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In this brand new 3-DVD set, America: What’s Going to Happen Next? Paul explains America’s vital role in Bible prophecy during the most critical time in our nation’s history. Historically, Evangelical Christians have gone back to sleep after a presidential election.
Paul McGuire explains how the recent storm of violent demonstrations across America are carefully organized by powerful globalist elite, super-billionaires, and the hundreds of radical activists like Black Lives Matter, that they fund.

Paul talks about the plan God has for America which includes preserving religious liberty, protecting Constitutional freedoms, restoring economic prosperity so that Americans can continue to preach the Gospel around the world, make disciples of all nations and “Occupy until Christ comes.” The reason the violent demonstrators have no knowledge of history and have been scientifically dumbed down by the same globalist elite that is financing them is because people who are dumbed down can be easily manipulated and brainwashed!
Paul exposes the secret occult societies who control the globalist elite and how the globalist elite controls the masses through a debt based monetary system. The Luciferian Elite also controls the masses through scientific brainwashing which blinds the average person, especially Christians, to their enormous God-given talents and spiritual gifts by programming them to think inside a small box. Paul teaches how God created his people to think outside of the box because they were created in the image of God.

America: What’s Going to Happen Next? also unravels the secret to America’s prosperity and freedom which began when Bible believing Puritans and Pilgrims made a covenant with God based on the covenant God made with Moses in Deuteronomy 28, known as the blessings and curses. However, today America and much of the church have rejected God and His Word.
There are a disturbing number of Evangelical leaders who are preaching the non-Biblical heresy, “It doesn’t matter if Christians are involved in the political process because God is in control.” In order for us to win the spiritual battle for America those deceptive lies must be confronted with the Word. There are two futures before us. One future is based on the occult, humanistic and globalist ideas that will bring us under the rule of an all-powerful totalitarian state. The other future for America is based on the Constitution and a Biblical worldview which will bring us economic prosperity, religious freedom, personal freedom and allow America to fulfill its destiny as a platform for the Gospel to be proclaimed throughout the world.

Paul McGuire explains how it is critical for every believer in Jesus Christ to develop a Biblical worldview and learn how to engage in spiritual warfare against “principalities, powers and the dark unseen forces of wickedness in heavenly places.” This 3-DVD set was produced for those who want to understand where America is going and what God is calling them to do. It was also created to be used by Bible study groups, prayer groups and youth pastors who have a burden for really getting on with the things of God rather than just playing church.


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