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The Book of Genesis 2.0

Genesis 2.0 • Part 1

Adam and Eve being given the supernatural power of rulership over Planet Earth by the Creator God of the Universe. God creates the universe and Planet Earth with infinite creativity.  Planet Earth is an expression of God as the Master Artist and His creation is beautiful. Unlike contemporary man whose architecture, art, film and society are cold, sterile and dehumanizing, God creates a world that is not only beautiful and endlessly creative. Conversely, modern man creates a world where art is now ugly and meaningless, music is often discordant, art and media disconnect mankind from each other and from their Creator. Man’s world has become non-personal and it is a world where people are isolated, lonely and compartmentalized. Man’s world emphasizes sin, perversion and violence to fill the spiritual emptiness.


The account of Cain and Abel is the account of humanism vs. coming to God on the basis of a blood sacrifice for man’s sins.  Cain came to God based on his religious self-efforts of the fruit of his garden. This is the essence of false religion.

Compare a modern shopping mall or giant retailer with the beauty of the Garden of Eden. Despite what the modern church fails to teach, the Genesis account is a multi-dimensional and holographic reality that reveals the existence of men and women, angels and Lucifer. The Book of Genesis reveals the existence of fallen angels who descend upon Mount Hermon and mate with human women. These fallen angels give man advanced technology and science that is evidenced in super civilizations like Atlantis, Egypt, the Mayan and Incan ruins. 



Adam and Eve lose their supernatural rulership by disobeying the Word of God and listening to the voice of the serpent that is inhabited by Satan in the form of an erect Reptilian being.  By rejecting God’s Word Adam and Eve activate the law of sin and death and the death force enters the world. Adam and Eve lose their power and experience shame and fear. The rulership of Adam and Eve is transferred to Satan who is the temporary god of this world.  Lucifer led a revolution of one third of the angels against God. The Luciferian plan involves corrupting the DNA of man by having fallen angels interbreed with human women so that this corrupted human race cannot be saved.


The fallen angels conduct widespread genetic experimentation and have sexual relations with human women, men, birds, fish and the animal species. This is why God says that all flesh has been corrupted. The purpose of the Flood of Noah was more than just judgment upon the wickedness of mankind. The Flood was a specific judgment against all flesh which included animals, birds, fish and other species. The Levitical Law against bestiality was enacted for this purpose. The Flood of Noah and the account of the Ark was a DNA, digital, holographic, genetic event. The reason the Ark contained two by two of the entire animal kingdom and Noah’s family was because God needed genetically pure species that were male and female in order to start the process of reproduction once the corrupted DNA was destroyed.


After the Flood Nimrod, who was a Nephilim built the Tower of Babel in Babylon which means “gate of the gods.” The Tower of Babel was an interdimensional Stargate. All of the secret fallen angel science and technology came from Babylon. In Revelation we see the return of Mystery Babylon religions from which all the occult secret societies have passed on their knowledge such as the Illuminati.


When Daniel interpreted the dream of the King of Babylon, he was surrounded by the occult sciences and technologies of Babylon. Babylon had magicians, sorcerers, astrologers who were scientists, astronomers, mathematicians and were highly sophisticated. Yet, Daniel sought the Most High God and received supernatural prophetic revelation about the plan for Israel, the last days, the Fourth Beast and the chronological time table known as the “Seventy Weeks of Daniel.”

In this teaching series Paul McGuire opens up the Book of Genesis as it was meant to be understood. The Bible is supernaturally authored and God is explaining the ancient occult science and technology that is behind world events like Transhumanism, robots, demons, the Antichrist, occult technology, the genetic creation of god-men and the restoration of supernatural rulership by those who are in Christ Jesus! This series will prepare you to live victoriously in the last days!





Genesis 2.0 • Part 2

God created mankind to live in the Garden of Eden and gave them supernatural rulership over planet earth. Lucifer seduced Adam and Eve to listen to reject the Word of God. The result was that mankind lost its authority of this world and the Fall of Man happened. This allowed fallen angels to enter the earth in Genesis 6 and these “Sons of God” mated with human women when they descended on Mount Hermon in Phoenicia. The fallen angels imparted occult science and technology to mankind. They also produced the hybrid race of the Nephilim which were giants and these giants established territories and kingdoms in the land of Canaan.

Genesis teaches us that we live in a multi-dimensional reality. Originally mankind was created in the image of God and our DNA was from God. This gave man god-like characteristics even though men and women were not God. In addition, God as the Creator is creative and the Garden of Eden expressed His creativity. Man and women before the Fall had a powerful identity and were capable of creating and ruling over the earth. When man disobeyed the Word of God a curse, the law of sin and death entered the world.

Lucifer became the “god of this world” and mankind’s identity moved from that of rulership to becoming a slave of the world system. The fallen angels who mated with human women produced a hybrid race of men and women that were called the Nephilim. The purpose of the Flood was a DNA, genetic, digital and Holographic event which wiped out the Nephilim DNA and started creation all over again.

However, soon afterwards Nimrod, a Nephilim built the Tower of Babel and Babylon, which means the “gate of the gods,” it was an interdimensional Stargate that allowed the fallen angels to enter the earth. All occult religions and occult science and technology were passed from Babylon through secret societies like the Illuminati to our world today. Satan’s goal is to overthrow the rule of God and establish a counterfeit to the Kingdom of God which is called the New World Order. The world is in the final stages of this happening now. In Revelation we read about the return of “Mystery Babylon –The Mother of Harlots” which will return in the last days.

Satan is in the process of making men and women slaves as he did under the Egyptian Pharaoh god-king system where the children of Israel were slaves. In our world today, there exists a Luciferian Elite which is controlling global events from behind the scenes. God is going to deliver His people. But, God’s people must renew their minds with the Word of God and allow the Lord to build the neurological pathways in their minds so they can learn to have their power to rule restored. This will not happen completely until believers in Jesus Christ receive their glorified bodies in Heaven and rule and reign with the Lord Jesus Christ forever. But, God has in history anointed with His Spirit and blessed men like Abraham, Joshua, Caleb, David, and the Apostles with power to overcome Satanic forces. In the last days, God promised to pour out His Spirit and clothe with power from on high all true believers. True believers who put the Word of God first in their lives are supernaturally equipped to be overcomes in the last days. Satan desires to program God’s people with a slave mentality that began in Eden, continued on in Egypt and continues until our present time. The Luciferian programming is based on lies that teach God’s people are victims, fearful, slaves and helpless. This Satanic programming can only be successful as long as God’s people do not believe, read and obey His Word.

All of God’s prophecies are going to come true, but the Lord desires to use His people and set them free in the last days if they will believe and read His Word! Daniel was raised up in the very center of occult activity in Babylon, but God used Him because he sought the Lord. God wants to use you to make a difference in other people’s lives and in the world, but you must renew your mind with the Word of God. Being religious is not the same as renewing your mind with the Word. Those people who truly renew their minds with the Word of God experience the dunamis, the dynamite power of the Spirit of God in practical areas of their lives.

Download all of these MP3 series from Paul McGuire and allow the Word of God to transform your life. Remember God’s Word says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” If you look around you, you see many of God’s people perishing. They are perishing because they have invested very little in gaining the knowledge of God.





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