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Security forces from captured ISIS operatives revealed that ISIS
and other jihadist groups could activate terror cells in the U.S.


By Paul McGuire
April 13, 2015



Egypt has intelligence that ISIS is planning a worldwide offensive that will strike deep into the heart of America. According to an article in WorldNetDaily by Aaron Klein entitled “ISIS PLANNING ATTACKS ON U.S. SOIL,” information collected by Egyptian security forces from captured ISIS operatives revealed that ISIS and other jihadist groups could activate terror cells in the U.S.





In 2005 I conducted lengthy interviews with Israeli General Shimon Erem for my book Are You Ready? At that time General Erem warned that Al Qaeda and other militant Islamic groups were gathering in what he termed “The Dangerous Triangle,” which consisted of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. The General explained that these terrorist groups were generating billions of dollars annually by money laundering, arms sales, drugs, counterfeiting, sales of false documents, sex trafficking, and piracy.


As I document in the book, General Erem stated that the Dangerous Triangle was a base of operations that would spread terrorism across South America and move terrorists through the southern border of the United States. Al Qaeda has operatives and training camps in the Dangerous Triangle and it is considered a source of funding for terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Islamic Jihad. Some of these groups are also funded by Iran.





Six million Muslims live in South America and are active in setting up training camps and winning recruits in places like Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil. In addition, Cuba has cooperative agreements with Syria, Libya and Iran. Terrorists continually move up through South America into Mexico, where they then cross into the United States with relative ease. General Erem explained this in 2005. A decade later we still have open borders, and now ISIS maintains training camps in Juarez, Mexico.



On September 1, 2004 Russia experienced horrific terrorist attacks in the city of Beslan, where 300 people were massacred and 186 of them were young children. The heavily armed and masked terrorists forced 1,100 hostages into the school gymnasium where they placed explosive devices in the gym in front of the children. Two of the terrorists were female and they were wearing suicide bomb belts. The attackers were filming everything that was happening, as they wanted documentation of the mass slaughter that was about to happen for propaganda purposes. Hours later the Russian Air Force delivered Russian Special forces troops into the area for what would become a three-day siege. Although many of the hostages were freed, there were black body bags everywhere.




According to the FBI and other sources there are ISIS cells currently operating in the United States. Public schools, Christian and Jewish schools, and other private schools are prime targets. In addition shopping malls, crowded streets, sports stadiums, movie complexes, and any place where there are large numbers of people are potential targets.




The potential of a terrorist attack or multiple terrorist attacks in the Americas remains high. This represents a serious challenge for the American people and the unique Constitutional freedoms we presently enjoy. On the one hand we have a very real threat, which demands preparedness and a military-like response. As the danger increases surveillance increases, along with a loss of freedoms. Major terrorist attacks could lead to martial law and a suspension of the Constitution.


There is no way to soft peddle the fact that martial law basically means a temporary military dictatorship. But what guarantee is there that our present form of government will be restored after the crisis? As the pressures in our society increase we also see the increased militarization of the police. However, what Constitutional safeguards are in place to protect the rights of law abiding American citizens? It seems both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have no real will to protect those liberties.





Almost daily we see images of police brutality on our television screens. No person in his right mind is not deeply troubled by those images. Will all of this lead to a Federal intervention into local, city, and state police departments and the consolidation of all local police into one nationalized police force? History shows us the result of those kinds of actions.



America is becoming a very dangerous place, for the potential of ISIS or other terrorist group attacks is very real. However, how America responds to these threats puts us on a very slippery slope. The same mechanisms designed to protect us can easily become the mechanisms to enslave us, if they are not carefully guarded. Ideally, it is our elected representatives who are responsible to protect us. But the reality is that almost none of our elected officials are doing anything to protect us. The failure of our elected officials to protect the American way of life is a far greater threat than ISIS because it leaves us vulnerable to atrocities far beyond the scope of what happened in Beslan, Russia.




It was our own government, after all, that allowed the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center the first time to enter our country. Our officials responded to the bombing by allowing even more militant Muslims to come here, despite the bloody record of Islam. We have allowed tens of thousands more militant Muslims from states known to support terror; the alleged Boston Marathon bombers were let in despite our being warned about them by the Russian government. Thousands of Muslim Syrian “refugees” are being allowed to enter our country. Yet, despite the persecution and murder of Christians in the Middle East, Christian “refugees” are not being allowed into America. A number of prominent Christian leaders in America have gone out of their way to support Muslim groups. But, there is a conspicuous silence from these same Christian leaders about the large number of Christians that are being persecuted, raped and slaughtered by militant Muslims in the Middle East.



It needs to be repeated that our terrorist enemies can win on two entirely different fronts. They can win by inflicting severe damage on our nation, people, and economy by horrific terrorist attacks. But they can also win by radically transforming America into a totalitarian state that bears no resemblance to what it once was. Both of these strategies kill America and the American dream, which they hate so much. It is the very existence of America as an imperfect, but shining light to the world that is the most dangerous threat to the darkness which ISIS represents.


That light, which still shines from America, is a far greater threat to terrorists and totalitarian regimes than troops, bombs and armies could ever be. But if our enemies are successful in extinguishing that light through the use of fear, than they will have won a far greater victory than any terrorist attack could achieve. I deal with this issue in detail in my new book, Mass Awakening.




One further note, this article was written before the new ISIS video calling for attacks on the USA and promising another 911. As we were setting up to shoot the video imbedded in this article on the ISIS plans to strike America, the new ISIS video was released on news outlets like the Drudge Report. In the video above, I reference and discuss this new ISIS video.



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