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The Elite Believe In All-Out Fascism And Total
Dictatorial Control Beneath A Corporate Façade!

Paul McGuire | April 23, 2018 | 

In the countdown to the last election, and then with the bombshell election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, a kind of virtual reality revolution was started, and it has begun to spread globally.

This revolution is not about Trump, Hillary Clinton or any Republican, Democrat, conservative or liberal/progressive. This is a transcendent revolution that is not tied to or connected to any one group connected with the globalist elite.

This revolution does not have one single leader, but is composed of independent thinkers, writers and innovators who are atheists, Christians, people into meditation, and others that are not tied directly to one ideology.

The common quality of all these independent thinkers is that they are free thinkers and are in search of and practice the truth and are not married to any one political party, ideology or religious super-structure. Their power is connected to their commitment to intellectual integrity and not selling out over a paycheck or a position of power.

People who despise Trump acknowledge that his unexpected election and its aftermath involved around-the-clock, all-out mainstream media attacks against him.


The fact the media coordinated its talking points and scandals reveals that Trump’s election is a direct threat to the globalist elite who control our media and nation, and that they consider him the single greatest threat to their plans to create a new world system.

My co-author Troy Anderson and I go into this in greater detail in our new bestselling book, Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon.

Others say Trump is an essential part of this new world order and that he is in fact working for the military-industrial complex in neocon conspiracy.

Across America, the European Union and in places like the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America, there is a political awakening among atheists, Marxists, progressives and intellectual leaders on the left who have left the intellectual prisons of ideologies and religious beliefs developed two centuries to two millennia ago. The common DNA among all these intellectuals is that they are independent thinkers who think outside of the box of dogma, such as left vs. political paradigms.

The late Christopher Hitchens, a British columnist, essayist, orator, religious and literary critic, social critic, journalist, and author of over 30 books, transcended the political paradigm of once having been a social democrat, Marxist and anti-totalitarian and broke ties with the political left. Having long described himself as a social democrat, a Marxist and anti-totalitarian, Hitchens began to break with the established political left after the left began its embrace of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Hitchens’ writings include critiques of Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger and other members of the totalitarian globalist elite who under the guise of creating a utopian world socialist state are in fact putting into place a global dictatorship for the benefit of the 1 percent of globalist elites who now own 99 percent of the world’s money and resources.

Apparently, the elite believe in all-out fascism and total dictatorial control beneath a corporate façade of a button with a happy face on it. In 1970, Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, a member of the Bilderberg Group, wrote a book titled, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era. Brzezinski defined the “technetronic society” as “a society that is shaped culturally, psychologically, socially, and economically by the impact of technology and electronics – particularly in the arena of computers and communications.

The industrial process is no longer the principal determinant of social change, altering the mores, the social structure, and the values of society.”

Brzezinski was talking about using scientific mind control technologies to create the kind of “scientific dictatorship” that English Aldous Huxley wrote about in his 1932 dystopian novel, Brave New World. In his 1958 essay, “Brave New World Revisited,” Huxley wrote, “In politics, the equivalent of a fully developed scientific theory or philosophical system is a totalitarian dictatorship. In economics, the equivalent of a beautifully composed work of art is the smoothly running factory in which the workers are perfectly adjusted to the machines. The Will to Order can make tyrants out of those who merely aspire to clear up a mess. The beauty of tidiness is used as a justification for despotism… The twenty-first century, I suppose, will be the era of World Controllers, the scientific caste system and Brave New World.”

What is ironic here is that people like Huxley, Brzezinski, American psychologist B. F. Skinner and many others wrote openly and in detail about a scientific dictatorship that used totalitarian propaganda and mind control to enslave the masses.


Yet, ever since the 1930s the left has entirely missed the point of these warnings by some of the greatest thinkers of our time. They are unable to connect the dots between English author George Orwell’s 1984, Huxley’s Brave New World, and warnings by countless authors and intellectuals. Not only have they become blind, but they have become the programmed people that Orwell and Huxley warned about. The mainstream media, films, music, culture, television shows and books that are churned out could have been written by Orwell’s “Thought Police.”

Hitchens, an atheist who regarded the concept of God or a supreme being as a totalitarian belief that impedes individual freedom, argued that free expression and scientific discovery should replace religion as a means of informing ethics and defining codes of conduct for human civilization. The dictum, “What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence,” has become known as Hitchens’s razor.

In American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America, Chris Hedges attacked the Christian right as fascists, but he also attacked the left’s new atheists for their relationship with the neocons for preaching a new kind of fundamentalism just as dangerous as Christian fundamentalism.

Hedges attacked the left for preaching a utopian belief system. According to Hedges, Adolf Hitler’s Holocaust was promoted as a modern scientific project — the result of technological advances. He wrote in his book that the Holocaust, because it was framed as a modern project and an outgrowth of technological advances, was a child of the left’s utopian belief system. Like in Huxley’s Brave New World, it led to a cult of science based on the science of eugenics where Hitler was attempting to scientifically breed a master race and sent expeditions to Tibet to find a genetically pure master race.

Returning to Trump, one fact remains. Trump’s unusual ability to win the election was partly due to the skills he developed as a reality television star on The Apprentice and his completely unorthodox debating strategy. It appears the real hunger of American voters was the desire to have a president who was not part of the Establishment or the system. The only candidates that managed to define themselves this way were Trump and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont.

The other problem for those on the left and the right was the failure of much of the mainstream media to assume their role as champions of the people through nonpartisan reporting. Early on it became obvious that there was cooperation between the Deep State and the mainstream media. This resulted in destroying candidates like Sanders and helping or hurting Trump depending on how you look at it. What emerged was a clear pattern among Republicans and Democrats — politicians who had sold out to multinational corporations and powerful globalist groups — of mysteriously receiving both favor and money.


As a young boy growing up in New York City, I would visit the World Fair on a regular basis where I would get to see many nations and major corporations create a global utopian future.

This vision of a positive, scientific and globalist vision of the future seized my imagination. Then I experienced at Disneyland its Autopia on the Road to Tomorrowland. However, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and seeing photographs of the Vietnam War, I like millions of others developed a deep pessimism about our future.

When I was fifteen years, I read a book by radical activist Abbie Hoffman titled, Steal This Book, which I wanted to steal but I purchased. It was Hoffman’s counterculture revolution by a kind of “living theater” that functioned as an intellectual bridge that enabled me to cross over from the land of an atheist- and humanist-based “New Left,” to the hyperdrive and LSD-driven counterculture revolution of the late 1960s and 70s characterized by the slogan, “Make Love Not War,” which at its root was a vision of paradise on earth fueled by psychedelic drugs, higher consciousness and environmentalism.

What Hoffman did was capture the imagination of people like myself through creative communication. Although raised a liberal, I could not buy into the pre-industrial Marxist and communist theories because they were antiquated and obsolete.

I was raised in a very liberal, middle-class household in New York City, where my parents were artists and musicians and hung out with notable artists, writers, intellectuals and thinkers. I was exposed to all kinds of higher-level thinking at a very young age.

I was taught that the Republican Party was the party for the wealthy, elite and big business.

In addition, I was raised to be an atheist or existentialist, and my parents embedded in me the idea that Christianity was a religion for people who were superstitious and who were “anti-sex,” “anti-joy” and anti-life.”

One day I encountered a bunch of Catholic school “jocks” who noticed that I didn’t attend Catholic school, but I looked Catholic in contrast to the predominantly Jewish neighborhood I lived in. They asked me what religion I was, and I responded by saying, “I am an existentialist.” They had no idea what the word meant, but it sounded evil to them, so they pounded me into the sidewalk to teach me a lesson. That was my first exposure to “Christian evangelism.”

A few years later after joining Hoffman at numerous radical demonstrations in Manhattan protesting the Vietnam War and joining mass demonstrations against the Vietnam War in Washington, D.C., I became part of the radical counterculture and found myself in meetings with the heads of the radical left and learned all kinds of things.
Also, at around 15 years old, I had read the book, Soul on Ice, by Eldridge Cleaver who was the minister of information for the original Black Panther Party.

At the time, Cleaver’s book had a profound impact on me, and to use a term popular during that time, I developed solidarity with the Black Panther Party.

At the time, my family was living in Jackson Heights, Queens. One morning I got up and decided I wanted to be a member of the Black Panther Party. One of their primary locations was Corona, Queens on Northern Boulevard, which was about a half-hour bus ride from my home. I got off the bus in an all-black, ghetto-type neighborhood.

The minute I got off the bus, a lot of eyes were staring at me with a look of, “What are you doing in this neighborhood, white boy? Do you know where you are and if you had any sense you would get out of here as fast as you can.”

A group of African-American gang members came up to me and I could sense that this was not going to be pleasant. They asked me what I was doing there, and I said, “I am on my way to the Black Panther Party headquarters. Do you know where it is?”

They were caught totally by surprise. They either thought I was crazy or I really was on my way to the Black Panther Party headquarters. The leader of the gang looked at me and pointed to a storefront about three stores down and said, “That’s the Black Panther headquarters.” I thanked him and proceeded to walk as fast as I could to the storefront that served as an entrance to the Black Panther Party headquarters. I could see as I turned toward the door that the gang walked away once they were assured that I was going to go inside.

In the front windows were big posters of the heads of the Black Panther Party, Huey P. Newton and Eldridge Cleaver. When I walked inside I notice some very tough looking African-American males wearing black leather jackets standing around checking me out warily. I approached the front desk where I was ignored for a few minutes and finally the guy sitting at the desk looked at me and said, “What are you doing here?”

I think he must have thought I was a pizza delivery guy or someone like that. I looked at him and said, “I am here to join the Black Panther Party.” He looked at me somewhat stunned, as did the others in the room, and I did not know if they were going to laugh or hurl me onto the street. So, with a straight face, he asked me, “What makes you want to join the Black Panther Party?” I answered, “I have been reading a book by Eldridge Cleaver and I want to do what I can to help with your cause because I believe in it.”

The man at the desk was surprised by the answer, so he went over toward another area with an office door and asked one of the leaders of the Black Panther Party my question. I could hear the leader answer as he emerged from his office and the man at the desk relayed his answer to me.

I raised my voice moderately, just enough to be heard and responded, “Excuse me sir. Can I ask you a question?”

The leader paused and then said, ‘Go ahead.” I said, “I just want to know the reason I cannot join the Black Panther Party. I express solidarity with your cause I and I want to help, so how come you won’t let me join the Black Panther Party?”

He answered, “Because you are white and white people cannot join the Black Panther Party.” Being somewhat naïve and not realizing that I had already pressed my luck, I said, “But that’s racial discrimination?” The room went deathly silent as nobody seemed to know what was going to happen next. He thought for a second and finally said, “Okay, then I will make an exception in your case and allow you to become an honorary member of the Black Panther Party.” I thanked him, signed something, left and was happy that I at least could be allowed to become an honorary member of the Black Panther Party.

During this time, I spent a lot of time in New York’s Central Park and in The East Village participating in demonstrations and going to meetings with leaders of the counterculture like Ken Kesey, author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, who distributed close to a million doses of free LSD from his Day-Glo psychedelic bus called, “Further.”

Also, I hung out with Dr. Timothy Leary, the Harvard professor and LSD guru, at the very first meetings of counterculture leaders who planned the environmental movement and Earth Day celebrations. The ideas of Leary, Kesey and others fueled a vision of a psychedelic utopianism, and scientists like Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome, presented a dynamic future based on scientific creativity.

But then I saw a disturbing change begin to happen as the counterculture was infiltrated by hardcore communists and violent groups like the Weather Underground co-founded by Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers. Their young disciples would attempt to recruit people in Central Park wearing a T-shirts that said, “Armed Love,” with a hand holding an AK-47 assault rifle.

I was on the radical left, but when I saw the “Armed Love” T-shirts, it was obvious that they were trying to use propaganda to hijack the hippie word, “love,” like in “peace and love,” into love being synonymous with armed, violent and Marxist revolution. I had read their literature and Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book that they gave out for free, along with books such as The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. If this was going to be the revolution that everyone was talking about, I wanted nothing to do with it!

I had seen the black and white pictures of history starting in the early 1900s with the Bolshevik, or Russian Revolution, and other communist revolutions, that clearly showed where “armed love” and where The Weather Underground would take us. Photos of millions of people being slaughtered, shot, tortured, starved to death, sent to mental hospitals and concentration camps, exposed the reality of the communist vision of a “workers’ paradise,” “social justice” and “wealth redistribution.”

A few years later when I attended the University of Missouri where I majored in filmmaking and the brand new field within psychology called, “Altered States of Consciousness,” I realized that fascism, the right wing or left wing, communism, and socialism all led to the same place, which was an all-powerful totalitarian state where ordinary people would lose all their freedoms and become slaves through what Huxley called, the “scientific dictatorship,” and what Orwell warned about in 1984 with a “Big Brother” government and the “Thought Police.”

I concluded that an all-powerful authoritarian government would arise just as Dr. Francis Schaeffer said, from the right or the left, to manage the chaos. I saw the radical left, counterculture, or what was then called the New Left, degrade in front my eyes from a movement of true liberation, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and “Power to the People,” or “We the People,” into a movement that today has become one of the most dangerous fascist movements in human history.

The 1960s counterculture at the University of California, Berkeley started out as “The Free Speech Movement” led by radical activist Mario Savio. Yet it was in 1961, also at the University of California, Berkeley, where Huxley lectured a group of neuropsychiatrists and said, “In a truly effective scientific dictatorship men and women will not even know they are slaves and they will learn to love their servitude.”

So, right there at the inception of the counterculture, Huxley promoted an all-powerful mind control dictatorship where people are programmed to be slaves through scientific techniques such as mind shock, drugs, musical repetition, sleep deprivation, etc.

But the greatest surprise was that this took place at the birth of the counterculture and “The Free Speech Movement” in which the founding tenets of the new cultural revolution was total free speech in which absolutely nothing was to be censored!

Yet, today, almost sixty years later, this leftist-progressive counterculture has brought about a “Reign of Terror” with a total lockdown on free speech, except that speech which a tiny elite determine is politically correct.

The oppressive and brutal nature of this total censorship is being enforced as diligently as it was by Hitler and his Nazi Party who sought to destroy any criticism of their agenda.

It’s staggering to any thinking person how what began as a liberating movement designed to protect free speech in 1961 has devolved into a Big Brother-like authoritarianism where mainstream media, films, television, the educational system, politics , the Internet, social media, culture and even some of our intelligence agencies are working synergistically to create what science fiction author and former head of British intelligence in World War I, H.G. Wells, labeled the “World Brain” or the “Hive Mind.”

The irony of all this is that when I was raised in a very liberal home in New York City, I was taught to believe that it was the conservatives, the Republicans, Protestant Christians and Catholics, who were the censors and enemies of free speech. This belief was echoed repeatedly by the mainstream media, the educational system, artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians like a mantra. At the time, the accusation that the right, capitalists, Christians and conservatives were censors had a factual basis. These voices were repressive and seemed to block mankind’s evolution into a utopian society.

Authors like D. H. Lawrence in his novel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, many books by Henry Miller such as Tropic of Cancer, were being censored by the highest courts in our land, and important warnings against totalitarianism by Huxley in Brave New World and Orwell’s 1984, amid countless others, had their books censored primarily by conservatives and Christians due to their sexual content.

This censorship from conservatives and Christians continues today with books like J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Huxley’s Brave New World, and the Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs, who repeatedly warned of the emerging “scientific dictatorship.”

Much of the censorship against these books is irrational. For example, Orwell’s 1984 warns of godless totalitarianism, and Brave New World warns against the “scientific dictatorship” attempting to destroy the family unit and motherhood.

Clearly much of the censorship of these books ended up attempting to destroy messages that would have been almost universally championed today by conservatives and Christians.
Yet, during the last 15 years or so, we have witnessed the most virulent, totalitarian strain of censorship coming from a new kind of “fascist left,” which has completely strayed from the principles such as freedom of speech upon which the new left was founded.

The book burners, censors, “Thought Police,” and those who are destroying freedom of speech along with other freedoms, now come from the new left, progressives, socialists and liberals with a viciousness I’ve never seen before.

When as a teenage boy I began to see the Weather Underground and other leftist radical movements start to incorporate the language of the counterculture like “peace and love” into propaganda terms like, “armed love,” and a call for violent revolution, I knew then based on history where this would lead.

The more I read and studied, I realized that the peace movement, anti-war movement, environmental movement, and many other movements were nothing more than stealth means to transform America and the world into the “world socialist government” spoken of by David Rockefeller and other members of the elite.

But all the “true believers” from the past and today cannot see behind the masks and all this talk about a new utopia, a “workers’ paradise,” “social justice,” the fair distribution of wealth, and an environmentally-friendly world are seductive attempts to deceive the masses from the true agenda of the globalist elite, which is in their own words total control of the world and its people.

As Huxley said, as have many others about this globalist elite, the easiest way to control the masses and make them your slaves in effect is through scientific mind control.


When you learn to read between the lines, these statements, along with others like them, were not promising a new utopia. They were revealing the game plan by the elite to create a “scientific dictatorship.”

In 2012, Brzezinski, a top advisor to five American presidents and co-founder of The Trilateral Commission along with Rockefeller, warned of a “global political awakening” that was being driven by alternative radio, television and the Internet. Brzezinski, at a Council of Foreign Relations meeting, warned the leaders of the most powerful nations in the world that although the lethality of their military might have never been more powerful, their ability to impose control over the politically- awakened masses is at an all-time low.

About the time Trump was elected, thinkers on the left and right began to see how the Internet, social media, mainstream media, film, television, and music were being used to control, not to enlighten the masses.
Technology, science and the new field of transhumanism are quickly evolving to build Well’s “World Brain.” In the process, the individual is being replaced with “group think” and the “collective.”

The real danger is not found on the left, with progressives, socialists, and Democrats. Nor is the danger found among the right, conservatives, Republicans and the religious right.

The real danger is found among any group or individual, no matter what side of the spectrum they are own, when they surrender their integrity to truth and real social justice for selfish reasons like power and money and join groups and become friends with individuals who they know deep inside have become soulless — and not simply in the religious sense.

In our bestselling book, Trumpocalypse (Hachette Book Group), we are not equating President Trump with God, apple pie, mom and the “American Way.” We no longer live in the time of “Leave it to Beaver.”

Nor are we attempting to demonize the many independent thinkers with integrity in both political parties, the arts, publishing, and entertainment industry simply because they appear to be on the left.
Both the left and right are illusory metaphors designed to create warring factions. We are at a time in history in which each of us must transcend the boundaries created by ideologies and political beliefs.

This transcendence must involve the courage to reject the stereotypical categorizations to maintain an illusory and artificial cultural war.



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