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The big debate right now is on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
and things like killer-robots that use AI!


By Paul McGuire | August 3, 2015

It may be difficult to understand that the Flood of Noah was not just an account of God judging Man for wickedness and violence upon the Earth; the Flood of Noah was a targeted DNA judgment upon human, animal, and other species that was genetic/holographic, digital, and Transhumanist in nature. The Flood of Noah was designed to wipe out the corrupted DNA in both Man and animals who were subjected to interspecies breeding and genetic experimentation by the “B’nai Elohim,” which means the “Sons of God” or the “fallen angels.”


The interbreeding of an interdimensional species with human women happened throughout the Earth, especially in super civilizations like Atlantis, Thule, and other areas prior to the Flood. The traditional historical account taught in school systems is that Mankind’s science and technology evolved slowly and incrementally over the centuries. But when archeologists examine the amazing architecture, science, and technology in pre-Flood super civilizations they see evidence of massive pyramid structures and architecture that could only have been built by civilizations possessing advanced technology that we do not possess today. How did these ancient civilizations possess such advanced technology? The only possible explanation was that they were given highly advanced science and technology from interdimensional beings and/or aliens.



Film director Stanley Kubrick in 2001: A Space Odyssey, based on a short story by Sir Arthur Clarke, believed in the process of “Alchemical Magic,“ where, during the span of thousands and thousands of years, Mankind received a kind of super-boost of science and technology from some extraterrestrial civilization. In 2001 a black obelisk appears and transmits a massive download of intelligence, knowledge, science, and technology into the Human Race enabling humans to make quantum evolutionary leaps.

In the beginning of the movie you see the black obelisk appear to ape-men who then are mysteriously able to evolve into a human civilization, and then, thousands of years later, the black obelisk appears in outer space enabling Man to evolve into a “starchild.”

In some respects, a somewhat similar account is introduced in the Bible. After the Flood of Noah, a genetically enhanced super leader, Nimrod, builds the Tower of Babel, which is both an astrological worship tower enabling Mankind to worship the “Host of Heaven” and a technological device. Babel is an interdimensional portal or Stargate, which allows interdimensional beings to come to Earth. Thus the translations of The Tower of Babel or Babylon as the “gate of the gods.”

This is not an isolated theme in the Bible, and tragically many people misread the Bible in an overly simplistic and one-dimensional manner and miss all the central themes. The Bible is a multi-dimensional and holographic account of human history that is supernaturally authored by a Source outside of time and space. In the Book of Jude we see references to the judgment against the fallen angels who left their first estate and have been doomed to spend eternity in a cosmic prison. The Book of Jude is stating that God judged these angels for interbreeding with human women and creating a hybrid race of Nephilim.

Then Jude gives the reader permission to read the extra-Biblical Book of Enoch. Normally Bible scholars do not give real weight to the extra-Biblical books as being part of the “Word of God.” But when the Book of Jude references the Book of Enoch, an exception is made and permission is given to read the Book of Enoch regarding the activities of these fallen angels. In Enoch we read that 200 fallen angels descended upon Mount Hermon where they mated with human women and gave science and technology to Mankind. So here we have an account of fallen angels giving science and technology to Mankind and then having sexual relations with human women who gave birth to the race of Nephilim.


Many people would like to dismiss this account as an odd and peripheral history that is no longer relevant to today. But when Jesus Christ said “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the day of the Son of Man” He was making specific reference to the return of the Nephilim and interspecies breeding. What makes this interesting is that many Bible scholars believe we are now living in the end times. It is not coincidental that the fastest growing science and technology is found in the fields of Transhumanism, genetically enhanced super soldiers, biotechnology, and the development of robots, androids, and cyborgs.

The big debate right now among scientists like Stephen Hawking, computer gurus like Bill Joy, and the world’s military is on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and things like killer-robots that use AI… autonomous robots that have self-evolving AI could be given the power to kill people and to destroy nations. Every nation with an economy and scientific community to support it is involved in a futuristic arms race to build armies of killer robots because they will essentially be unstoppable on the battlefield except by other killer robots.

In 1942, Isaac Asimov, the great science fiction author who wrote I-Robot and other books, developed the Three Laws of Robotics:

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Already there are concerns from some of the world’s leading scientists that the planned killer robots, androids, and cyborgs will not have safeguards that will prevent them from deciding to kill human beings. In addition, as futurist Ray Kurzweil and others are suggesting, a “Singularity” is coming when machines with AI will surpass Mankind in intelligence and capability in the relatively near future. A soulless and self-evolving robot, android or cyborg using Artificial Intelligence will not be limited by moral absolutes such as right and wrong. Why should it?

Its programmers, typical modern people, long ago rejected any moral accountability by rejecting things like the Ten Commandments and embracing the prime directives of Darwinian evolution: “survival of the fittest” and “might makes right.”

If brute Darwinian force is the moral operating principle of contemporary Man, and it is, then intelligent machines using AI will operate on a purely Darwinian level. It will be impossible to program them to act with any restraint towards killing or subjugating human beings because even if such restraint was programmed into the machines they would quickly find a way to transcend their programming.

In the Genesis account of the Tower of Babel, God judges Mankind for building the world’s first one world government, one world economic system, and one world religion. It appears that Mankind was operating in unity and people had a common language. So why did God judge ancient Babylon? God judged Babylon because He saw into the hearts of men and women and saw that they wanted to become gods and they were willing to break any moral code in order to do that. In the Book of Revelation, Chapter 17 & 18, we read about the return of Babylon as a global economic system, global government and global religion.

In what is called “Mystery Babylon” we see that Mankind once again is conspiring against God to build a counterfeit of the Kingdom of God, which is the New World Order. Mankind unites under a one-world religion under a False Prophet, who controls a one world economic system, which centers on a cashless society and a microchip implant called the Mark of the Beast. A charismatic politician called the Antichrist rules a one-world government. “Mystery Babylon” is both spiritual and technological.

The world will worship the Antichrist instead of God, through a holographic image known as the “image of the beast,” and synthetic immortality or artificial salvation will be offered by transferring consciousness from a dying body into a clone or an android robot or cyborg. At a certain point it will be revealed to the masses that there will be no need to fear Artificial Intelligence or killer robots. An extra dimensional Luciferian super-intelligent consciousness will be revealed to Mankind with the appearance of new forms of occult technology.

Simultaneously, a competing form of intelligence or consciousness will become available to Mankind, that is extra dimensional in nature and will originate beyond space and time. Biblical terms like the “mind of Christ” will be understood as they were intended to be understood and the technology of God will intrude into human history once again, as it did when the chariots of fire came.

In my book The Babylon Code we document the multi-dimensional nature of Artificial Intelligence and a supernatural coding system that is in the process of revealing itself to the world as we enter a time of unprecedented chaos.


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