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Artificial Paradise In The Global Ghetto Matrix

If this is done cleverly enough,
people will enthusiastically stand up and cheer their own demise!

By Paul McGuire | May 18, 2015

Scientists are predicting that computer generated simulated worlds will eventually seem more real than reality. In the same way that artificial intelligence in computers is supposed to transcend Man’s intelligence in an event called the “Singularity,” scientists are predicting a “Simulation Singularity.” Oculus Rift has created a series of virtual reality headsets that can allow people to escape into simulated worlds, making virtual reality affordable for ordinary people.

Ironically, this will happen as our real world degrades due to the transfer of wealth from the American middle and lower classes into Third World economies. The ghettos of America are now expanding incrementally as the middle class shrinks. But, just like people in the ghetto often manage to acquire expensive running shoes, high-end cell phones, and giant flat screen televisions, the population of this newly expanding ghetto will be able to purchase devices manufactured by companies like Oculus Rift, which will allow them to escape their unpleasant reality and enter simulated worlds.  

As the wealth of the global middle class is redistributed and their standard of living is artificially lowered they will be able to enter artificial worlds of interactive simulated reality where they can have self-designed artificial personalities and bodies. People will be able to enter battlefields in simulated war games, play sports, or enjoy entertainment, nature, and travel to other planets and participation in simulated worlds of sexuality. The name of the game will be to escape reality. In this ever-expanding global ghetto, people will live in tiny apartments, rundown houses, or eco-friendly centrally-planned housing projects where they can stay high on legal and illegal drugs designed to enhance their experience in the simulated worlds. Many people now experience five to six hours of television or social media per day. 

If you add to that the amount of time they spend walking or driving around in wearing tiny “Earbuds” or “In-Ear Headphones,” interacting with their cell phones or other devices, it could easily add up to an excess of 8 hours per day. The new norm for social life is people occasionally sitting together and supposedly talking to one another, when in reality they are communicating or texting on their cell phones.  

People will then be able to “live” in compartmentalized and isolated artificial worlds. The importance of the “real world” will diminish because it will become increasingly more difficult, challenging, ugly, and painful. Simulated worlds will offer an inexpensive escape into more exciting virtual realities. Just as artificial intelligence will eventually lead to the “Singularity,” where the intelligence of robots, cyborgs, and androids will surpass Man’s intelligence, simulated worlds will surpass the real world in terms of providing richer and more exciting experiences. However, despite the fact that simulated worlds will be more rewarding, the real world, or what we call reality, will not go away.

The fact is that the real world, except for the “one percenters,” the global Scientific Elite, is deteriorating due to their manipulation and control. They are in the process of rapidly reducing the world’s population covertly through war, disease, food shortages, GMO food, and genetic engineering. However, the world’s elite still needs hundreds of millions of people, at least for now, to be the workers in their new global feudal state. Eventually, robots, androids, and cyborgs will replace men and women in these roles. But for now there needs to be a sufficient number of people to actually work and produce the goods and services necessary for the “lifestyles of the rich and famous.”  

In order to accomplish this task efficiently, they must, through advanced social engineering, convince millions of people that they are completely free and offer them illusory worlds of rewards and pleasure. This is the essence of what Aldous Huxley called the “truly efficient Scientific Dictatorship.” The various trade treaties are nothing more than a radical mechanism for the elite to exploit global labor and slave labor wages. By relying on cheap labor in Third World nations, they can at the same time force former middle class Americans to accept lower pay for jobs and a lower standard of living. In order for this to be done “efficiently” they must convince the masses that all this is necessary in order for “social justice” to prevail and to save the planet from the grave dangers of man-made climate change. 

If this is done cleverly enough, people will enthusiastically stand up and cheer their own demise. Those who exist in this scientifically engineered stupor cannot see that the elite are living like kings and queens with no thought of social justice or any need for preserving energy. I detail this dynamic in my book Mass Awakening.

Simulated worlds like social media are a method of creating a virtual world matrix for two reasons. First, it is an inexpensive means of providing artificial prosperity and the life of their dreams to the masses. Secondly, the more people leave the real world for simulated worlds and the matrix, the more easily they are controlled. What appears to be a pleasant social diversion quickly becomes a heroin-like addictive virtual reality where people are driven in order to escape. In these simulated worlds they will never question why they are alive or wonder what is the meaning of life, or ask the big question: “Is there a God?” 

The simulated worlds inevitably erect a global beast system which imprisons Man’s soul in artificial reality where men and women are prevented from discovering the meaning of their existence and the very real possibility of eternal life with God. As long as they stay plugged into this matrix they can perform their utilitarian functions as workers and then when they cease to be productive they will be exterminated. But, in a drug induced euphoric state and playing in a simulated world, they will never know that they are on the way out.


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