
Yet the globalist controlled media and politicians hide this overwhelming threat from the average American through nonsensical and cartoon-like news coverage, which censors all serious and in-depth discussion of these all-important issues.
In addition, the elite globalists who control the major American media rig elections through their control of news networks, moderators, and celebrity journalists who will manipulate the debates and news coverage to ask only superficial and diversionary tabloid style questions.

America is now in grave crisis and there must be immediate changes to prevent our nation from sinking like the Titanic. But ultimately it is not the elite globalists, politicians, both political parties, and even the major media who are the root cause of the problem. Please understand; what I am about to write is not just a cliché, but the reality is America’s root problem is spiritual. The great danger America is facing is not primarily due to the selling out of our nation by the politicians, political parties, media, or corporations but by the prostitution of the Christian church and its leaders.

The churches are the primary institution the Creator who is referred to in our Constitution and Bill of Rights has instituted to protect our nation and its people from walking down the pathways of destruction. The Church is not merely a human institution, but a spiritual institution which is referred to in the Bible as the Church of Jesus Christ and the Body of Christ. God set up His supernatural Church with spiritual leaders who have been charged with the responsibility of leading, warning, speaking out, acting as “Watchmen on the Wall,” and speaking prophetically to our nation.

However, with few exceptions those who have been charged with this responsibility have been derelict in their spiritual duty.
They have chosen to deny reality and abdicate their divine responsibilities and they have chosen not to speak out, not act as Watchman, and not to speak prophetically to our nation. This is nothing less than the most flagrant and disobedient violation of the duties assigned to them by their Creator and their Savior Jesus Christ.

It is worse than a soldier going AWOL in a time of war, because it is being done by leadership whose words and actions can spare the lives of millions of people and whose neglect of duty can inflict immeasurable harm and even death upon millions of people.

This is an accurate understanding of how we have arrived in the place of grave danger in America. What now can be done? The Infinite Personal Living God of the Universe has built into our reality and peoples various safeguards in the event of such a failure. This is not the first time in history this kind of failure has happened. In the Old Testament there are numerous historical accounts of this kind of thing happening, and God has erected a kind of firewall.

Historically and Biblically, when God’s primary spiritual institutions fail through the disobedience of human leadership God always raises up new leadership, even if that leadership is numerically small. Secondly, God speaks to people through their consciences… that still small voice within.

At this moment, the Creator has placed such responsibility upon new leadership and upon those among the American people who profess to be His. They are now charged with the solemn responsibility of both listening to the Creator through His Word and obeying His directives, plan and commands. If those people will obey and act on the Creator’s directives, unmerited favor and grace will come upon them and the land. In this gravest of hours there is still the real hope of divine intervention, if it is sought sincerely.

At our nation’s founding, when George Washington found that he and his soldiers were completely exhausted, depleted, and in danger of being slaughtered by the British troops, he fell to his knees in prayer and sought the Creator for help and divine intervention. George Washington did not run to a church or seek to find a minister, because he was isolated at a freezing cold winter camp. The Creator reached down to him directly and George Washington responded by crying out for His divine intervention, and he and his troops were spared and the Continental Army survived the winter at Valley Forge and even went on to defeat the Hessians at Trenton, New Jersey.

Individually, the American people are precisely where George Washington was when he fell to his knees. If we will turn from our illusion that there is no God and that we do not need Him, there is the real hope that, just like George Washington, we will discover both His power and reality in our time of need.

As individuals, we must also turn from the counsel and voices of deliberate deception that are coming to us from a deeply corrupt major media and some of the most powerful institutions and powerful people in this land. If we continue to allow ourselves to be seduced by perfectly lit network television sets, media personalities whose faces are forever young through surgery and injections, designer suits and dresses, and verbally agile pretenders whose words do not ring with truth or substance, we will perish.

America is on the cliff of destruction and we have arrived at the final moment. Will we continue to move toward the Apocalypse or will we finally awaken? Although the election is important, what is happening is far bigger than individual politicians and parties.


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