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The Elites In America, Europe, And Other Places
In The World Want To Destroy Trump!


By Paul McGuire | July 25, 2016 

The elites in America, Europe, and other places in the world want to destroy Trump; in fact they want to “kill” Trump by doing everything they can to keep him out of the White House. Why? Because the presidency of Donald Trump is a direct threat to their financial rape of the working class and middle class in America and Europe.
When the occultist Christine F. Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, is not giving lectures to the Council on Foreign Relations and the National Press Club on occult symbolism and numerology, she is on a crusade to warn the world that “Trump-style protectionism would hit the world economy with ruinous effects and have a negative impact on global growth.”

The last ten years has been a time when the elites in the U.S., Britain, and Europe have maintained absolute control over the global economy and their trade treaties, open borders, and globalist economic policies have caused the one percent to become richer than they ever have in history while the working class and the middle class have become poorer than at any time in modern history.

The global elite through their globalist trade treaties and other economic policies have gang-banged the middle class and have left them destitute and naked with their pensions, savings, and retirement robbed.
Similar in a manner which has produced riots in Greece and Cypress and is now spreading to Italy and will soon come to the United States.

The women of Europe are now being physically raped due to the open border policies of the elites which allow hundreds of thousands of militant Islamic extremists into Europe who are now carrying out a wave of terrorist attacks while the elites live in castles with private armies guarding them while they indulge in “killing kittens” orgies.

The wave of populism spreading across Europe and the United States, with the Brexit and the unprecedented popularity of candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, is evidence of massive anger among an economically hurting working and middle class that the elite will continue to ignore.

Meanwhile their spokespeople like Christine Lagarde mumble self-indulgently about ancient occult numerology and symbolism before the stupefied members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the National Press Club; they don’t have a clue what she is talking about, but they don’t have the courage to admit it.

Lagarde echoed the sentiments held by the global elites who control the media, both political parties in the U.S., the heads of multi-national corporations, international bankers, and the politicians they install in office.

She came out against punitive tariffs on goods from China and Mexico and attacked anyone who would dare to criticize the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which Ted and Heidi Cruz both secretly support.

This was the reason why Heidi Cruz was booed out of the Republican Convention with the crowd chanting “Goldman Sachs,” because many in the middle class are finally on to her and the globalist fake conservatives who thump their Bibles and blab endlessly about the Constitution, but who are actually shills for the globalist establishment.

Perhaps the only group in America which has not yet awakened to what is really going on and are collectively clueless would be a large percentage of the Evangelical Christians, who are among the most Biblically illiterate people in the nation.
Sadly, large numbers of Evangelical Christians are following their new prophet, Glenn Beck, and prostrating themselves before the current Catholic Pope and literally kissing his feet.

They have not figured out yet, because they censor the teaching of Bible prophecy in their churches, that this current Pope represents the elite and their occult plan for a one world religion, one world government, and one world economic system. This is why the Pope, who lives like a king in a palace, is telling the middle class to share their wealth. Notice that the Pope is not telling the one percent who control 99% of the wealth to share their wealth.

In addition, in between her occult and numerological babblings, Lagarde is calling for a global financial reboot.
hich means crashing the dollar and moving into a global cashless currency, where the working class and middle class will be forced to turn in their dollar-based currencies for pennies on the dollar for a new global currency, perhaps called the Phoenix.

The reason that the media and the elites attack populist candidates like Trump is because deep down inside they know they have accumulated an obscene amount of wealth… and not through hard work and free market capitalism.
They have accumulated their wealth through secret trade treaties and illegal secret deals they have made. They know that sooner of later somebody like Wikileaks is going to blow the whole thing wide open and that is why they are desperately trying to take total control of the Internet.

There are some of them who have been carrying out rituals like something out of Director Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. When the people they have forced to work like feudal slaves on their plantations finally wake up and storm the castle, the elites are going to be in deep trouble.

So for now this elite, or what Aldous Huxley terms the “Scientific Elite,” manages to control the masses with drugs, hypnosis, scientific mind control, bread and circuses, fear, and endless wars.
But the time is coming when there will be an Awakening and that Awakening will become a Third Great Awakening and whether or not the elite choose to believe it, there is coming a Day of Reckoning.
All the nations of the Earth will gather together against Jesus Christ at His Second Coming at the Battle of Armageddon.

The mere mention of these words makes the elites and their servants bristle with disdain and anger.
But that day is coming very quickly and when that time comes, everything will be revealed, including the psychotronic weapons and weather modification and the genetic modification in billions of people being carried out through GMO foods, what has been allowed through the portal at CERN, and more.

Are these populist candidates like Trump Messiah-figures? Do they even recognize what role they play in the larger picture? It is doubtful that they do.

The Oligarchy does not like their power and wealth challenged and when it is challenged they become angry.
The passages in the Book of Revelation speak of this but most people think these passages are poetic or allegorical in nature. But they are not allegorical or mythological.
They speak of the disintegration of an American and global matrix the Bible calls Babylon. Ultimately, what we are talking about is “Mystery Babylon,” which the Book of Revelation says is “fallen.”

Most people today and especially the elites themselves are stuck in a virtual world or matrix that is created by an internal belief system that has been programmed.
They are trapped by cognitive dissonance and if their minds ever even begin to open up to the higher reality or Kingdom of Heaven spoken of in the Book of Revelation, a great iron wall shuts down their consciousness and they become incapable of seeing the light.
A powerful delusion takes effect in their consciousness, a drug-like intoxication caused by their belief in their intellectual superiority to the rest of Humanity.

They are in reality trapped in a room with mirrors where all they can see is the reflection of their thoughts displayed, their insane, irrational thoughts, and their infantile faith in an archaic belief system.
In their pride they are content to watch their own thoughts mirrored on the walls of their mind because it implies a kind of god-like status and so they sit in a prison of delusion.

For they are no longer lords of the castle. In their delusion they cannot see that they reside in the dark chambers below the castle they believe themselves to live in. For in reality they live chained to the walls of a virtual dungeon buried deep beneath the imaginary royal splendor.


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