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Police Unions are warning that Cleveland is not
adequately prepared for a “Summer of Chaos.”
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By Paul McGuire | July 11, 2016 

We are seeing bizarre news coverage of shooters, heavily armed that are gunning down both civilians and police with increasing frequency. The recent Dallas shooter was a lone gunman, who was apparently discharged from the army due to sexual harassment charges that involved the of stealing a female officers’ panties. He had a written manifesto on killing police and white people in a “shoot and run” strategy.

We have “come a long way baby” from the counter-culture demonstrations of the late 1960’s to the 1970’s where demonstrators of all races held up signs that said things like, “LOVE, “MAKE LOVE, AND NOT WAR” and “PEACE AND LOVE.” The optimism of the counter culture turned a dark corner when it began to speak about change and revolution through violence. Signs and chants said, “Kill the Pigs,” referring to the Police.

What caused this change was the entrance of radical groups who embraced Marxist ideology.   
I remember being in New York City at an anti-war demonstrations and seeing the Weather Underground begin to change the narrative with T-shirts which read, “Armed Love” with a hand holding up an AK-47.

Very subtly the Weather Underground began to move the counter culture towards violence instead of “Love.”

Soon afterwards Weather Underground leaders were blowing up police cars and killing police. It was around this time that Weather Underground Leaders like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn rose to prominence as radicals who openly advocated violence against the police and may have actually participated in it.

What we are seeing all around us in an outgrowth of the ideological changes that happened within the counter culture and other radical groups seeking to radically usher in a Marxist or radical Islamic state.

The news media is covered with accounts of policemen killing African American men for “traffic stops” and police being shot and ambushed.

After each incident there is a call for more gun control despite the comments from experts like former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani that gun control would do nothing to stop these events. People will use knives or any other weapon they can find.

At the same time we have groups like Black Lives Matter is being financed by billionaires like George Soros and 10,000 members of Black Lives Matter are being bused into Cleveland to the RNC Convention.

Although, our Constitution gives people the right to publicly and peacefully protest, what is planned for Cleveland is a recipe for orchestrated chaos or manufactured crisis, which were radical techniques, developed in the 1970’s.

Historically, chaos or crisis drives radical social transformation. The motto of the New World Order is “order out of chaos.”

Is it possible that chaos is being allowed to allow a New World Order to be birthed?

In Europe the heads of major European nations are allowing radical Islamic males from Syria, all of military age into different European nations where a disturbing percentage have raped European women and caused violence. No rational leader would allow this, and it is certainly not a matter of ignorance. They knew what the results would be before they opened the borders.

Then there is the problematic question that the media always ignores. Syria is surrounded by very wealthy nations like Saudi Arabia, which had tremendous landmass. Logistically, it would be far more effective to build temporary cities and towns in the surrounding nations, rather than send the Syrian refugees through Turkey and way up into Europe.

Are the radical Islamic migrants being allowed into Europe to destabilize European nations?

The City of Cleveland has granted 20 permits to anti-Trump groups who want to demonstrate in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention.

Protesters from opposing sides will be forced to compete for rally space, but so far no permits have been issued to pro-Trump groups.
Groups like Code Pink, a radical leftist pro-Palestinian group, and Rose Hamid, who is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, have permits to demonstrate.


The Soros-backed Black Lives Matter and have booked a number of rooms in numerous hotels for the four nights of the convention.

A Soros-backed group called “Democracy Spring” vows to cause catastrophic civil unrest along with the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) calling on students, all over the country to join in the demonstrations.

Police Unions are warning that Cleveland is not adequately prepared for a “Summer of Chaos.”

What happened in Dallas is a warning of much bigger things that could come to Cleveland.  
The Cleveland police tightened their security plan for the Republican National Convention after the deadly shootings of police officers in Dallas, increasing surveillance and intelligence operations just a week before the convention.  

But, some demonstrators are hoping for violence to increase international attention in getting their message out.

There are fears that the Republican National Convention could turn out like the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, where 10,000 demonstrators came to protest the Viet Nam War. The Chicago Convention erupted into violence and violent clashes between the police and protestors.

Despite the fact that the Cleveland Police Chief, Calvin Williams, is seeking to triple his 1,600-member-police force by recruiting from other states, the mere fact that he has waited until the last minute communicates a lack of understanding of what potentially could happen in Cleveland.
Given the explosive tensions already boiling over in our nation and the professional agitators coming in to stir things up, at first glance, Cleveland does not look anywhere ready for what could be a “Summer of Chaos.”

The solution to the violence is not gun control. What has happened in America is that ideas, beliefs, philosophies and religions, which promote violence and killing as a legitimate means of social transformation, have become an essential part of the belief system of certain radical movements and extremist religious movements. Billionaires and very wealthy individuals and nations finance these movements. These groups have managed to infiltrate the very highest levels of our society. They are totalitarian in nature, in that they seek to violently take over our society by any means necessary. The philosophical, religious and ideological justification for violence is the root problem America is facing. The problem is not gun control or racism.

The reality is that we are in a very real battle for the future of America as a free nation. This battle is both physical and spiritual.
We have come a long way from the days of great men like Martin Luther King, Jr. who advocated peaceful civil disobedience.

All across America people’s minds are being infected with violent and hateful ideological viruses that compel them to use violence and death to establish either a political or religious/political dictatorship.

The solution lies in counteracting the forces of death and violence with a compelling belief system, which transcends mere conservatism, Progressivism or Capitalism.

Belief systems like the American version of traditional Christianity and patriotism do not possess sufficient intellectual and spiritual power to overcome the forces of darkness, death, and destruction.

The religion of Christianity, as it is now expressed in America, is a degraded clone of the original faith of the disciples and patriotism is perceived as an antiquated system for affluent white people.

It is not that Christianity and patriotism do not contain powerful truths for freeing human beings, but as they are expressed and communicated now, they are not effectively reaching the people who need to hear it.

In my new book, A Prophecy of the Future of America 2016–2017, I expose the global economic system and the future of America in light of Bible prophecy.

The violent fascism of the extremist religious factions and industrial age Marxism dressed up in Social Media with contemporary expressions like “Democracy Spring” exist only because there is no single cohesive social force to oppose them.

This social force must be both spiritual and political in order for it to offer a viable alternative to the politics of death and despair. This social force must embody “new wine being poured into new wine skins” so that it is connected to the creative spiritual power of a First Century Revival that conquered ancient Rome and a brand new form of politics that rediscovers the incredible freedoms built into our Constitution and Bill of Rights, but must be communicated to new generations in entirely bold, radical and visionary terms.


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