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There is a power and force in America of such magnitude
that when it is released all those who would seek
to destroy America will run if they can!


By Paul McGuire
April 27, 2015



ISIS is using a sophisticated psyop campaign through television networks, print media, and social media against America, Europe, Christians, and Jews, using powerful symbols that affect the subconscious mind, along with an “emotional contagion” that spreads a sense of helplessness and fear. A recent ISIS video threatened an attack against America that would be greater than 911. In the video ISIS soldiers wearing black masks and flying black flags were lined up on a beach beheading Americans and other Christians, who were on their knees wearing orange jump suits, an image designed to strike terror into the hearts of Americans.


Other ISIS images showed nukes, the dropping of the Twin Trade Towers, and mass slaughter. All of this is consistent with the psychological operations of a terror campaign. However, ISIS and others who would seek to destroy the American way of life have made a fatal miscalculation. In the analysis of what could be described as “multi-dimensional” military theatres, there is the concept of “full spectrum dominance,” but there are spectrums that ISIS is completely unaware of. The primary spectrum that is not understood by terror groups like ISIS or militaries around the world is what is called the quantum field, zero-point energy, or scalar energy, or the invisible realm.





There is a power and force in America of such magnitude that when it is released all those who would seek to destroy America will run if they can, and it is not the “force” described in the Star Wars movies. At the foundation of America in 1776 there was a an enormous release of very powerful spiritual energy which was instrumental in the creation of our nation, the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and our three branches of government that were designed to provide checks and balances on power. These ideas were revolutionary in the history of Mankind! Studies of quantum fields have shown us that consciousness moves through sub-atomic quantum fields like scalar energy and is far more powerful than mere electromagnetic energy. Recent experiments by NASA and the biophysicist Mae-Wan Ho suggest that life super conducts consciousness, and yet it’s not known exactly how this is done. However, we do know that a First Great Awakening occurred in America before 1776. This Third Great Awakening released an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on America and the Presence of the Creator upon our nation, and it had much to do with the creation of the American way of life, which was the product of what researchers in the quantum field might call a collective state of higher consciousness.


It is certainly true that America was not simply birthed from a purely Biblical world view, as the ideas of Sir Francis Bacon, Deism, and even Illuminist ideas were part of the historical mix. It should also be noted that when it comes to things like Christianity, Freemasonry, and other spiritual systems, diverse behaviors and belief systems could exist under those headings. Let us examine the consciousness and energy behind ISIS.





In contrast to the American dream or vision, ISIS follows a religion of death, fear, and degradation, with its black face masks, bloody beheadings, black flags, brutal sex slavery, and jihad. ISIS seeks to destroy America on two strategic fronts. First, ISIS seeks to inflict mass casualties and deaths in an effort to destroy America through WMD’s and terrorist attacks. Second and more importantly, ISIS seeks to destroy America by giving our own rulers an excuse to turn it into an oppressive military dictatorship that will no longer be a shining light to the nations. Because most Americans do not understand this, they are highly vulnerable to being conquered by it. It is a kind of Trojan horse which uses fear to transform America into an evil totalitarian state.


The current conflicts in the Middle East among Muslim countries go back to the struggles between the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam. The two nations that compete for the leadership of Islam are Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran. In 1933, several powerful American oil companies made a deal with Saudi Arabia and developed the Arabian-American Oil Company. After the 1967 Six-Day War against Egypt, in response to the U.S. support for Israel, OPEC reduced its oil production, which caused oil prices to quadruple. Saudi Arabia uses its enormous profits to finance the militant Islamic sect of Wahhabism. Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden were an outgrowth of Wahhabism. In 1978 Secretary of State Zbiginiew Brzezinski pressed his “arc of crisis” thesis, which calls for the United States to establish its power in the Middle East by encouraging political Islam as a counter force to Soviet and Arab nationalist movements.


In 1980 Brzezinski traveled to Egypt to mobilize Arab support for the Afghan war, and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat organized fighters from the Muslim Brotherhood and allowed the U.S. military to train Islamist militants in bomb making and guerilla warfare. Islamist Arab recruits like Osama bin Laden were trained by Green Berets and Navy Seals. His organization later on became Al Qaeda, and America used these militant Islamic forces to fight the Soviet Union. Decades later these same Islamic militant forces, which were financed by Saudi Arabia, became the basis for ISIS. The militarization of militant Islam in order to fight and contain the Soviet Union along with the Saudi-financed doctrines of Wahhabism birthed the demonic hybrid we now call ISIS.


At its core ISIS is a branch of the Sunni sect of Islam and their goal is for the Islamic State to establish a caliphate or ruling governing structure over all of Islam and the world. The strength of ISIS comes from the fact that they truly believe they are doing the will of the Prophet Mohammed. They are not soldiers being forced to serve in a war; their very psychological and spiritual core is inspired with the passions of religious fervor. In addition, like many of their enemies, they do not fear death because to die in the service of Allah is to be a martyr and be guaranteed entrance into Paradise. They plan on using the psychological and military force of terrorism to destroy the American dream and force America to transform itself into some kind of military dictatorship where all freedom is gone.





If ISIS succeeds in doing this, they will have effectively extinguished the light that comes from America along with its unique freedom and opportunities. ISIS will have more effectively killed America this way, than if they had succeeded in conquering it through WMD’s and military force. ISIS will have shown to the world that America with its unique Constitution and Bill of Rights exists no longer. The freedoms Americans take for granted, such God-given inalienable rights as “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” and such things as “Freedom of Speech,’ “ “Freedom of Religion,” “Freedom of the Press,” “Freedom to Assemble,” and so on, will finally be destroyed not directly by ISIS, but by those who may truly believe they are protecting us from ISIS. But if this happens ISIS will have won a global victory that will affect every nation on Earth because they will be able to say that only a nation ruled by an Islamic State caliphate under sharia law can provide a peaceful and orderly society.


America’s military and politicians either do not grasp what this means, or they are stuck in a lower level consciousness that director Stanley Kubrick satirized in the classic movie Dr. Strangelove or: I How I Learned to Stop Worrying and the Love the Bomb. All of our preparations against terrorist attacks are built purely on the premise of physical survival and physical survival is of paramount importance because without survival there is no life! But there is also no real life without freedom!


In the face of Greece defaulting on its debt to the EU, there is a very real possibility of a financial collapse that spreads across Europe and into the U.S. where America and Europe and the rest of the world would experience severe economic crisis and potentially collapse. This reality is the backdrop for the Russian, Ukrainian, EU, Great Britain, NATO, and U.S. conflicts. It is also the backdrop for the Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Israel conflicts. All of these nations contain either natural resources like oil, or they are located in strategic positions. In an effort to drive ISIS from Iraq, America has been willing to enter into agreements with Iran because it needs Iran’s Shiite military to combat the ISIS/Sunni takeover of Iraq. In addition, Saudi Arabia is financing ISIS because it represents a Sunni Muslim fighting force that will contain its enemy Iran.




Although various government agencies initially denied the existence of two ISIS training camps eight miles from the Texas border, near Juarez, Mexico, reports from “coyotes” who worked for the Mexican drug cartels stated that ISIS was coming through our borders. In addition, a head of the FBI said ISIS was in 49 states in America and a top official for the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that ISIS cells are here in America and that they are recruiting.


ISIS has threatened the European nations with widespread terror attacks, as well as the United States. The corporate controlled media deliberately obscured the fact that the vast majority of Americans joining ISIS were already Muslims and had come here from Muslim nations. Our domestic Muslim population presents a very serious national security problem for the U.S. It is simply a matter of time before ISIS strikes us through numerous smaller terrorist attacks and eventually an event worse than 911.


Our military and government will respond in the manner that they have been trained to do and when it comes to pure physical survival, this is the way governments throughout history have defeated internal invasions…through some kind of martial law, which the vast majority of military experts would deem as a necessary evil. But even though this strategy provides a strong military defense against ISIS, it also opens the door for a Trojan horse strategy for ISIS to destroy America as we know it.




There exists a third option for the defense of our nation, which does not ignore or dismiss the military and political realities of our current preparedness. If one does not carefully research its historic and scientific viability, a superficial analysis could lead to dismissing the most powerful option available. There was great debate during World War II if the rather strange scientific theories of Albert Einstein and the beginning of the Manhattan Project could actually deliver an atomic bomb that would save the lives of millions of American soldiers. Even from a moral standpoint this was not an easy decision because it would involve unprecedented devastation and death when two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. But the theories gave America the previously unknown technology that would win the war.


In many respects, America has arrived at the same place on what could be the advent of World War III. This time the science is not Einstein’s Theory of Relativity or nuclear physics. The new science before us is quantum physics, zero-point energy, and scalar energy. All of this new scientific research points to the existences of quantum fields that exist in the fourth or other dimensions. The Bible discusses this fourth dimension, spiritual world, or invisible realm from Genesis to Revelation. Ironically, the Bible also gives detailed historical accounts regarding military warfare and battles that were won or lost as nations and leaders came into contact with these other dimensions. The story of the servant of Elisha, who had his eyes supernaturally opened so he could see into a parallel universe all around him radically changed his perspective regarding the powerful Syrian army that he had previously believed, through faulty perception, to be far larger than his army. The servant uttered these classic words: “Behold the hills are filled with chariots of fire and those that be with us are more than those with them!” He saw that the armies of God along with the technology of God, in the form of “chariots of fire” were all around him, only in another dimension. He realized that although it appeared through normal human military intelligence that he was about to be destroyed, the final reality was that in terms of multi-dimensional full spectrum dominance a superior interdimensional military force with interdimensional technology was protecting him. There are some who through their own non-scientific bias will attempt to dismiss this account as an allegory or symbol. But this dynamic happened over and over again and was documented carefully in the numerous historical accounts recorded in the Bible. Other accounts related how Joshua and Caleb conquered Canaan and the children of Israel escaped the armies of Pharaoh as the Red Sea split.





Prior to discoveries in quantum field, zero-point energy, and scalar energy, science had no way of scientifically processing such accounts. Many of the physicists and biologists conducting such research have an affinity towards Eastern mysticism and personal beliefs and practices involving the ancient Indian mystical concept of the Kundalini, which actually means “serpent power” and is an ancient occult practice. As someone who was personally involved in what can be termed the New Age Movement and who personally experienced Kundalini, I am very well aware of the difference between Kundalini energy and the power of the Holy Spirit on both an experiential level and theological one.


But purely in terms of the quantum field, biophysicists like Glen Rein have been measuring subtle energies that he calls non-Hertzian or scalar energy, which comes from the fourth dimension. These scalar waves were a part of Nicola Tesla’s suppressed research on “Radiant Energy” and the ability to tap into healing energy that is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum and therefore cannot be measured by traditional technologies.


In this research, neurons in a petri dish were exposed to healing energy based on “Radiant Energy” or scalar waves. The exposure caused the neurons to fire at their synapses, just like they would in your brain. The increase of fourth dimensional scalar energy caused the nerves to pass this energy on with great force and caused an “awakening” which created a field of extra nerve energy and consciousness. This is kind of like what we feel when the energy of romantic love is awakened or what we feel in the presence of a highly powerful, creative, or intelligent person. We feel their energy.


Scalar waves may be the intersection where matter and consciousness can influence each other. The power of scalar waves is three to five times more powerful than electromagnetic waves, and they are not affected by physical distance. In addition, scalar energy has the ability to transmit information, thoughts, intentions, and consciousness. Yet it cannot be detected by current technologies. What we call scalar energy may well describe these energy fields discovered by Tesla, used by people who tap into Kundalini, the Orgone Therapy of Reich, and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. I suspect that scalar waves may have different bandwidths or frequencies, which seems contradictory to the science, but helps explain that there might be a spectrum of energies of consciousness in the quantum field. This might explain why there are distinct differences between Kundalini and the power of the Holy Spirit. They clearly do not seem to be the same energy field. In addition, the Holy Spirit is personal and is described as Third Person of the Trinity. But one would assume that very soon technology would exist which can measure these various forces.


As we face the threat of ISIS and the morphing of America into an Orwellian State driven by the negative energy of fear, the question arises: how can these new energy fields and their technology provide us an entirely new form of “Full Spectrum Dominance?” How can they be used to protect America and good people everywhere against the forces of evil? First, there has to be a recognition that these spectrums or dimensions exist. Then there has to be an understanding of how to use them.


Fortunately, history shows us that it is not necessary to have sophisticated technology and science to access this power. King David was anointed with the Spirit of God and it enabled him to defeat the giant Goliath and the Philistine army. The early Church was “clothed with power from on high” and this enabled ordinary men to literally conquer the Roman Empire with the power of love.



The First Great Awakening, which helped birth the American Revolution and this new vision of America, was a completely non-violent force which released its energy to create a nation that still stands out like a light to the nations. The Second Great Awakening was started around 1790 by a brilliant lawyer, Charles Finney, previously a Freemason. Finney emphasized the need to receive power from on high, and disciplined himself to constantly be clothed with this power. Historical accounts reveal that often before Charles Finney entered a town the whole town came under a supernatural power and very strange things would happen. Without Finney uttering a word, people would begin to weep and tremble under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Others would experience dramatic things like suicidal feelings and depression leaving them. Still others, by simply being in the presence of Finney, would be healed of diseases and all kinds of problems. It appears Charles Finney was walking in and carrying this extreme charge of Divine energy, which drove away any manifestation of evil.


Although I have written entire books on the subject, for the purpose of this article, time does not permit to detail the differences between the energies of Kundalini or the Holy Spirit, even though I have done exhaustive research into their distinctions. The point is that collectively Humanity, especially in America, has entered a point where we have bought into the delusion that we are powerless as individuals and there is nothing we can do about these larger problems like ISIS, etc. This belief is what is termed a “stronghold of thought” in Biblical terms, and Buddhists have other terms regarding energy blockages.


What we need right now in America is a Mass Awakening, where sufficient numbers of people learn now to access and walk in power from on high. For the moment I am speaking to all those who call themselves Christians. Numerically, America is filled with an enormous percentage of people who call themselves Christians. Yet, despite their large numbers, they are the most impotent, frightened, and powerless group in America. The vast majority of Evangelical churches in America are powerless social clubs where people enter into a group think dynamic which allows them to escape from and deny reality. It is doubtful that this group will change much. Yet there may be many who leave those groups and join a smaller remnant of people who want to be clothed with power from on high. When that smaller percentage of people comes into divine alignment and is charged with that power they will collectively generate a quantum field which will change the physical reality all around them. Scalar technology tells us that consciousness, ideas, healing, and transformation flow out of the quantum field when it is accessed through belief or faith.


As I have stated repeatedly many times, this is not a “New Age” belief and it does not suggest that God’s prophetic program as revealed in His Word can be altered, because it cannot. But it does suggest that if a mere remnant of believers choose to make an exodus from “Evangelical Flatland” and receive power from on high by faith, the very real possibility exists to ignite a Third Great Awakening. At the very least, this releases a download of energy from the quantum field in the form of the Holy Spirit, which drives back all powers of darkness from our nation. This highly charged release of the Spirit of God is called the dunamis, and its explosion in the invisible realm allows for “Full Spectrum Dominance” of a multi-dimensional, but purely spiritual military theatre.




This final paragraph will be very difficult for some, but the reality is that when a nation like America or any nation chooses through its collective consciousness or will to drive out the Presence of God, what is lived is a spiritual vacuum in the fourth dimension. Jesus Christ referred to this as the “dry places.” In the New Testament the demons possessed people and inhabited people in the “dry places.” There really are interdimensional beings that are evil, that the Bible calls demons, and they can energize people and movements like ISIS, because they will enter where the Spirit of God has departed. Just as Elisha’s servant was able to see into the invisible realm, so that he could see the armies of Heaven, it is also possible to have consciousness which can see these demonic entities which possess groups like ISIS.


It is imperative to understand that when the Bible is properly understood, spiritual truth integrates with scientific truth. The single most effective and powerful mechanism for dismantling the ISIS threat and energizing the continuance of the America our Founding Fathers envisioned is through both the scientific and Biblical application of accessing power from on high, which scientifically can be understood as allowing a specific energy through the Quantum field. When that is done an unprecedented acceleration and exponential release of energy is transmitted virally in the quantum field through energy infused neurons, which transmit an “awakening” from person to person, faster than an emotional contagion. The rapid changes in our consciousness, which will result from the pulling down of strongholds, will reconstruct the nature of our reality, which is a holographic project. I explain this dynamic in detail in my book, Mass Awakening.


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